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I am seeking a Marketing Management position where my professional experience in planning and implementing marketing programs, POS, direct marketing, online materials, marketing analysis, brand management and event coordination will benefit the organization.

Personal and professional highlights

·Completion of the Master of Business qualification I achieved from Sydney University

·Extensive travel of North America, Europe and the United Kingdom

·Being an integral part of the specialised Public Health Surveillance Unit for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

·Development of the Showerman website ( and overhauling of the VCH job vacancy site


Marnie Brannigan

Dr Jat Sandhu

Craig Kearney

My direct boss was Larissa Kalt, but she has since left

Rod Hill

Nicole Jantzi


Areas of competency

·Market research and the study of consumer behavior

·ROI and quantitative analysis

·Event management: Vancouver Winter Olympic Public Health surveillance, National Sales Representative conference, Olympic Surveillance Training Conference, educational presentations, Sponsorship events (eg Menopause the Musical, University Games) trade shows, seminars, Christmas parties

·New product launch (Promensil Menopause Test)

·Strategic asset management – sponsorships, brand ambassadors, key business partners

·Advertising strategy – TV and Print

·Development of Point of Sale and promotional merchandise (eg brochures, shelf strips, packaging, posters, window display materials)

·Market segmentation and pinpoint target marketing

·Development and maintenance of online marketing forums, direct marketing materials and internal marketing communications

·Brand management, WOM and Social marketing

Seeking a Marketing Manager?

I should be your first choice if you are looking for someone with the following attributes:

  • Project Management

I have experience managing the complete project management process. From strategic direction to creating a cost estimate and all briefing documentation and meetings. With my determination, attention to detail and excellent time management skills I get projects completed efficiently and to budget.

  • Focused and organised

I am very organised, a natural planner, highly practical and have excellent time management skills, which helps me be juggle multiple tasks and assignments at any time.

  • Committed to success

I am keen to join an organisation where my skills and commitment will create mutual benefits, personal and professional growth for me and success and rewards for your organisation.

  • Computer savvy

I have considerable experience with Microsoft programs, Aztec market research software and such analytical tools as SPSS. I can quickly adopt new programs and technology.

  • Confident building and maintaining relationships

I am confident and assertive. I have the ability to connecting with others and maintain business relationships, sort out problems and garner new clients.

For these reasons and my organisational abilities I am often the person others turn to for the management of (social and business) events.

Work experience


Student Brand Manager

Red Bull Energy Drink

I promoted Red Bull through high-energy events, concerts, and a highly effective brand ambassador program.I demonstrated my project management skills by nurturing events from idea generation, through planning and implementation, to completing feedback and follow-up documentation.One of my most successful projects at Red Bull was the guerilla marketing technique that I created, organized and implemented at the New Zealand University Games.Aside from event planning and promotion I was also responsible for the sales and marketing of Red Bull throughout my district.

Key Responsibilities

·Managed complete projects by nurturing events from idea generation, through planning and implementation, to completing feedback and follow up documentation

·Increased brand awareness (equity) of Red Bull Energy Drink on campus and in the greater Palmerston North area

·Planned effective sampling and promotion events

·Organised and executed successful promotional activity at the NZ University Games

·Created Administrative reports- responsible for my own agenda, stock needs and support material requirements

·Conducted reports to measure the success of projects

·Planned and implemented marketing activities to expose the product

Mar 2011Present

Account Manager

Rapport Advertising & Marketing

Managing the project management process

  • Strategic, creative, media and technical briefs
  • Management of communications and complex relationships with stakeholders
  • Analysing project results
  • Media buying
  • Liaising with creative and printing partners
  • Financial management (managing budgets and billings)

Additional competencies

  • CMS management of websites
  • Google analytic reports for websites and campaigns
  • Event email invites
  • Recruitment  emails for hard to fill positions
  • A complete understanding of the eGovt W3C compliance requirements

Projects completed

  • Investor Protocol: encouraging overseas investors to come to New Zealand
  • Live like a Kiwi Game: an interactive game showcasing New Zealand, with the aim to encourage youths from the UK and US to come to New Zealand on a working holiday visa
  • Shopping cart: an online shopping cart function for a learning, literacy and numeracy client
  • Exit survey: development, implementation and analysis of an online survey. After using a particular website, users were surveyed to measure how useful the site was
  • Development of collateral for World Refugee Day 2011
Jul 2009Apr 2010


Vancouver Coastal Health

This position was part of the 6-person Public Health Surveillance Unit at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) – the Heath Authority for the majority of British Columbia, Canada . I was bought onboard for the specialised Public Health Surveillance Unit (PHSU) to assist with planning and implementing surveillance programs for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In this role I was in charge of scheduling for the PHSU team and ensuring we had adequate skilled support to run our surveillance programs during the games. I also managed client relations with other sectors of VCH and external providers.

Key Responsibilities and Projects

·Manage events, meetings and external client contact for the Public Health Surveillance Unit (PHSU)

·Analyse data collected from a range of Vancouver Coastal Health facilities to find trends and inconsistencies compared to historical and known phenomenon

·Trouble shoot and problem solve for all PHSU administrative and project based issues

·Planning and implementation of surveillance programs for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic and Para-Olympic Games

·Manage all 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic and Para-Olympic scheduling

·Complete organisation of the Olympic Surveillance Training Conference for national and international Epidemiologists, Analysts and Managers; including materials, facilities, scheduling and orientation

·Organisation of the Public Health Department Christmas Party

May 2008Apr 2009

Recruitment Associate

Vancouver Coastal Health

I gained valuable experience with Human Resources software (namely PeopleSoft and the EE-Online) system, and acquired a thorough understanding of the recruitment process. After completing my Recruitment Associate contract, I stayed on to complete an 8-week marketing project. The aim of which was to identify the shortfalls ofthe existing job advertisements, update the template and process, and in turn re-launch this section of the internal and external website.

I managed the complete recruitment process for internal applicants in my portfolio, which included:

·Assess and proof job descriptions for various jobs within health care

·Create job postings to attract internal and external applicants

·Determine employee salaries in accordance with union collective agreements

·Conduct orientation interviews for foreign recruits

·Build and maintain strong rapport with managers of various departments within VCH

·Conduct reference checks and criminal record checks to verify personal and professional credentials of prospective employees

Aug 2006Jul 2007

Marketing, Business development and Administration

The Results Group

Key Responsibilities

·Manage client relationships (Manager of first impressions)

·Manage events such as conferences, educational presentations, and Christmas parties

·Developing business and garnering new clients by organizing large networking events

·Plan and implement marketing strategies for The Results Group

·Create Marketing tools for clients of The Results Group

·All aspects of administration, including accounting, coach support and diary management

·Complete specialty client projects, including the development of the Showerman website ( and a business plan for Cornerstone Pub

Jun 2005Jul 2006

Marketing Assistant

Novogen Pharmaceuticals

I honed my creative abilities in the development of point of sale and advertising materials.I was responsible for developing event advertising, posters and give-a-ways that synergized with sales force materials.These materials were widely used for trade shows, conferences, and all sponsored events.I also planned and implemented competitions to tie our product with sponsored events, and was part of a team that developed radio and television advertising.


Key Responsibilities

·Applied specific marketing techniques at health care trade shows in order to reach our target industry market of health care professionals

·Managed relationships with PR agencies that assisted Novogen with creative strategies

·Demonstrated strong field intelligence when assessing the effectiveness of various marketing tools I developed for our sales team

·        Responsibe for explaining and distributing marketing materials to all international branches

·Created reports to track Novogens’ Return on Investment (ROI) data, competitor information, and product reviews