Communication & Multimedia Student actually looking for a job.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2007 - Oct 2007

one week placement

france 3 Nancy


Sep 2007 - Present

Associate Degree

IUT of Saint-Die
Sep 2007 - Present

HighSchool Diploma

Lycee boutet de monvel

HighSchool Diploma in Industrial Science and Technology with AB mention.




Knowledge of differents languages like HTML,PHP,Javascript or xml.  

Macromedia Director

Knowledge of Macromedia director, Differents school works like cd-rom, virtual visit of the IUT of Saint-Die or portfolio.   the virtual visit is available here : virtual visit  

Adobe After Effects

Knowledge of After Effect, differents school works like video inlaying or motion typography. I tried to do others personal works like an other motion typo or other visuals effects.   a motion typography work :motion typo a video inlaying : video

Adobe Flash

Knowledge of Flash and actionscript 3, differents schools works like numeric portfolio or animation.

Adobe photoshop

Knowledge of Photoshop , different works of printing too.

Adobe illustrator

Knowledge of Illustrator,differents work of printing like posters,flyers.   posters : poster of jazz party illustration : vectorial city