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Aug 2011May 2015

B.A Biological Sciences

University of Missouri-Columbia

3.5 GPA

Work experience

Jan 2013Mar 2015

Event Staff

Mizzou After Dark

I assisted in planning safe, alcohol free events for students to participate in every Friday night. My responsibilities consisted of setting up and tearing down the events, serving food and drinks, and assisting the guests in the activities offered at the event.


Aug 2011May 2015

Food Bank


I volunteered at the Columbia Food Bank on weekends with my service sorority. I would volunteer 2-3 hours at a time, and during which I would bag and sort food items, and help keep the facilities clean.

Jan 2013May 2015

Language Partner

I was paired up with an international student, who I meet with once a week to help them practice their english skills.

Feb 2013May 2015

Bluffs Nursing Home


I would visit on the weekends and sit and talk with the residents, while helping with whatever games and activities the facility had planned.

Feb 2013Jan 2014

Scholarship Board for Sigma Kappa Sorority

Scholarship Mentor

I was elected to the scholarship board in February 2013 and served until I left the sorority in January 2014. During this time, I worked as a scholarship mentor for the younger members. I would assist in creating study plans, and class schedules. I would also monitor study hours 2 days a week.

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Missouri Baptist Hospital


My volunteering was done in the Oncology/Palliative care unit.  I would assist the nurses in making beds, and refilling water bottles. I would also restock the supply cabinets, and provide companionship for patients. 

Jan 2013May 2013

Truman Veterans Hospital

Volunteer-Patient Transport

I volunteered in patient transport for the spring semester of 2013. I was responsible for moving patients to different wings of the hospital, and for transporting equipment , and occasionally samples to the lab.

Aug 2011Mar 2013

Little Sisters of the Gold Rose

Academic Chair

I served as Academic chair during my time in my service organization, Little Sisters of the Gold Rose. As academic chair, I would keep records of the overall GPA of the organization, and check grades each semester to make sure each member was eligible to remain in the organization. I would also share any events and resources that I felt would be beneficial to the members.

Aug 2011May 2012

Hall Government

Floor Representative/Treasurer

I was elected as floor representative for my freshman residence hall. I was later appointed to treasurer after the position was vacated. I would keep residents up to date on events happening in the hall and take any concerns to the hall government. I would also manage finances.