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I am a full stack web-developer with a knack for solving complex logical problems in the backend.  I like to work for companies with compelling missions, in positions where I am often exposed and challenged by new languages and technologies. In my spare time right now, I'm learning german, and spending time riding my bike around Berlin.


Programming Languages: Python, Javascript, Ruby, PHP

Frameworks: Rails, Flask, Symfony, Yii,  React, Angular, Sass, Bootstrap

Testing and Automation: pyautogui (desktop automation), Appium (mobile automation),  Selenium/Capybara (web automation), Rspec, PHPunit  

Databases: MySQL, Postgres, sqlite

General: Bash, git, object oriented programming, test driven development, working in teams in a scrum environment, using Jira, working in international teams remotely 

Other: SKLearn (machine learning), 

Work experience

Mar 20162018

Back End Web Developer - PHP/Python/SQL 

Eventbase -

On the Data team one of our main responsibilities is to work with clients APIs, transforming their event and attendee data to be consumed by our mobile apps. Another important role is writing the code that handles any interactions the apps have with 3rd party data providers, such as registering for meetings, interacting with the chatbot, etc.. Handling all authentication issues, attendee data for projects, ensuring easy, secure access to our apps as well as max customizability of the attendee experience.  The clients are generally high profile tech companies, having a conference with anywhere from 50 to 30 000 attendees, I would often work directly with the clients either onsite, or remotely.

During events my responsibilities generally shifted from development towards debugging and fixing any issues discovered across Android, iOS, our various backend services, and multiple 3rd party data providers as well as providing custom reports drawn from our MYSQL database. 

Working mainly in PHP, Python,  MySql & Bash. 

Nov 2015Mar 2016

Front End Web Developer

Electronic Arts, X Plus Z

Working at the Electronic Arts campus in Burnaby, building the front end of marketing websites for EA's games, and other projects.

Minion's Paradise,    Bejeweled Skies,   EA Play Event,  Unravel 

Jun 20152017

Front & Back end Web Developer

Freelance Work

Sure - A Facebook messenger chatbot built with Node. - Online recipe marketplace -  Multiplayer, online, domino game. -  A Software as a service site for life coaches to interact with their clients.


Mar 2015May 2015

Web Development bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

An intensive 8 week program covering the essentials of web development: Object Oriented Programming, design principles, relational databases, using frameworks. Ruby, Rails, SQL, Sinatra, Postgres, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, nodejs