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Work experience

Jul 2013Present

Field Engineer

Schlumberger DT&R

Schlumberger is world number one company in oilfield service, DT&R“ drilling tools & remedial“ is a segment which established after the merge of Schlumberger with Smith international at 2010, this segment deals with down-hole drilling and remedial service(e.g. fishing(CH &OH), sidetracking(CH & OH), well abandonment, casing drilling, turbo drilling and borehole enlargement)

Position: Field engineer

Responsible of doing pre-job planning under the technical expert supervision and operating the tools in the rig site as well as preparing them in the workshop, through the period of work I had acquire many experience about the assemble of tools, there engineering specification, operating of tools, and general experience about the oilfield drilling operations Duties:

  • Collecting specific information(e.g. well trajectory, mud report, casing details, formation logs…) to prepare the BHA assembly and hydraulics for running the tools Assemble,
  • disassemble and test of jars, under-reamer, circulation subs, Operating the Rhino-reaming(under reamer tool) in the rig-site
  • Contribution in HSE events and plans Design many specific tools that assets in assemble and repairing DT&R equipment Making excel application that assets in the tools tracking and storing(shipping tickets and inventory)
  • Working on the many software(e.g. runner(jar placement torque drag and buckle simulation program), HART(hydraulic analysis of remedial tools), Whipsim(side tracking simulation), IDEAS(dynamic toque and vibration simulation of BHA while drilling)
  • Analyse SQ Event(Failure or any other non-conformance) related to DT&R service delivery in the location present same to management
  • Meet the customer to present the job sequences and risks prior of job Working on time sheet of tools and service that have been delivery to customer Technical Proposal Preparation and Support Sales Personnel
Dec 2012Dec 2013

Sales Engineer

Fadox Group

Fadox group is a group of companies' deals with chemical construction materials for building repair and finishing, Through the period of work I had acquire many experience about the engineering materials and how to deals with. Two positions

Sales engineer :

Responsible of Promotion and marketing of company products and Technical expert of all the systems that company deals with e.g. waterproofing, thermal insulation, Concrete admixtures, Concrete repair, Expansion &construction joints, Non Shrinkage Grouts etc.


  • Suggestion the suitable materials for treating all types of building problem for customers
  • Explain the technical specification(TDS) of materials for customers
  • Going to projects as Representative of fadox company and giving offers to customers Making price offers for customers
  • Projects engineer :
  • Responsible of giving guidance to the workers and delivery the work to the customer or Beneficiary of work, also responsible for managing the work to minimize the cost and time


  • Preparing reports for CEO about each project this report contains: Measured Area of the site
  • Suggested materials and methods for treatment of problems Estimating the amount of materials that may be used in the project
  •  Estimating the Numbers of workers, equipments and days of work Estimating the cost of project Preparing tenders for every work Ensuring all materials that delivery to the site meets the engineering specification of the work Treating any problem that may occur during the construction by Consultation with consultant engineer of company Ensuring that all activity of the work done within the cost that have been estimated before.
  • Making many computer applications for estimation the consumption of materials and calculating the solution of problems by using MS-EXCEL and MS-Visual basic Projects



second language


Mar 2014Present

Field Engineer Level 1

went to Schlumberger school for Drilling tools and remedial