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I have keen interest in Javascript applications and beautiful user interfaces.

I love to learn and build great products.

Javascript, React, Angular, Backbone, Symfony2, CSS, Vim

Work Experience

may 2016

Frontend developer (remote)


(ReactJS, D3JS) Working on an application to manage and analyse consumption in residential and commercial buildings. The UI is very nice looking and Includes lot of visualizations using d3.js.

feb. 2015may 2015

Frontend developer


(ReactJS) Hired on a short term project as the first developer. I built a dashboard for an interim company using ReactJS.

aug. 2013oct. 2014

Frontend developer (remote)


(AngularJS) Working with a few startups during their bootstrapping phase to help them create a MVP. For example one of the startup was BridalLive (http://www.bridallive.com). A full featured bridal shop software, we spent nearly one year to create this project from scratch to final product.

may 2013aug. 2013

Frontend developer (remote)


(BackboneJS) Working with Backbone to build an interface allowing to create and customize email templates (https://builder.stamplia.com). The UI was rich and contained a great set of features.

nov. 2012apr. 2013

Frontend developer (remote)


(BackboneJS) Built an HR application using BackboneJS (https://www.manta.hr). The data schema was complex to manage with lot of data related to each other.

june 2012sept. 2012

Frontend developer (remote)


(BackboneJS) In charge to architecture the JavaScript frontend using modern JavaScript tools. The application was dealing with very large amount of real-time data coming from Twitter. It was challenging to get the application running smoothly with such amount of data to display.

sept. 2011jan. 2012

Backend/Frontend developer


(BackboneJS - SocketIO - Symfony2) Hired as the lead-developer to rebuild a new version of the web application. I was involved in every aspect of the project (frontend/backend/design/devOps). We successfully managed to get the project done in a few months with a major redesign, lot of performance improvements and a much cleaner codebase.

may 2011sept. 2011

Backend developer


(Symfony2) Backend developer on one of the biggest french e-commerce (http://www.laplateforme.com). I was mainly responsible to build a REST api on top of the e-commerce to communicate with a mobile application. I also contributed a lot to unit and functional tests.


sept. 2008sept. 2010

Business School


(I dropped because I was more interested in web development)