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Instituto Europeo de Posgrado

Feb 2014


MBA Emphasis in General Management  

Madrid, España

Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica de la  Fuerza Armada Nacional 

May 2008

Degree: Telecommunication Engineering

Thesis: “Incorporation of collaborative design, through programming of VHDL devices in a data-processing and digital communication laboratory”

Maracay, Venezuela

Work experience

  OPP Telecomm

Jan 2014Dec 2015

Radio Frequency Consultant

Project:  WCDMA/ HSDPA+ Network Expansion

(2nd carrier) Flow – Caribbean

  • Completed the upgrade of the access network on the following markets: Barbados, Antigua, St. Vincent, St. Kitts and British Virgin Islands, by incorporating a total of 97 new WCDMA/ HSDPA+ 2nd carrier sites, while exceeding in keeping the CS/PS Call Setup Success Rate >99% and the Dropped Call Rate <1%. The tracking of the main KPIs before and after the introduction of every cluster; audit, customization and implementation of adequate set of parameters for the GSM and WCDMA/HSDPA+ networks, in addition to supervision of drive test teams and delivery of reports based on data collected were necessary from my side in order to achieve this goal.


  • Succeeded in preventing main KPIs on the market of Barbados from being impacted after the incorporation of a new RNC, through planning and monitoring of the rehoming of 114 WCDMA/HSDPA+ and adaptation of neighbors relations parameters for GSM/WCDMA plus supervision of drive test teams.

Project: WCDMA/ HSDPA+ Network Expansion                

Digicel – Dominica

  • Implemented the deployment of 31 new WCDMA/HSDPA+ sites in the market of Dominica, by coordinating drive test teams in order to collect information related to HS, EUL and coverage performance for each site; Analyzing the data and presenting physical changes recommendations avoided any negative impact on the existing clusters in terms of coverage distribution and KPIs values, which kept their values for CS/PS Call Setup Success Rate >99% and Dropped Call Rate <1%.

Project:  WCDMA/ HSDPA+ Network Expansion                

Lime – Caribbean

  • Enhanced the coverage pattern in the following markets: St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Barbados, by adding successfully a total of 60 new WCDMA/HSDPA+ sites, standardizing them according to baseline parameters and monitoring their KPIs in order to ensure the accurate integration to the networks; also reports delivery, drive test data analysis, drive test team supervision and suggestion of physical and logical changes were additional duties necessary to avoid negative impact on the markets while the launching was taking part.
  • Accomplished the placement of a new WCDMA/HSDPA+ access network for Dominica island conformed by 51 sites, through the managing of pre and post launching activities including drive tests, standardization of parameters, KPIs /O&M monitoring and daily reports delivery to vendor and client teams, guaranteed the value of the KPIs targeted (CS/PS Call Setup Success Rate >98.5%, dropped Call Rate <1%) during the care period.


Project:  WCDMA/ HSDPA+ Network Expansion                

Digicel – Barbados

  • Conducted HSDPA+, EUL, voice calls, hand over and coverage evaluation tests on the field to support the deployment team on the launching of 20 new WCDMA/HSDPA+ sites, which were designated to expand the coverage in the outer cluster of Barbados, delivering to them reports based on the data collected and suggesting accurate physical changes in order to achieve the desired coverage pattern

Project:  WCDMA/ HSDPA+ Network Implementation             

Digicel – Suriname

  • Executed the deployment of a new WCDMA/HSDPA+ access network integrated by 100 sites in the market of Suriname, as a result of setting up baseline, neighbors, and IRAT parameters in addition to coordination of field tests, supervision of drive test teams, evaluation of collected data and O&M monitoring  ensured the achievement of  KPIs goals requested by the client: 
  • CS/PS Call Setup Success Rate >98.5%
  • Dropped Call Rate <2%
  • Max HS Throughput > 17 Mbps
  • Max EUL Throughput > 1.7 Mbps
  • SHO Success Rate >98.5%