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Work History

August 2016Present

Content Marketer


CompareGlobalGroup is a financial comparison group providing its services for users from Asia, Europe and Latin America.

 My job duties:

  • Translation of website content from English to Polish;
  • I had an opportunity to be involved in the process of creation of a Polish website by doing keyword research and creating content with adjusting it to the users needs. I also took part in market research, where I need to analyse all of the offers present at the market and appropriately standardise them;
  • I worked closely with Growth Hacking team where I was able to learn about performance marketing and work on paid marketing strategies;
  • Helping Content Teams in Social Media and Blog activities;


Dec 2014Dec 2015

Scanning Clerk

Metro-Services Sp. z o.o.

Metro Services Pl is a services, financial and accounting process of METRO GROUP - one of the largest international trade corporations in the world present in 31 countries. 

 My job duties:
  • Creating a procedures to make the processes easier to understand for a new workers;
  •  Working on a new process- Metro Cash & Carry DE Cash Reports and making changes and with a time bringing it close to faultless activity;
  • Taking part of Portugal & Spain project and helping Accounts Payable team and General Accounting Team with registering invoices sent by Portuguese and Spanish Local Financial Institutions. Processing: Internal Consumption,Petty Cash,Travel Expenses, AP Cost Invoices;
Jun 2013Sep 2013

Internship as Accountant Clerk

Toyota Dobrygowski Sp. z o.o.

Internship as an Accounting Clerk and after one month getting hired till the end of summer vacations. Working in the Accounting department but also getting experience in a different parts of the company (e.g. reception desk, marketing or sales). The point of that was to make me understand the structure of the organization. 

 Job responsibilities:

  •  Helping Senior Accountants with booking, archivization and segregation of all of the invoices;
  • Doing bank transfers from a three different accounts;
  • Putting invoices, vendors and clients into a database;
  • Helping with preparing documents for registrating a newly boughts cars for the customers.
I enjoyed working in the company so much that I wrote my bachelor thesis about it. The title was Creating an image of Toyota brand by Toyota Dobrygowski in Lubin.



Jan 2017Aug 2018


Jan 2017Jan 2018


Mar 2016Mar 2017

Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Academy
Feb 2016Feb 2017

Bing Ads



I was very lucky to be one of the volunteers at Web Summit 2016, that took place in Lisbon.

My role was a Team Leader of a group of 20, where I had to delegate and take of them and make sure they do their tasks properly. Thanks to being a part of such a big event I was able to meet amazing and talented people from all over the world and also to learn and grow.  

My Hobbies

  • Constant learning and improvement;
  • Meditation;
  • Addicted to;
  • Reading books;
  • Cooking;
  • Learning new languages (currently working on my Portuguese skills);