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Cover Letter

I am a young Electronics engineer with outstanding mathematical skills and great passion for programming. I'm currently working as a software developer for an anti-fraud company, in this job I mantain and develop new functionality for an anti-malware application.  

I have double citizenship because I was born in the USA and mostly raised in Colombia (South America), because of this I am fluent in both languages; English and Spanish. I have always been a social person, I like to communicate ideas and talk to different kinds of people.  I thrive in an open working environment were new ideas are needed and improvements are made daily. I like to take initiative and I'm not a fan of bureaucracy. Finally I want to highlight my willingness to learn and work hard.

I appreciate the consideration,

 Julian U.


Aug 2008Sep 2013

Electronic Engineering

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Five year engineering degree, thesis "Design and fabrication of a reflect-array antenna" (curriculum along with grades available upon request, GPA: 3.3/4)

Work history

Aug 2015Present

Software Engineer

Easy Solutions

I currently work as a software developer in the Detect Safe Browsing product. Alongside a brilliant team I mantain and develop new functionality for our product. Usual developments cover:


- C++, Windows API and DDK, Qt framework.

- Objective C, Cocoa, Mac os kernel extensions

- Javascript, Browser extensions (Safari, Chrome and Firefox)

Server-side or Backend

- Java, maven, spring framework

- Postgresql

- Docker


- Love to work alongside my teammates ( 4 other developers and 2 QA engineers )

- Embrace Agile, experience practicing scrum (with it's flaws and virtues)

Oct 2013Sep 2014

Data analisis & QA Engineer

Claro Colombia

I worked as the data and QA engineer for a small team that managed the biggest corporate clients (mainly banks) of Colombia's biggest telecommunications company. 

In this job I excelled by using VBA to develop macros that analyzed data and I was able to automate several procedures with this skill, I take pride in leaving valuable tools behind me.