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Work experience

Nov 2010Present

Customer Service

Edible Arrangments

Edible Arrangements is a service that creates and delivers fruit bouquets for a variety of celebrations. My job duties include fruit preparation, site upkeep, and customer service/sales activities via phone, web or in person. My customer relation skills include a strong focus to match the ideal product to a client.I strive to find the best product to meet the client’s need. Edible Arrangements is an "assembly-line" business, which allows me to work with a team to deliver a superior product. This experience has taught me enhanced interaction skills and exposed me to a real-life business environment.


Aug 2011Present

Bachelor of Science

University of Alabama

I am proud to be member of the prestigious Food and Nutrition Program at the University of Alabama. My goals are to be a Registered Dietician. My strongest pull is to assist people already in the healthcare system, whether at a hospital or in a medical practice to reach their nutritional needs via education and motivation. My goal is to enter the University of Alabama coordinated program which will allow me to complete my Registered Dietician internship while working towards my degree.I am excited to start my nutrition career prepared to help people to maintain their health through nutrition.

Work Objective

I am pursuing an education in food and nutrition so that I can promote a healthy lifestyle and educate others in nutritious eating. Specifically, I would like to enter the field of long-term care in which I will oversee the dietary needs of senior citizens. This coming generation of seniors are not as healthy as the previous generations. We are seeing an explosion of obesity-related health issues such as Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure. There will be a great need for registered dietitians that specialize in the dietary needs of the sick and elderly. 


For the past five years, I have been active in student and community theater productions through stage performance, film acting, or backstage work. I performed in ten student production with several leads.  I've been a writer and performer in two student-produced shows, including a modern rendition of Clare Booth Luce's The Women. I acted in severalfilm productions for the University of Hawaii Film Department. I even have walk on experience for the series Lost.

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  • Community Service
  • Work Objective
  • Skills
  • Interests
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  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals

Web Links

American Dietetic Association:

Healthy Aging(ADA):

Alabama Dietetic Association:

Short-term Goals

For my college years, I plan to focus on being accepted into the coordinated program. I hope to further my education in the Spanish language through taking accelerated courses. In addition, I plan to continue my participation in school organizations affiliated with my major as well as general interest groups. 

Long-term Goals

Following graduation, I plan to earn my license and move home to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I plan to work in acute care or senior communities to oversee the nutrition of their residents. As a dietitian, I will make an effort to have a relationship with my patients. Because our nation's aging generations are becoming more ill, senior citizens will be more dependent on their nutrient intake. I hope to have a lasting career with one particular residency so that I can develop relationships with both its staff and community. 


Affiliated with the University of Alabama:

  • University of Alabama Honors College
  • Student Dietetic Association, Member
  • Project Health, Member

Non-affiliated with the University of Alabama:

  • American Dietetic Association, student member

Community Service

I am an active volunteer for the March of Dimes, Hawaii Chapter. As a student I participated throughout high school in awareness and fundraising activities. I also volunteered on the state level to assist in over $500,000 of donations. I have also worked with the Lupus Foundation of Hawaii with fundraising activities.

For two years, I taught religious education to children preparing for Catholic Sacraments. Each week, I prepared and taught a lesson plan to twenty plus children ranging in age from seven to ten. I've also volunteer at church services by reading scripture, singing in the choir or ushering for the congregation.

In the summer of 2011, I participated in the Alabama Action program. For one week, I volunteered at Collin's Riverside school, refurbishing the classrooms and other facilities. I also adopted two "buddies" that I mentored for a week.  


Money management
Working at Edible Arrangements, I am responsible for keeping track of dozens of orders each shift. Constantly throughout the day, one must be sure that the money in the register and in the computer system matches with the quantity of orders for that day. In each arrangement, the employee must also keep track of the extra costs such as delivery charge, extra dipping, or a stuffed animal. Before closing each night, I was responsible for counting the money in the register to be sure that no mistakes were made between transactions.    While at college I have gained experience with budgeting my limited personal funds in accordance with my needs for my dorm room, new winter wear and entertainment.
  I have taken four years of Spanish, the fourth year at the International Baccalaureate  level. In that particular course, the entire class was conducted in only Spanish. Also, final tests and papers were sent off to native speakers to grade.