Julius Boquio

  • Metro Manila Philippines
  • +63 925 708 0612
  • julius.boquio@gmail.com
Julius Boquio

System Development Manager


A business developer with more than 3 years of experience from an  e-Commerce startup.

Main Skills:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analysis

Technical Skills:

  • Web Development
  • MySQL & PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • HTML & Javascript
  • VB.Net
  • Database Management
  • Reports Automation

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

System Development Manager / Head of Business Intelligence

Lazada PH - Rocket Internet GmbH


  • Financial Reports
  • KPI Reports
  • BI Dashboard
  • Transmittal Tool
  • SOA Generation Tool
  • Process Improvement

June 2015 - Special Projects: Marketplace Finance (PH)

      I was assigned to fix and/or make alternative solutions to the limitation of the system in managing payouts.

March 2015 - Special Projects: Claims (PH)

      Claims process was implemented on the other half of 2014 to address shipment lead time and ownership.
To simply define the process:
     If the third party logistics (3PL) was unable to deliver the package in a given period of time, the company will have claims from them and will need to pay for the amount of the products thereof. In effect, we still get the payment and need to process this as payout to the seller.
      Since it was a new process which is not in the roadmap of the current systems, we had to build yet another local tool to process the bulk of claims.

August 2014

     I came back to the reporting scene, doing urgent reports and reconciliations.

July 2014 - Head of Pre-Production (1 month)

      Seeing the potential in heading special projects, the CEO assigned me to speed up process and reduce cost in the production department for a month until his new hire came in. In short span of time, I was able to implement strategies to improve current processes.

January 2014 - System Development Manager

      The ventures merged as one group working together under one group CEO. I was promoted as System Development Manager and reported directly to the country CEO.
      At this point, I became personal aide in preparing data for KPI Reports, Financial Reports(GM, PC1, PC2 ,PC3, EBITDA) and Investor Reports. I worked with regional business intelligence team to automate most of these reports and had built a local version for Philippines.

May 2012 - Dec 2013

System Developer

Lazada PH - Rocket Internet GmbH


  • Order Management System
  • Pricing Analysis Tool
  • Business Analysis Reports
  • Market Research
  • Web Scraping Tools

July 2013

      The company's business model gradually converted from retail to marketplace. Initially the target was to have 50% marketplace by the end of the year and 80% further on.
      Changes in the business obviously required adjustments and additional systems. I then worked with tech supervisors in conceptualizing interface for merchants to manage their accounts, contracts, products and orders. It was rolled out and now being used by the ventures.

January 2013

      More scraping requests came in that we had to build a ticketing system. It catered to the parent company's ventures in Southeast Asia. We later used cron-jobs and tried other languages such as Python.
      As the company pushes through and room for errors fills up, the first system need to keep up with the business requirements. I was assigned for special projects to "fix" some of the original algorithms to adapt to emerging technologies. I worked with development team leads and deployed new features mainly for purchase orders and inventory.

May 2012 - System Developer

      I was assigned to help improve process in the pricing department. We did a lot of market research and data gathering, so the need to build a data management tool.
      The tool was used for storing and handling data such as market competition, sales and traffic. It was upgraded with other features for pricing requests, campaign management and demand and  supply analysis. We also built web scrapers in the latter part of the year.

March 2012 - Intern

      As an intern at the beginning of an e-commerce startup, I already made big contribution to the company being part of conceptualizing one of the most vital processes in the venture which is order management. I led a team to build the prototype in .Net environment in a span of 2 weeks. It was replicated in a web environment using MVC framework with PHP and MySQL and deployed to all other ventures of the parent company. It now stands as a separate entity.


Mar 2012

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

STI College Global City