Julio Cesar García Ferrel


Reliable maintanance manager who develops comprehensive equipment maintanace schedules and evaluates all equipoment for cost efficiency.

Work History

Experiencia profesional
ene 2014 - presente

Maintanance Manager 

Masisa Manufactura S.A. de C.V.
  • Increased availability of production equipment. 
  • Maintained efficient team structures and evaluated performance based on analytics.
  • Creating high performance teams.
  • Development and executed an effective preventive maintanance program, to increase efficiency and reducing down time.
  • Automation projects.
  • Project leader responsibilities.
jun 2010 - ene 2014

Engineering and automation Leader

Masisa Manufactura S.A. de C.V
  • Management of projects on particle preparation section.
  • Increased efficiency to transport wood particle.
  • Automation several control areas.
  • Increase efficiency and reducing down time.
  • Maintanace Supports (Preventive and corrective electrical). 
ene 2010 - oct 2007

Electrical maintanace leader

Rexcel S.A. de C.V.(Masisa)
  • Development and executed preventive electrical maintanance program, to avoid down time.
  • Creating a committed maintanance team. 
  •  Analize and solve electrical-Electronics issues.
jun 2004 - oct 2007

Service Engineer

Digicontrol S.A de C.V.
  • Service on site support for clients, corrective maintanance, process improvements (TRW, Ponderosa, Jumex, Confrutta, Sigma Alimentos, Bafar, Peñoles, Goodyear)
  •  Proyect engineer (Electrical and automation projects)


Formación académica
ago 1998 - dic 2002

Electronics Engineer (Control and Instrumentation)

Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua


  • Exceptionally strong electrical engineering skills.
  • Leadership and team building.
  • Extremely cordinated manager who properly utilizes resources.
  • Highly focused in order to stick to the objectives and goals.
  • Automation skills.
  • Trend and cost tracking.
  • Energy cost Saves.
  • Dedicated to creating a competent and productive maintanace team.