Feb 1973 - Nov 1985

Matriculation with University Exemption

Roedean School for Girls, South Africa

Started at Roedean in Grade 1 and Matriculated there. Earned Sporting colours for Swimming, Tennis , Hockey and was Squash Captain. Was a librarian and a prefect in matric.

Feb 1986 - Nov 1990

BA Social Sciences

University of Johannesburg

Graduated with a BA degree. Majors included, Family and Private law, Philosophy, Linguistics and History of Art

1991 - 1994

Post graduate studies Archaeology

University of the Witwatersrand, Archaeological Society Qumran Caves Israel

Theory at WITS, on site at the Qumran Caves Israel



Dr Corrin Varady


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Management Urban Green Technologies

Laura Klein   08256677

Owner Executive Producer Full Frame Films

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Velvet Films Senior Producer

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Visual Assault Senior Editor/Co-Owner

Work History

Work History
Jun 2015 - Present

Senior Art Director  Film, Editing, 2d Motion Graphics

IDEA AFRICA a Division of ADET

Julia Jordaan :Senior Art Director Film, Team Manager, Film, Art Director Location Shoots

I am currently employed by Idea Africa an International Foundation focusing on e learning as a Senior Art Director of film, editing and 2d motion graphics.

We are creating content under the term STEM, Science,Technology,English and Mathematics, for children aged 7-12 years. The project is for the international competition known as the "X Prize" The focus is on innovative means of delivering education to children in impoverished and more rural areas. The initiative is sponsored by Google and Virgin Galactic, but controlled and developed by the IDEA and ADET Foundations founded by Dr Corrin Varady (Australia) and Tim Nash from Maropeng and the Cradle of Mankind.

We have shot 1200 Chemistry and Science experiments in a lab that I created on campus and worked with senior science consultants to insure our content is absolutely correct.I also had the opportunity to work with Max Pugh a winner of the Sundance Film Festival, who graciously shot the footage required on a pro bono basis. It was a fantastic experience to work with, and learn from a man with such incredible talent and temperament. I worked with footage shot from drones and the Ronin, when working on the English syllabus, which was shot at the Cradle.The footage and the edit allows the pupil to feel that he is actually walking in the bush, driving in an open game viewing vehicle and follow a herd of wildebeest from above running across the magnificent koppies of the Magaliesberg  We have edited the modules and have enhanced the content with 2d and 3d elements, to ensure a visually inspiring educational journey.

The modules will now be placed onto a Lenovo pad and all the lessons become interactive to the scholar. They are equipped with  full internet capabilities which allows them to interact with our teachers based on the Johannesburg campus These pads will be distributed to children in Tanzania. It is currently in its testing phase by an International team from Australia, Britain and the USA.

I supervise a team of editors and animators and am responsible for creating the look and feel of the modules. I work closely with the educational consultants, locally and Internationally as well as the project managers.Communication between divisions is vital and I place great emphasis on teamwork.

It has been a stimulating learning experience in my field. Not only from a design perspective but also the inclusion of cognitive elements required in this form of distributing educational devices and the technology required to allow its fruition.

Feb 2015 - May 2015

Art Director, 2d Motion Graphics Editor, Concept Development

Julia Jordaan  : Urban Green Development


Urban Green properties, a holding company, wished to expand its existing founding entity into several new research and development ventures. The holding company, which was based on a strong housing redevelopment and ergonomically designed furniture concept, wished to expand its vision into new development of business entities, not only concentrating on construction and housing development concepts, but also bespoke technical goods. Furthermore, research into sustainable flora, incorporating medicinal qualities were to be developed into the growing market of whole foods and consumer development products thereof.

The contract encompassed the renovation of an existing building and workshop, to accommodate the needs of a new venture. Logo and brand development were actioned to promote the concept of certain bespoke items, which is a new approach to the discerning South African consumer and enthusiast.

Social media was the vehicle of choice to launch and introduce the new products. Conventional stores, were replaced by e commerce platforms together with dedicated sites and all promotions, sales and launches were done through the web and its incredible ability to reach people by people. 

Jun 2014 - Dec 2014

Editor, Motion Graphics Animator, Concept Development

Julia Jordaan : GRAFIKTRAFIK

Editor/Animator/Compositor/DIT for Full Frame Films

Started to create content for the internet. want to create quality, well polished content with great concepts. I see the web as the next extension as tv was to film. There is no excuse for bad execution and quality. It is a medium that is radically exciting. It provides instant knowledge,  and content. It provides instant information and gratification. I believe this medium is revolutionary and should contain exceptional content. The sheer volume of users should be shown information of a very high standard. Every genre is available within minutes, it is the perfect medium to improve and develop film and animation into the next phase. I have started creating Tumblr sites for people in the film industry. I thought it would be an interesting way to showcase their work and create a blog about their sphere of industry. Any form of social media creates connection and interaction,  and a crossover of ideas, that I think is a fantastic tool especially in this industry. I have also worked on product and corporate events. At a 2 day conference for PPC cement, we launched "the School of Magic," a training division within the PPC group. using 3d, water curtains and projection we had an "elephant walking through our conference hall. It was magic. Another incredible project was an initiative by Haagen Dazs. We got involved from the beginning and set up the competition and event content. We shot all the videos and all the animation was handled by me.Social media was the driving force of the competition and this was so exciting. Inserts were shot for Expresso morning TV as the competition developed, but all winners and comments were posted on the HD facebook page and the event culminated in a giant snowglobe and party at Melrose Arch. It was an unbelievable learning experience and once again reinforced the power of the web.

Sep 2009 - Apr 2014

Senior Editor/Concept & Script Development and Motion Graphics Animator

Velvet Films

Supervised corporate shoots. Directed Corporate shoots. Worked on in house case studies for companies such as Dimension Data, Merchants, Bonitas and Internet Solutions. Also worked on all the safety and informational videos for Gautrain, shown on all the platforms and on the trains. Worked on pitches, assembling pitches and doing music searches.Designed the concepts for award events such as the Free State Stars, Bonitas and Clover Danone. Worked with creative teams and clients from concept to final delivery of the programme. Packaged and edited the FNB Biznetwork financial show for CNBC. Through the case studies, I was given an open brief with regard to creative execution and my love for motion graphics and typography developed. I was in charge of complete projects,from concepts,shoot supervision, editing, transcoding, music searches, voice-overs, titling, compositing and motion graphics. I was supervising and producing the product from start to finish.

Aug 1996 - Mar 2009

Co-Founder and Senior Editor

Visual Assault Post Production

Operated an offline only Post Production Facility. I managed five editors that edited television and cinema commercials. Music videos were also edited. We had 3 producers and 2 assistants. We also had a satellite office in Cape Town. We worked mainly on international commercials and were fortunate enough to travel overseas with our directors for approvals and video finishes. We established ourselves as a post production facility that specialized in effects driven commercials. It was a fantastic 13 years of learning, experimenting and enjoying the creative freedom that we were often permitted to indulge by our clients. As technology advanced, we enjoyed the growth and opportunity that it gave us. Static and convention was not our mantra, and we enjoyed pushing the limits afforded to us. After 13 years, our senior editors had opportunities to work in London and Los Angeles. We trained all our staff personally in each position. No one had ever had any formal film experience, and to this day we pride ourselves on all our staff that we trained, that are all now successful, sought after members of the commercial and film industry. What an opportunity to have experienced this incredible adventure, with an incredible team at the age of 24. We still to this day regard ourselves as family, that had an incredible journey of fun, loads of laughter, hard work and a journey of discovery.



Text Section

I still possess an absolute passion for typography and motion graphics, which go hand in hand with editing. I have won several Loeries and a Grand prix for Nashua, special mentions for websites, several Avanti awards, finalists in all Vuka awards entered and a Clio award using only 2d animation. I am also very proud of 2 concepts we created for DSTV. Both for the Go channel (now Vuzu) An agony aunt for teenagers, called Dr Ruthless, and a magazine show called Vicious Delicious which was hosted by Zuraida Jardine. We wrote the scripts, art directed, directed and edited the shows.  I also began to create animation and videos for international model search competitions, created animations for Al Gore's international conferences, launched a dvd magazine and am now involved in developing a concept for a tv and web based show.I create Tumblr sites for showreel purposes for art directors and am often asked to do stock and sound research which I still enjoy! I enjoy working with people and working within a given brief and taking it to another level.  I love learning, researching and am always ready for a project and its endless possibilities. I love visual stimulus which we are able to create.