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  My name is Julie Wood and I am from Indianola, Iowa.  I am now twenty-five years old and I am looking to find a more stable job so that I am able to go back to school, as well as pay my bills.  I am able to work some weekends.  I would prefer to have a job where my hours would be Monday through Friday.  That way the weekends could be for homework and family.  I am a very happy person, although when you first meet me you might think I am a little shy.  I like to be kept busy.  I can't just sit around and do nothing.  I enjoy working and I enjoy waking up and going to work every day.  It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping further my life in some way. 

Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Sales Associate


  My job at Younkers is easy, challenging, fast-pasted and hard all rolled into one.  I work in the Juniors' Department.  I am the only full-time associate in that department.  As the only full-time associate my duties include: Markdowns at the beginning of the week, setting sales during the week, putting out new merchandise onto the floor in the order of the flow pattern set by corporate, as well as cleaning out fitting rooms, putting the clothes that have been tried on back out on to the floor and assisting customers at the register.  When I started in the Juniors' Department I was only part-time.  There was another girl that was full-time who did all the things that I have just mentioned.  When she left, I got the full-time position and made a few changes in that department.  Since there were so many markdowns, clearance items and sale items I had to find an easier way to organize it all.  So I came up with a system of my own, only for the Juniors' Department. I use simple different color highlighters to make different marks on the tags of the different clearance items. Example:

  A Pink Check Mark on the tag of a marked down item meant that it was 60% off

  A Green Check Mark on the tag of a marked down item meant that it was 45% off

  A Blue C on the tag of a marked down dress meant that it was 45% off

  This system seems to not only make things easier for the customers, but it also helps the girls in my department when it comes time to putting clothes away from the fitting rooms. All they have to do is look at the tag and put it on the correct rack.  That comes in very handy on busy Saturdays.  I am very into organizing my department.  I have a variety of clothes in the department, so complying with corportates flow charts I keep it well organized. I love how my job is a lot of work and sometimes, on the right day, difficult.  It keeps me busy and I enjoy it.

  I really do like my job, but I am at a time in my life where I want to do something else.  I would like a more stable job.  I would like to use the skills I have learned at Younkers to help me become successful some place else.  I really enjoy the experience, but I think its time for me to try something new.  

Nov 2004May 2006


Sports Page Bar and Grill

  Sports Page Bar and Grill is just how it sounds.  Its a family establishment on the West side of town in Indianola. I started working there when I moved back to Indianola.  I thought it was just going to be a part-time job until I found something stable.  I started working there and really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the people I worked with as well as the customers that came in.  My duties there were simple.  They included serving the customers and keeping them happy so they would come back and see us again.  All the servers had the responsibilities of making sure the servers station was kept clean and organized.  I also helped with a few banquets.  Bigger parties meant more responsibilites.  I have to admit that the more people there were in a party, the crazier and more hectic things got.  It was very important, especially in those times, that you kept your "cool" so to speak.  I had a lot of fun while I was at the Sports Page, but I realized that isn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Aug 2002Mar 2004

  I chose to further my education by attending Indian Hills Community College after high school.  I decided to go to a two year school rather than a four year school because I wasn't exactly sure on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life just yet.  I started out really well there.  I was on the Indian Hills Dance Squad my first year.  I really enjoyed that, probably had to do with my love of dance.  After my first year, I moved home for about a month or so.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back, not because I didnt like it there, but because I wasn't sure if school was right for me.  I went back during that summer and found a job as a server at a bar and grill close to campus.  I went back to school that fall and I also got a place on the Indian Hills Cheerleading Squad.  So, needless to say I was pretty busy. I was going to school, had a job on the side and when I wasn't doing either of those I was cheering.  I think all in all that was too much for me to juggle at the time.  I was younger and that was the first time in my life where I had so much going on in my life, plus having to take care of myself.  I moved back home and said I would go back to school later.  Well, its later and I still haven't gone back.  That is one of my biggest goals today, to go back to school and finish my education.  I know that life will be hectic with a full-time job and trying to go to school, but I think I have grown up a lot and I am ready to handle all the chaos now. 

Aug 1998May 2002


Indianola High School

  I took the normal classes in High School.  English classes I liked alot, but for some reason, Science classes didn't stick with me.  Accounting was one of my favorite classes.  I really like to be organized so I think having to have your numbers so organized was really fun for me.  I was in the High School Orchestra during my four years there.  I had been playing since I was in the fifth grade, it was something fun to do during the day of stressful classes.  I was also a dancer.  I started taking dance classes when I was three years old.  My favorite part about dancing were the performances.  It was so fun to work so hard for something.  I really enjoyed entertaining people. 


Ardene Downing

Ardene hired me for my first job back when I was a sophomore in high school.  She owned the Apple Tree Inn Motel in Indianola at the time. She hired me as one of the housekeepers. I worked Saturdays and Sundays.  I started to learn what responsibility meant when I was working there.  She has also been a friend of the family for many years. I worked at the Motel until I finished high school.  Not just during the school year, but also during the summer months.  It was a great first job for learning.

Angie Frink

Angie was one of my managers at Younkers.  There was a time where we lost a few managers so they all got switched around and at that point I got a new manager. I worked under Angie for about a year. She taught me how to merchandise the new stock when we got it in and helped me learn how to set sales and how to do the markdowns.  She was a real teacher to me and I learned a lot from her.


Customer Service
  I have learned what customer service is by the jobs I have had now and in the past.  Being a server you have to have great customer service.  You always want that customer to leave having had a great time and wanting to come back again soon.  Not to mention, you always want that good tip.  Being a sales associate is pretty close to the same thing, except you don't receive a tip.  You want that customer to come back to your store again soon.  Have you ever walked into a store and they recognize you and say ' Welcome Back!'?  Isn't that a great feeling!?  Customer Service is important in many jobs.  Everyone is working for a business and every business relies on its customers.  Customer Service is a very important quality to have.