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I am an E-learning Engineer with 5+ years of accumulated experience in servicing e-learning courses in a university-wide learning management systems  (LMS) for the largest university in the state. Services included, but were not limited to: development, deployment and maintenance of e-learning instructional materials in LMS. I achieved these goals by using technology such as web and computer programming and the most current software packages for e-learning design. I worked closely with the IT department in the integration of new technologies (both software and hardware) for e-learning content. I have managed multiple course development projects, worked collaboratively with teams and support units, worked with SMEs (subject matter experts) and university faculty, in developing the technology to integrate the course content (activities, assessments, lessons), providing support to current courses, and conducting effective work meetings with every person involved in assigned projects. I have worked in implementing quality assurance systems for e-learning programs, as well as in establishing standards (such as Quality Matters) for course production. I have working experience on collecting and analyzing data that can be used for later course improvements based on data-driven decisions.

Work experience

May 2015Present

Instructional Designer

Florida International University
HW-COM FIU(Herbert Wertheim,) Instructional Designer II · Developed module for Genetics using authoring tools(Articulate Storyline), this module has an effective duration of three hours. Helped faculty with the development of scripts and during audio recording. This module required more than 200 hours of development that involved additions of annotations, synchronization of audio with text and images, and the introduction of interactive media that supports learning. Arranged and conducted meetings with faculty and course coordinators to collect course requirements. Developed the notes from these meetings. Built twelve courses for the COM program for Period 1 and Period 2. Solved more than 200 Zendesk tickets in this span of time involving activities such as syllabus and calendar updates, setting up quizzes, building modules, and other tools inside LMS(CanvasMed). Provided technical and instructional support for the development of thirteen Articulate Presenter videos. Developed instructional materials for faculty and coordinators on the use of available elearning tools.
Nov 2012Aug 2014

Instructional Designer

University of Florida

UF TREEO (Training and Research for Environmental and Engineering Occupations, University of Florida), 2046 NE Waldo Rd. Suite 1101 Gainesville, FL 32609 Instructional Designer · Developed two online courses(previously delayed for two years) in less than three months. The courses are open with enrolled participants and producing revenue to the center. Collection and analysis of data on student activity for future course improvements. Completed a pre-certification course for dietary managers in a customized template(HTML and Javascript). The course was certified and has 467 students, generating revenue of more than $300,000 to the program. Designed and developed three more courses to complete the water conservation certification program. This complete certification is a major revenue generator for the center. Worked with SMEs(subject matter experts) in developing content for online courses. Helped Design an efficient and effective work system starting with an MOA(memorandum of agreement) and concluding with final course revision by the center director. Designed the proprietary TREEO template for all online courses. This template was approved by the center director and it is currently being used in the already open courses in Sakai.

Mar 2011Nov 2012

Instructional Designer

University of Florida

DCE UF 2046 Suite 1101 Gainesville, FL 32609 Instructional Designer · Applied simplified ADDIE system, supervised every step of course production, from supervising staff to managing the project to web programming and managing and supporting the course site. Created materials in Spanish language for a Spanish online course prototype. Provided course site support in LMS for more than forty courses(assessment reset, content modification or insertion according to the faculty needs), evaluation of course performance using the LMS analytics tool. Arranged and conducted meetings with instructors from the following departments at UF: Political Science, Geography, Anthropology, TREEO, Medicine, and Geology to determine and discussed their e-learning options for courses launched for the first time. Coordinated the production of 55 video lectures for an online course in Geography using the green screen technology. This course had a high enrollment and high student satisfaction. Converted two courses from print-based into online courses. Used E-learning principles to distribute the material(e.g., chunking text, using audio, or graphics that would help explain a concept with less words). Inserted exams, quizzes, discussion forums, and grading records in the LMS. Managed site analytics and extracted data from student performance for course evaluation during course production meetings.

Aug 2008Dec 2010

Research Associate

University of Florida

GLGT 747 2nd Avenue, Ste 315 Gainesville, FL 32601 Research Associate · Conducted 50 experimental runs for design improvement and testing of novel modifications to a novel patented pyrolizer at high temperatures(1000° C), this led to the building of a prototype that was later sold to a research group at UF. Processed the collected data(temperatures, pressures, air to fuel ratio) to determine mass and energy balance and biogas and biochar production. This helped in later discussions on improvements and modifications to the system. Designed and built feed hopper and char collector for pyrolyzer system, from Autocad modeling to fabrication. Produced drawings for design and fabrication of complete patented pyrolyzer system for further fabrication. Trained end users of this system, from start-up to shut-down procedures. Provided visual and printed materials to these trainees before their actual training. Installed and tested controls and sensors for pyrolyzer: temperature and Oxygen, power sources, data acquisition system. Collaborated in the preparing a Business Plan with CEO to raise venture capital, specifically preparing the financial section of the plan.

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Chemistry Instructor

University of Florida College of Engineering
P.O. Box 116550 Gainesville, FL 32611 Advanced Chemistry Instructor · Prepared and administered a pre-test to determine student needs. Designed and developed class materials based on the results from this test, targeting those subjects where students needed reinforcement. Added relevant media(video, images, audio) to the in-class instruction. Based on the administered exit survey, this helped students understand how the subject of the day is applied in industry, research and everyday life. The exit survey showed a 93% satisfaction from the class. Most of the negative feedback was related to the short amount of time we had to review the subjects. Concluded course with class having average grade of 83%(considering assessments, assignments, a final project, and a final exam).
May 2003May 2008

Research Assistant

University of Florida Particle Engineering Research Center

PERC UF 205 Particle Science & Technology, Gainesville, FL 32611 Research assistant · Conducted 250 powder wall friction tests to measure interaction of particles with a simulated rough surface, using the Jenike shear tester. The results have produced content for a publishable paper.

Aug 2000May 2003

Research Assistant

University of Florida Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

231 Gainesville, FL 32611

Research assistant

Produced a mechanical response model for a MEMS-based optical shear stress sensor, using non-linear mechanical analysis.

Built optical set-up to capture Moire fringes created by microfabricated gratings on glass slides, by using a fast CCD camera.

Used a vapor deposition chamber to deposit a 10 µm Aluminum layer on 10 glass slides, measured the thickness using a profilometer.

Gained experience using spinning photolithography techniques to deposit photoresist on these 10 glass slides, exposed slides to UV light with a mask on top of it, this mask had the gratings with different pitches.

Employed wet chemistry to etch away the aluminum and form the grating patterns, the photoresist was washed away and the final gratings were measured to determine exact pitch.

Collaborated in process for chemical etching of two Silicon wafer substrates containing sensors.




University of Florida


Instituto Tecnologico