Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1997 - Present

Self - Proprietor

JC Art Company

Independently owns and operates JC Art Company as a small self-propriety. Well educated in fine arts and graphics design.Accomplished in studio painting, murals. Teaches children and adult art classes.Demonstrates watercolors.Commissions art.

§Maintains website

§Manages billing, statements and inventory

§Skilled in all painting media- watercolors, oils, acrylics and gouche

§Utilizes all drawing media- graphite, charcoal, chalk, conte’, watercolor and pastel pencil

§Skilled with blueprints and computer design

§Manages students and lessons for mini 8-week courses

§Creates advertisements, pamphlets and postcards for JC Art Company and advertises via newspapers, direct mailings, valpak and kiosks

§Holds semester classes for children’s art and adult watercolor courses

May 1992 - May 1997

Manager, Assistant Manager, Office Manager

Morgantown, WV:

Store Manager

§Hired and supervised all employees- developed and maintained a goal-oriented staff

§Certified in Diamontology and Gemology

§Managed seasonal training and reductions

§Responsible for inventory control

§Responsible for vault and security clearance

§Managed the Scheduling

§Experienced in giving effective training, guidance and employee evaluations

§Resolved problems among subordinates, giving honest feedback and taking disciplinary action in accordance with company policy

Assistant/Floor Manager

§Negotiated final sells on large ticket items

§Assisted with scheduling and inventory

§Corporate sales and estimates

§Assisted with vault security

§Approved credit verifications and loans

§Maintained sales for commission

Office Manager

§Greeted customers, answered phones, ordered inventory, delivered messages, filed paperwork, handled all mail and processed credit applications

§Store key carrier

§Bonded for security and integrity

§Maintained sales goals

§Special events coordinator responsible for in-house advertising

§Balanced cash drawers and prepared daily deposit tickets

§Managed credit card accounts

May 1987 - Mar 1991

Store Manager, Department Manager and Office Manager

David Weis, Inc.

Jewelry Department Manager

§Managed showroom jewelry department in Morgantown, WV

§Responsible for all daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports

§Hired, supervised and fired (10 – 20) jewelry department employees

§Licensed Gemologist

§Controlled corporate charge accounts and employee charge accounts

§Managed an inventory liquidation

Store Manager

§Managed up to 12 employees at St. Clairsville, Ohio

§Responsible for hiring, terminations, seasonal reductions, inventory analysis,  scheduling and security clearance

§Responsible for all reports- accounts receivable, payable, payroll, daily sales and monthly goals

Office Manager

§Processed and updated credit accounts in Bridgeport, WV

§Balanced cash drawers

§Ordered and maintained supplies and received inventory



Computer Applications and Software



Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics and Pencil

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A professional businesswoman who has the ability to administrate or manage daily office routines and operations. Has managed own business and others with the highest level of proficiency.A results oriented individual able to work in high stress situations and maintain focus during constant interruptions.

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