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Julien Hayotte

Senior Full Stack Developer

Work experience

Dec 2013Present

Full Stack Developer


RICARDO Group - Leader in online auctions in Switzerland with 90% market share, 2,7 million users and 700 000 articles live.

✔ Migration from On-Premise to AWS.

✔ Refactoring of the BuyerFlow in ASP.NET MVC 5.

✔ Establishment of continuous integration and continuous delivery with OCTOPUS and change in the development process (toggle feature).

✔ Defined RabbitMQ (Message-Oriented Middleware) as the core of the new architecture.

✔ Migration of the whole website in 64bits. (Classic ASP, ASPX,ASP.NET, VB)

✔ Development of multiple page in RWD.

✔ Couchbase - Setting up a distributed cache.

✔ Promote GOLANG language in the company.

⇨Technologies: C#, SQL, ASP.NET MVC 5, Webform, Classic ASP, MSUnitTest, Less, Css, Javascript, MSBuild, Powershell, Service Broker, GOLANG.

⇨Tools : TFS 2013, SCRUM, SSDT, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012/13/15, RabbitMQ, Logstash, Confluence, JIRA, Octopus

English spoken on a daily basis.

June 2012December 2013

Team Leader

Cognac Jay (TDF)

Team Leader of 6 Software Engineers

Improvement of the development process:

✔ Defined a new development process.

✔ Development by branch.

✔ Integration of JIRA.

✔ Creation of Style Guide - naming convention.

Software Architecture:

✔ Implementation of a scalable architecture in WCF with WS-discovery protocol and a custom TaskManager.

✔ Architecture / Technical choices.

✔ Responsive Design - Development of a dashboard.

✪ Project -> called VMS (Video Management Service) - SAAS Platform and Service Oriented Architecture.

⇨Technologies: C#, SQL Server 2008, WCF, WF, EF4.3, MEF, Framework 4, MSUnitTest.

⇨Tools : TFS 2010, SCRUM, Visual Studio 2011

Feb 2011June 2012

Software Engineer

Cognacq Jay -TDF - ALTEN consultant

Two missions:

✪ Development of a webplatform called MAM for Media Asset Management for video provider as FOX and CANAL+. It handles the process of acquiring, categorizing, indexing, grouping, archiving, maintaining, monitoring, editing and distributing audio, image, video and/or files containing a mix of multimedia formats.

⇨ Technologies: C#, .net 4.0, Mysql 5.0, WCF, EF4, Linq2SQL, MSUnitTest, ASP.NET Web forms, JQUERY, CSS.

✪ Development of a WPF application monitoring real time C++ programs.

⇨Technologies: WPF, MVVM, C#, .net 4.0, Mysql 5.0, WCF, EF4.

⇨Tools: TFS 2010, SCRUM, Visual Studio 2010

Jan 2010Feb 2011

Software Engineer


GlobalTrack offers satellite vehicle tracking products and solutions to deliver asset monitoring information for a wide range of industries & applications globally.

✪ Goal: Supply an entire new solution of tracking through a website.

⇨ Technologies: C#, SQL Server 2008, FLEX, AS3, ASMX, EF4, Linq2SQL, codecontract.

⇨ Tools: TFS, SCRUM

✔ Integration of a distributed cache called memcached.

✔ Deployment and configuration of SSRS (reporting service).

✔ Backend development - Data and Business Layer.

Development in .Net Division.
Analysis of Microsoft technologies.

Mission a year in English



Computer Software Engineering

Avans Hogeschool Breda

Double degree: Master of International IT Management & Software Systems Engineer


Master Degree in Project Management


School of engineering delivering a double degree: Master of International IT Management & Software Systems Engineer