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Juliana Treadwell

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Philosophy

These are the fundamental points of my current teaching philosophy after my first year as a teacher. This philosophy will be continuously modified and adapted over time as I continue to develop personally and professionally as a teacher.


I believe that relationships with students, whānau, hapu, iwi and other teachers are a fundamental component to success within the teaching profession. Genuine relationships with learners helps us to understand and appropriately cater to their specific individual needs. I'll  need to ensure that I can create relationships with students and whānau so that they feel comfortable and relaxed enough to express themselves and well as develop mutual respect. By incorporating faith into my daily class routine students can feel open to express their faith in a safe environment.  A strong relationship with the surrounding community ensures they are a part of the learners journey and together we can strive to achieve community success. I also need to establish strong relationships with my colleges so we are able to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal of student achievement. 

Incorporating multiculturalism in the classroom:

 I believe that in New Zealand we need to respect Māori as tangata whenua of our country and this heritage needs to be acknowledged as well as the culture and tikanga treasured. It is evident however, that New Zealand is quickly becoming a multicultural nation and we need to embrace and celebrate our diversity. A classroom setting is the perfect foundation for the next generation to build an understanding of acceptance and appreciation of one another’s cultures.

 Critical Reflective Practice:

 I believe that to be an effective teacher I need to ensure that I am constantly critically reflecting upon my teaching practice, analysing the positive elements of the lesson as well as identifying potential for improvement. My reflective practice has been recognised during my final practicum “her reflective practice was superb and Juliana took every opportunity to reflect and improve” (Clare Humphreys-Grey, principal Opoutere School).


I believe that every student brings their own individuality, their personal abilities and also struggles to the classroom environment.  As a teacher I would endeavour to acknowledge these elements, and determine how I will best create an environment that will appropriately accept and maximise each learners’ individual potential. This will create an environment in which students will feel safe and confident to express themselves without fear of judgment. 

Integrating Technology: 

I believe technology is a fundamental part of todays constantly changing society, where students are continuously exposed to different forms of technology in their everyday lives. Therefore as educators we need to ensure that we are able to maximise the potential of technology to support student achievement. We need to ensure that students are empowered in a digital world as well as being aware of the possible risks involved. 

Relevant Learning:

I believe that teaching should be relevant and applicable to the learners’ worlds. I aspire to create a fun learning environment that engages students’ and inspires a sense of wonderment and awe of the world around them.





Bachelor of Education (Teaching) (Honours)

The University of Auckland

By adding this qualification to my undergraduate degree allowed a deeper focus on a specific area of education at an advanced level. As well as papers focus on digital pedagogy and the future of learning, my personal dissertation focuses on the use of digital tools (such as Google Class on Air) as a means of professional development. 

Mar 2013Nov 2015

Bachelor of Teaching (BTCHNG)- Primary

The University of Waikato 

The Bachelor of Teaching Degree is a qualification that will set me up for a rewarding journey as Primary School Teacher.


Member of Golden Key Honour Society 


Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honour society. Membership into the Society is by invitation only and applies to the top 15% of college and university students. As an international honour society with more than 400 chapters at colleges and universities around the world, Golden Key is committed to a high standard of scholastic achievement, and an ethos of integrity, innovation, respect, collaboration and diversity.


Member of Faculty of Education High Achiever Club

University of Waikato

NCEA Level Three Endorsed with Merit

Otumoetai College

Work History


Manaiakalani Digital Teacher

Manaiakalani  Digital Teacher Academy

As a part of the MDTA program I taught part time at Tamaki Primary School, studied towards my honours degree and attended weekly digital immersion sessions. The combination of these three elements required constant reflection and adaptation of my pedagogy as I re-evaluated the effectiveness of my practice to support future focused learners. Here is a link to a CV of of my digital accomplishments I made during the year. 


Wild Sage Cafe

Whangamata, New Zealand


Mar 2014Aug 2015

The Settlement

Whangamata, New Zealand


Oct 2007Jan 2014

Cafe Onemana

Onemana, New Zealand

For this position I was in charge of helping to organise staff for the summer and creating the summer rosters, making coffee, serving customers, dealing with our chef, keeping customers happy, keeping other staff enthused and keeping the atmosphere calm and relaxed during the busy period.

Oct 2012Dec 2012

Cooking Marvellous LTD

Shrewsbury, England

I worked with this online business packaging and sorting the post of online orders over the very busy Christmas period. I was also involved in uploading products to our online websites. I worked Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5pm.

Sep 2012Sep 2012

Scuola Media Statale

Venice, Italy

I volunteered at a little Italian school for two weeks teaching 2 to 5 classes a day of English lessons. The kids had very limited English and we were mainly unsupervised so it was very challenging but we had a lot of fun and it was very rewarding.

Jun 2012Sep 2012

K G Adventure



I would teach English lessons twice daily for three hours a time to foreign students ranging between 8 -17 years old at a summer camp. Students levels ranged between very beginner to fluent speakers and our main job was to build their confidence with their speech in a way that was fun and exciting to keep with the summer camp theme. Other roles included leading group excursions and ensuring the groups arrived at the right place, right time, had transport and emergency contacts sorted.

Feb 2012Jun 2012

Global Vision International

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

This is where my passion for teaching began, I loved being able to give back to such a beautiful community.  On school days I would act as a teacher aid in Class one, taking lessons such as P.E, art, music, social science, English and one on one reading tasks. During this time I also dedicated a lot of time to renovating my class, alongside other volunteers we created a play corner with dress ups, play toys and building blocks and also repainted the class so it was more suitable for five year olds.

Apr 2012Apr 2012

Red Cross Fiji

Nadi, Fiji

After Nadi was declared a state of disaster from Cyclone Daphne our volunteer agency, GVI, went back to Nadi in the mainland to partner with the Red Cross assessing the damage to villages in remote areas and then distributing hygiene and water packs to families in need.

Curriculum Strengths


Math has been a passion of mine since I was in Primary school, and continued though to high school where I completed Level 3 Calculus and Statistics. At university I have further explored this area, by taking optional numeracy in the classroom papers with a focus on how to communicate mathematical thinking appropriately to primary school ages students. 

Te reo Māori

I have always been intrigued by te reo Māori and tikanga and I enjoy implementing reo and tikanga into my classroom. I have taken Curriculum Māori level two at university as well as He Rangahau Tikanga level three as option papers to continue to increase my understanding. One goal I have is to develop my te reo Māori and hopefully become fluent in the future. 


I enjoy exploring literacy, reading, watching and listening to gain new knowledge is highly engaging. The ability to communicate the knowledge and ideas created through learning is an crucial  skill for our learners. Therefore I aim to ensure that learners develop multi-literate skills within my literacy programme so that they are able to express themselves.

Physical Education

I personally love sport and have achieved highly in the football sector. I enjoy watching students  working together as a team to achieve a common goal during physical education sessions. I believe P.E has the potential for students to develop key values as well as provide an opportunity to  advance their communication skills. 


The discovery and wonderment that is involved when investigating science is thrilling for myself as well as for the students within my class. My own personal knowledge about how to effectively teach science, has been developed through university in which achieve an A+ grade for the learning and teaching science paper. 

Practicum Experience

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Opoutere School

Jethro Dyer
Aug 2014Sep 2014

Tahatai Coast School

Craig MacDonald
Oct 2013Nov 2013

Tamahere Model School

Nikki Platje

Teaching Photos