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I am a full stack web-developer with a knack for solving complex logical problems in the backend.  One of my passions is working in and on social businesses,  that have a mandate to improve lives. My most fulfilling job experience thus far was when I spent six months working with tea farmers in western Kenya. I like to work for companies with compelling missions, in positions where I am often exposed and challenged by new languages and technologies.


Ruby PHP Javascript SQL Sinatra Bootstrap Sass
CSS3 JQuery Git Bash ActionScript Rspec


OOP TDD Node MVC APIs Capybara



Some notable projects include: 

Marvelous (front end only) - Live on - A short project built in Angular and CSS, for a front end job application, focus was on matching a provided .psd comp perfectly. Drag and drop!

Hoto - github

Online multi-player boardgame built with a Rails backend, using Pusher for web socket support. 

Persistem  github

Rails App that  syncs with users evernote database, to help them periodically review their knowledge.

Interactive map of USA - displaying stats   -  Live  -  github

An interactive map linking statistics with US states,  built with Sinatra and kartograph.js

Rotten Mangoes - Movie Posting and Review App.   github

A Rails app wherein user's can post and review movies and admin's can edit and delete users.

Work History

Mar 2016Present

API Integration Specialist


My main duty is to write code  that requests event data from our client's api's and transforms it to our specification to be consumed by our mobile apps.  I work on a daily basis with PHP, and SQL.

Nov 2015Mar 2016

Front End Web Developer

Electronic Arts, X Plus Z

Working at the Electronic Arts campus in Burnaby, building the front end of marketing websites for EA's games, and other projects.

Minion's Paradise,    Bejeweled Skies,   EA Play Event,  Unravel

Jun 2015Present

Web Developer

Freelance Work

Sure - A Facebook messenger chatbot built with Node. - Online recipe marketplace -  Multiplayer, online, domino game. -  A Software as a service site for life coaches to interact with their clients.

Jan 2012Jan 2014

Production Supervisor/Research


JusTea is a Vancouver-based social business partnership with small-scale tea farmers in Kenya.  Having come on board early on in the formation of the company I was involved in the initial research trip in Kenya, a crowdfunding campaign back in Canada, and have since returned to Kenya twice to both receive and give training related to tea production. I lived in a rural village for six months over the course of these two trips, being responsible for researching and sourcing equipment, finding an industry expert to train our team, training and supervising employees, facilitating communication between Kenyan mgmt and Vancouver, shipping logistics and many other random tasks.


Mar 2015May 2015

Web Development bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

An intensive 8 week program covering the essentials of web development: Object Oriented Programming, design principles, relational databases, using frameworks. Ruby, Rails, SQL, Sinatra, Postgres, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, nodejs