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Julius Boquio

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Work Experience


Project Manager, BI & Analytics (1 year 1 month)

Ascend Corporation
  • Assigned the role of project manager for the team in Thailand serving the different business units (eCommerce, digital marketing, logistics and fulfillment, financial technology, and micro finance)
    • Managed a team of data scientists, data engineers and BI devs for daily operations
    • I was point of contact for ongoing projects,new business initiatives and represented the team during cross-functional meetings
    • The team's work consists of the following: cohorts, customer acquisition and retention, demographics and clustering, up selling, cross selling, cannibalization, campaigns, ops cost reduction, fulfillment routing, ad hoc data requests, KPI dashboards, data ingestion and ETL, risk and fraud scenarios (alerts and monitoring)
  •  As the company expands, I was assigned  to focus on the regional role of BI and Analytics for the FinTech business unit, TrueMoney, in the following countries: CambodiaVietnam, MyanmarPhilippines, Indonesia
    • First task was to setup a regional view of all countries to a single KPI dashboard
      • I was able to setup a spreadsheet which consolidates inputs from different countries by "data owners" 
  • Lead the project of building centralized data warehouse for all countries and automate the KPI dashboard

Senior BI Developer, BI & Analytics (5 months)

Ascend Corporation
  • Assigned the regional role of supporting the eCommerce business unit in Thailand and Philippines (PH)
  • Lead the data warehousing (Google BigQuery) initiative for PH data and covered end to end BI projects from gathering the business requirements to sourcing the data to delivery of the solution. I was the sole developer for the project in PH which consists of the following outputs: KPI dashboard, SKU and inventory report, cohorts

System Development Manager, BI (2 years)

Lazada Philippines-Rocket Internet GmbH
  • Assigned as independent manager for BI solutions / projects, I was directly reporting to the country CEO
  • As the company transformed from 100% retail to 80% marketplace and only 20% retail, I owned some product management duties to align the current backend system with the being-developed seller center
    • During this period, 50% of my time was allotted to maintaining current reporting systems while supporting the regional developers with reconciliation and consultation tasks
    • As the company grew more, they added a few more solutions and I served as product / project manager for aligning existing data and integrating them with these new systems:
      • SalesForce for managing vendors
      • SAP for finance and accounting
      • Dragontool for sourcing and replenishment
  • After these launched systems required fewer tasks, I was then assigned to lead process improvement and commercial initiatives:
    • Identifying old stocks for clearance sales
    • reduction of missing / lost items by creating alerts for loop holes in inventory management(P16M to P3M)
    • creating customer demographics dashboard for better market targeting
  • Lazada management shifted from independent countries to being one Lazada Group as they begin to woo external investors. The management were stricter and keener than ever in their financial reports.
    • A PC (profit contribution) steering committee was formed and I was at the center of every meeting where I established better data management and information delivery.
    • During this time, I was more focused on handling reports for the executives (local and regional) and supporting local finance team:
      • I was the owner for the delivery of monthly PnL and other investor reports
    • Most of my previous tasks of ad hoc reports and maintaining the reporting systems were passed on to junior BI's whom I managed

System Developer (1year 9 months)

Lazada Philippines-Rocket Internet GmbH
  • Built working prototype of order management system using .Net and MySQL
    • It served as the company's backbone for order processing during pre-launch of Lazada
  • Built data management tool for pricing department with the following features:
    • dynamic product search with info on current price, traffic and sales performance, demand and supply 
    • as an improvement, added price comparison scraped from competitor websites
    • added dashboard and self-service report extract:
      • SKU report - detailed report on SKU level generally used by most departments (content, buying & sourcing, marketing, pricing)  for daily operation
      • KPI report - high level dashboard showing the company's sales performance on different time frames
  • Supported ad hoc data and analysis requests
  • Supported data management and analysis for marketing campaigns
    • collaborated in defining the metrics to measure the effectivity and profitability of each campaigns
    • supported data requests for targeted audience or customers
  • Handled tickets and delivery of market research and scraping requests

Knowledge and Skills

  • Business intelligence
  • Project management
  • Reports automation
  • Data analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Data visualization
  • Data integration
  • FinTech
  • eCommerce
  • Process improvement
  • Strategy and planning
  • Campaigns

Tools and Technologies


  • SQL (MySQL, Postgre)
  • MS Excel, PowerPivot
  • Google BigQuery
  • Tableau
  • Data Studio
  • QlikView 
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Talend (ETL)
  • Google Analytics
  • Big data
  • AWS
  • PowerBI



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

STI College Global City

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II

St. Anthony College Calapan City