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Julianna Qsar

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My uncle has always been a key figure in leading me to the endless possibilities in life. With our similar interests, he has taught me everything I know through sports and through hobbies. My uncle is an avid traveler and along his trips he would always capture the rock formations in Yosemite, the beaches of Hawaii, or the Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. I always tried to recreate his moments in any way I could. Ever since he had purchased a digital camera for me in 2012, I discovered what I became so passionate for and what truly made me happy. My entire life before, I was never the one behind the camera and this interest in photography has led me to continue learning about it. I'm considering majoring in photojournalism, cinematography, or graphic design in college. I have another interest in Psychology that I'm also curious with. I've always been interested how the brain works and have been given positive insight from my cousin who had majored in Psychology. I would love to help others and work with young children with mental disorders. I would love to attend UCSC because their given majors fit most of my interests and I've always felt I'd be a good fit in the school. SFSU is another college i'd love to attend because they have all the majors in my interest, the location is close to parts of my family, and I'd love to play basketball there if I plan on playing a  sport in college. A third college would be University of Portland because  they are a faith based school and they also have majors of my interests. I've always heard wonderful things about the college from family and family friends.

Community Service 

  • Coach for Kids Sports Camp-3 years
  • A part of a Mission Trip to Malawi, Africa- Summer 2014
  • Key Club at Valhalla- 3 years
  • Youth retreat leader at Church of St. Luke- 2 years
  • VBS Leader at Church of St. Luke- 2 years 
  • Community Service Ministry in ASB- 1 year

Extracurricular Activities 

  • Girls Basketball- Varsity 3 years
  • Track and Field- JV  2 years , Varsity 1 year
  • Cheer- Varsity 2 years
  • Youth group at Flood Church-5 years 
  • Youth Group at St. Lukes- 2 years
  • Youth Retreat Leader Leader at St. Lukes- 2 years
  • Link Crew at Valhalla- 2 years
  • Unity Days at Valhalla- 2 years 
  • ASB-2 Years


“Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea.” -Even though my life has taken a different course due to different circumstances, if its all truly meant to happen then everything will eventually reach the sea with each other.