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After my French baccalaureate with an emphasis in economics, I achieved a Master in Information Technology at EPITECH, a 5-year graduate school specialized in IT and computer science engineering in Paris, France. Courses were very practical since methodology is based on team work and hands-on-project. I learned to master technical tools, develop project management skills and manage complex situations that may arise in an ever-changing business environment.Then I wanted to add to my existing knowledge a new dimension with business IT, especially in a foreign country. That is why the partnership offered by the MBIT (Master of Business Information Technology) at the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and my school in France was a huge opportunity to study what I had to improve, business and management IT, in a renowned university.

Work experience

Sep 2008Aug 2009

Freelancer / Project Manager


In 2007, meanwhile I was still student at RMIT, I have created with some other freelancers, reCreativ, a collective of talented players in web design, web development and online communication. My role was focused on the technical side and the customer requirements, which includes meeting with the client, analysis of the requirements, quote and development of the website or web applications with the web designer's concept.

I've also worked as a pure freelancer for several companies such as Artisan, or Slatterymedia Group where I integrated the digital team to develop (amongst other things) a Wholesale E-commerce website for 6 months before leaving Australia.

Technically I was mainly using the LAMP architecture, especially using the frameworks codeigniter / symfony , and the very good JQuery library for the javascript interactions.

Technologies : PHP – MySQL – Apache – Codeigniter – Symfony – JQuery

Sep 2006Apr 2007

IT Consultant


Manutan company, European leader in B-to-B mail-order sales of industrial and office equipment.

Responsible for maintenance and evolution for the 23 webshops in Europe, in the e-business team.

  • Team work • Exchange with the European webmasters

Technologies : J2ee – Oracle DB – Apache – Intershop Enfinity      

Jan 2005Jun 2006

Application Developper


Developer of intern applications for the agency.

Several projects on the hosting, the invoicing and statistics.

• Collaboratative work • Administration interface of the hosted sites • Statistics of the band-width use

Technologies : Java - PHP - SQL server 2000 - Coldfusion - IIS - Apache   

May 2004Oct 2005

Application Developper


Developer of a document management software in a young innovating company

    • Team work • Optimization of the application • Encoding, SQL database, XML flow • Good customer relationship (installations, support)

Technologies : Tomcat - J2EE - SQL - XML - Eclipse - CSS - Unix/linux     



MBIT (Master of Business Information Technology)

RMIT University

After studying IT during my five years at EPITECH I realized that I needed further education in the business discipline.

In a world "shrinking" because of globalization I believed it is necessary to develop some business skills such as project management methodologies, business theory, IT industry trends analysis.

I had the opportunity to learn those skills at RMIT University in Melbourne in Australia. On top of that, being overseas immersed myself in a new culture allowed me to interact with a large range of people from a variety of industries as well as countries widening my vision on the world.


Expert Diploma

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

EPITECH is based on experience and oriented towards action and project development. This model helped me to develop three important qualities: adaptability, autonomous development, and a sense of project management. Indeed, by working on many projects of different size, it increased my team work skills such as adaptability, creativity and communication.