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To obtain an entry level position in a social work where I will gain experience, knowledge, and skill in family care and education.



High School Diploma- graduation June 2019

Pewaukee High School

Business Foundations                          Freshman Choir

English 9                                                     Intermediate Spanish

Biology                                                        Foundations of Fitness

Geometry                                                   American Government

Work experience


Volunteer Work

assisting kindergarten teachers at PLE

working with the kids, helping them during work time, keeping the kids on track


Babysitting for various families

Families vary

feeding kids a healthy and delicious meal, entertaining the kids, putting the kids to bed at an appropriate bed time


Club Soccer


training three days a week, games on weekends, working with my team to effectively achieve our goals


Jun 2013Jun 2013

Babysitting License

Red Cross Certified

knowledgeable in CPR


Helping others

  • enjoy working with people to work through their problems

Working with children

  • like to deal with children, working through their problems, hearing them out

Listening and working our problems

  • enjoy hearing out children and families, helping with there problems


Customer Service

can provide an enjoyable service to families and kids with a great attitude and appropriate sugestions

Prompt and Prepared

Completes tasks on time, ready to learn new ideas.


On top of tasks, keep materials in order, on top  of schedule.

Listening to others 

Listen to other peoples problems and let them talk and not stop them from what they are saying by cutting them off.

Looking for ways to help people

When people tell me their problems, I am always looking for ways to help people  and work through their problems.

Understanding peoples reaction

Easily understand people reactions and understand how they are feeling from their reactions.


Julie Reynolds

Family Friend

1 (414) 915-5553

Bridget Koch

Family Friend

(414) 350-1848

Amanda Sorkness

Guidance Counselor