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Juliet Sorensen: Roles of Assistant United States Attorneys

Juliet Sorensen served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Chicago for more than sixyears. In that capacity, she worked in the General Crimes Section for a year before moving onto the Financial Crimes and Special Prosecutions Section. There, Juliet Sorensen prosecuted perpetrators of a number of federal crimes such as tax fraud, firearms trafficking, export control violations, identity theft, immigration fraud, and many others.

Assistant United States Attorneys serve at the discretion of United States Attorneys, also known as federal prosecutors. U.S. Attorney's Offices are is part of the Department of Justice. Each of the United States Attorneys, located in the 93 judicial districts of the United States and its insular areas, have risen to their job via Presidential appointment and Senate confirmation.

Federal prosecutors and their assistants represent the United States government in criminal law cases. They also represent the United States government during involvement in civil cases, either as plaintiff or defendant.

In her capacity as an Assistant United States Attorney, Juliet Sorensen litigated several high-profile cases, including the prosecution of Jean-Marie Vianney Mudahinyuka, one of the leaders of the Rwandan genocide. She achieved convictions for immigration fraud and assault on federal officers, which ultimately led to Mudahinyuka’s 2011 deportation to Rwanda so that he could stand trial for his alleged war crimes.

Juliet Sorensen also served as the lead prosecutor in Operation Crooked Code, a case of corruption and bribery in the City of Chicago Departments of Building and Zoning. The successful prosecution led to 12 convictions of city officials, as well as convictions of real estate developers and contractors.

Work experience

Sep 2003Jun 2010

Assistant U.S. Attorney

U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Illinois


Sep 1997May 2000


Columbia University School of Law
Sep 1991Jun 1995


Princeton University