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Focused, on-task student with experience in working as the chairperson or vise chairperson in various committees and teams of different types. Am teachable, open-minded to criticism, willing to learn, and very adaptable to new situations. Am able to notice small details in situations and advise teammates accurately.

With these characteristics, I hope that I can adapt well to any work situation. I would prefer working in organizations with people who have the hearts to help others with their work.

Work experience

Dec 2009Feb 2010


Web Dreams Pte Ltd.




I am currently teaching myself how to play the guitar.   I know some basic skills such as the different ways of strumming, muting, and identification of different chords.
Choral singing
I took up choir as my secondary school co-curriculum activity (CCA). I was taught basic breathing techniques, usage of diaphragm, and intermediate choral music. I was given solo parts in some of the songs that my choir sang. Our choir was led my Mr. Wilson Goh, and we earned a Silver Medal in SYF Central Judging 2009.   Over this 4 years, I have gained good knowledge of choral music and basic music theory such as the playing of chords and reading of scores. I pride myself in being a good choral singer.
Leadership skills
I was the chairman for the committee running PCS (Psychology and Community Services) Day in School of Humanities, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We planned and ran the whole event, which includes a collaboration with World Vision to collect jeans from the public. As this was my first time working with external partners and people, like World Vision and the South West CDC (so that they can allow us to paste notices before the actual collection of jeans), it was quite an -eye opening experience and will definitely help me gain some knowledge to use when I go out to work in the future.   I was the vise-head of my club in Swiss Cottage Secondary School, the Swiss choir. Together with my committee and my chairperson, we led the choir through weekly activities and singing sessions, CIP (Community Involvement programme) at Oasis Day Center. We successfully trained the choir and achieved a Silver medal in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging, We also had many experience organizing events such as overnight camps for the choir, the annual open house for our school, and other day activities. We sat through many meetings with teachers and learnt how to write proposals and present them. Through this opportunity, I've learnt how to talk to and control a large group of people. I've learnt to step out of my comfort zone.   I was the director for a small play when I was in primary four, by the votes of my peers. I assigned jobs to my teammates. Together, me and my team directed the play successfully.   Overall, I have gained valuable leadership skills. I've learnt technical skills like writing proposals and other standard operating procedures that one have to follow when organizing an event. I've also gained intangible skills such as communicating well with my team, public speaking, teamwork, and the ability to think fast and on one's feet.
I previously took on a part time job as a telemarketer. I was taught basic skills in telemarketing and promoting.