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Early entry-level positions right out of college were administrative in nature, which greatly sharpened my organizational skills. As well, in order to gainsay my way into the advertising field, I began as the Traffic Manager in a Creative Department, in charge of work flow and enforcing project deadlines. 


Promoted to Creative Supervisor of the Creative Department while at database marketing company, Catalyst Direct. Earlier in a wholly different career, I was the de facto Office Manager for the Office of Public Affairs in U.S. embassies: Warsaw, Poland, and Santiago, Chile. 

Facebook Moderation

See my Facebook business page: Custom Wedding Ceremonies of 

Central Virginia 

Social Media

Update March 2018: My website for my one-person Celebrancy Practice writing and performing high-end wedding ceremonies receives 1000 views per month on average, attesting to my SEO skills I feel, as well as acumen in using keywords. That said, my old-school direct-response marketing experience was decades in the honing. Direct-response is not much different than SEO when you come down to it. Influencing human nature is not a trend that exactly changes from decade to decade or even generation to generation. Audiences still react to good writing, which is the real crux of content creation. Now I use such understanding of human nature to create personalized wedding ceremonies that go to the heart of this unique couple and their journey into a marriage partnership. But to directly address Social Media, I had quite a following on twitter before I took down my account. It was fun for awhile. I only today reanimated @JulieTrump toward a more business-oriented tone.


Created the CSS for my own WordPress website, through much trial and error. Intermediate level.

See for yourself. Please view my portfolio of samples at    

Community Service

Volunteer High School English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL), America Samoa (1984-1985).

Former Board Member, Shelter for Help in Emergency (serving domestically abused clients).


March 28, 2018: Honestly, I have not looked at my profile on this site in five years, maybe. I will leave it extant (mummified?) because it is a place to store my technical articles that showcase my ability to synthesize complex subjects into a friendly, conversational approach. I have a dozen or so articles published in Packaging Digest

Since 2014, I am now a Wedding Officiant in which I spend 20 hours or so custom-crafting personalized marriage ceremonies for the coolest couples. This vocation allows me to use my passion for writing while also interfacing with partners excited about starting a new phase in their journey together. It incorporates poetry, love, heart, and when the Bride makes her entrance , some mistiness of the eyes ... all while I am surrounded by exquisite details in the customization and decorations — the creativity, music, good food ... all on arguably the happiest day of one’s life. It’s a dream that I am invited to be part of it. I relish the opportunity to get dressed up and wear my fancy jewelry, which would otherwise languish in an underwear drawer,  in order to enjoy a scenic drive to a beautiful location, such as a winery or a chalet high up in the mountains ... to meet some of the best people. Then I stand up and speak into a microphone before 100 or so people -- telling the couple's love story -- thus having the joy of being front and center to see the couple’s faces when I pronounce them married.

Though I am still open to writing newsletters and blogs for companies if someone were to contact me, I have mostly left content creation to those who don’t remember the days when a professional advertising or direct-marking writer could make $70 per hour. Copywriting / branding / product naming was an art and a science that was viewed as a valuable talent. I’ve still got it if anyone wants it (knowing not to expect $70 per hour by any means). I particularly enjoy naming new products and companies ... that and writing pithy headlines, always.


Terri Allard

While it existed, I was Editor of Terri's blog for WTJU in support of her television program for which she is now Community Engagement Director, in addition to being the Producer and Presenter of "Charlottesville Inside Out." I named her blog, "Blahg, Blahg, Blahg" (which really makes sense if you ever met her).

Terri filmed my husband for her show, which aired January 17, 2013. Fast forward to 13 minutes after following this link by pasting it into your browser's address bar:


Grammar. Language. Pure Barre. Bicycling. Bouncing on my Bellicon rebounder. Reading Memoirs. Blogging. Books. Music. More Music. Walking. Mythology. Oenology. Cookbook Recipes. Travel. Veganism. Nutrition. Noetic Sciences. The Monroe Institute. The Holy Grail. Finding The Fountain of Youth (or at least a good moisturizer that doesn't cost $300). Art-House Movies. Shakespeare &  Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA. Harpsichord Recitals on Sunday Afternoon. Street Fashion. Pattern-Making and Sewing.

Work experience


SEO Copywriter & Content Creator


Since August 2012, have completed MediaBristro's online blogging course. And have gotten to actively participate in blogger extraordinaire Penelope Trunk's five-day seminar, "How to Write About Your Life." Which was a rare insight into how an enormously successful blogger achieves her high-number Google Analytics. Am a social media autodidact who has come to have a prescient blog on As well as making cameos on twitter: @Julie Trump. A popular Facebook page: And a linkedin network: All managed from my command center. I happily trawl the Internet daily for what's new and relevant in the field of SEO copywriting and content marketing -- as well as checking out what keywords and memes are trending nationally.

For over 20 years, I have been a direct response copywriter. Though the technology has changed from when  U.S.P.S. delivered the message...human nature has not. A good headline uses the same psychology today as it did in 1994. Measured success in terms of numbers is nothing new. I have even won regional direct marketing awards, but they are too dusty to itemize. However, talent and years of direct-response acumen continue to inform my writing.


Sustainability Technical Writer

Payne, Ross & Associates

Freelance journalist on Klockner Pentaplast account -- involved in the interviewing, researching, analyzing, and writing of white papers and articles for placement in national packaging periodicals. Specialized in recycling and waste management for the packaging industry. Able to amass large quantities of information, extracted from packaging engineers among others, and translate it into compelling, engaging prose.


Senior Copywriter

Payne, Ross & Associates

First writer to be hired in-house and full-time at community-minded advertising and p.r. agency, where I worked on accounts that included: The Environmental Company (TEC), Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello), The Albemarle Rescue Squad, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, and Klcokner Pentaplast (leading manufacturer of rigid packaging film, located in Gordonsville, VA).

Mar 1995Feb 1998

Creative Supervisor

Catalyst Direct digital and database marketing agency

Promoted from Senior Copywriter to Creative Supervisor at database marketing agency. Responsible for project management, overseeing a staff of six graphic designers and copywriters in the development and presentation of creative concepts to clients, such as Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Humane Society, and myriad financial institutions. Walked approved design through production process to deadline completion.


Fundraising Copywriter

Huntsinger & Jeffer

Developed direct-response packages for non-profit organizations, including Virginia Special Olympics, Children International, and Paulist Fathers -- as well as for commercial enterprises, such as The Virginia Diner and Overnite Transportation.


Junior Copywriter

CMC Direct, Inc.

Promoted from Project Manager (Traffic Coordinator) to Junior Copywriter on FedEx account when pioneering its express-shipping pilot program for national direct marketers and catalogers. Strategic branding of overnight-delivery capabilities. As Traffic Coordinator, I set project timelines for creative jobs, ensuring that such jobs were completed on deadline.


Foreign Service Attache

U.S. Department of State

Administrative Assistant to Public Affairs Officer for U.S. Information Agency (since absorbed into State Department). Posted to U.S. embassies in Warsaw, Poland, and Santiago, Chile. Coordinated both Cultural and Information offices.


Foreign Service Institute

Language immersion program in preparation for postings to Warsaw, Poland, (1987-1989) and to Santiago, Chile, (1990-1992). Achieved Cultural Level language facility. My Polish instructor told me that I had a gift, saying, "You are my pride."

Jan 1993May 1993

University of Memphis

Accepted into the master's program in Journalism. Completed one semester/class before relocating to Richmond, Virginia, to take a a fundraising copywriter position at Huntsinger & Jeffer.

Sep 1976May 1979


Le Moyne College

Top Secret

U.S. Department of State