Julian Correa

Julian Correa


My main aim is to consolidate all the studies and to implement them so new ideas to improve business management.


I am a student of business administration, highly skilled in managing inventories in a responsible and committed to my work, I like everything about medicine, because it is the medium that I work, I am convinced the  business administration is going to help a lot in my personal and professional life, I have great purposes including completing my studies and enter to work in a good company to put into practice everything you learned in college and at work

Work experience

Work experience

kanban manager and driver of the vehicle of the company

Isopor LTDA

Driver of vehicles of the company and responsible for maintaining stok inventories for mabe Colombia

Jun 2008 - Present

service technician

corpomedica s.a

technical services in the operational and logistics of the company, handling and delivery times of medical devices for surgery

Sep 2007 - Apr 2008

Environmental assistant


Responsible for the proper management of waste the company produces and make it viable for recycling

Feb 2000 - May 2003

charge of machines in field

Construcciones El Condor

driver of vehicule  the company and responsible for maintaining the fuel supply to the machinery that is found in field


Feb 2000 - Nov 2002

four semesters

Centre Services teacher auxiliary

technical studies in electricity and electronics, with emphasis on development and technical drawing



cities knowledge and hubicacion

Ease of hubicacion  of addresses in different cities of Colombia

logistics services and inventory management

Skills inventory management as it relates to the industry and great knowledge related to osteosynthesis material



Feb 2005 - Sep 2005

Internal Audit Quality Control