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Android developer, committed to creation of well-working and user-satisfying apps. Aiming at design (in broad sense) and implementation of things you read about in science-fiction books as a child.

Professional skills

Android SDK: good understanding, 2 years experience.

Java: good understanding, 2 years experience.

Kotlin - good, 1-year experience.

Android Jetpack  - Lifecycle, Room, LiveData, Paging.

Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices.

Databases:  - SQLite: good.

                     - Realm: good.

REST, JSON/XML - solid.

Retrofit  - intermediate.

Google APIs: Maps, Vision, Places, In-App billing, Firebase, AdMob - from good to intermediate.

DataBinding - good.

Social networks integration: Facebook, Google+, Twitter

Version Control SystemGit, Subversion.

Butterknife - good,

Dagger - basic,

RxJava - basic.


  • Good understanding of software development processes;
  • Understanding of OOP principles;
  • Good knowledge of architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM);
  • Attention to details;
  • Good analytical skills;
  • Remarkable ability to meet strict deadlines.

Work experience

2018, Aprilpresent

Android developer

Mushket mobile

Several projects with various complexity(usually Retrofit, Okhttp, SQLite/Realm, Dagger), the rest are various, experience with Bluetooth, custom views, Room, Firebase Database, Storage, Auth, Google Maps, Google Play Services, Support Libraries.

Experience with Android SDK, different Android versions, different screen sizes.

20162018, March

Freelancer - Android developer

Top-Rated Freelancer.  Projects with good client's reviews. Every client I started worked with stayed satisfied since this always was my highest priority.  From technical side projects I took part in were related to  Firebase integration (database, storage, auth etc), games redesign (all screens sizes and density), implementation of camera-related features, ads and social APIs integration. All apps can be shown privately. Some code examples are on my bitbucket link at profile.



Online education (not whole list)


Udacity, Developing Android Apps+ Advanced Android App Development, 2016

University of Maryland, College Park, Programming Mobile Applications for Android HandheldSystems: Part 2, 2015;

University of Maryland, College Park, Programming Mobile Applications for Android HandheldSystems: Part 1, 2015.

Java Tutorial for beginners by John Purcell, 2015.

University of New Mexico, Web Application Architectures, 2014.

University of Illinois at Urbana­Champaign, Creative, Serious and Playful Science of AndroidApps, 2014.


Bachelor of Finance

Dnipropetrovsk National Univercity



Bachelor of Engineering

Dnipropetrovsk National Univercity, Phisics-Technical Institute 

Machinery and non­destructive testing systems