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Senior Financial Executive with over 25 years in Finance and Accounting. Successful in providing results quickly and efficiently while maximizing workflow. Aptitude for capping expenses, while demonstrating exceptional leadership in building and inspiring teams. Successful track record in creating performance driven organizations from the ground up.

Work experience

2007Mar 2008

Resource Partner

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VP, Financial Controller

CU Business Capital, LLC

Produced all financial data for newly engaged profit center of Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union.Company provided business services to customers of investor credit unions from across the United States.

Challenges: Charged with reporting of financial data for start-up company including investor and financial reporting. Developed operations area for increased efficiency, become client credit union liaison for all testing of functions while deploying integration of financial business systems into clients’ core processors. Implemented internal software upgrades. Staffed and set up multi-state offices within clients’ space.

  • Personally accountable for all aspects of accounting including bank reconciliations, General Ledger reconciliations, monthly financial statement production, and compliance reporting. Administered investment portfolio and researched new investment opportunities.
  • Reported to senior management and board of directors all financial data on a monthly basis.
  • Designed and implemented workflow patterns for the loan operations area which increased efficiency by 33%.
  • Set up 10 clients to implement the servicing system into their core processors, working with up to 10 liaisons within each in varying departments and tested each area as their work progressed resulting in the ability to continue with additional credit unions.
  • Worked with internal IT area to implement and test new software upgrades to internal servicing system allowing for increased efficiency which resulted in less than 2% downtime ensuring smooth transition in the event of disaster recovery.
  • Set up five offices for staff within client credit unions in various states. Ensured coordination of the two networks. Successfully recruited high level and high visibility officers including four VPs and two SVPs from top financial institutions in New York, Virginia, Maryland and Florida.

Accounting Manager

Dade County Federal Credit Union

Responsible for accounting functions of a $400MM financial institution.Oversaw all financial reporting, variance analysis, and budget monitoring.Designed and implemented a unique reward system that created a collaborative environment and fostered improved interpersonal relationships and camaraderie among staff.

Challenges:Developed policies and procedures for each position and function within the department to ensure continuity in the event of vacancies.Found new avenues to achieve teamwork while creating efficiencies for balancing situations.

  • Oversaw all accounting areas including ACH, share drafts, shared branching, wire transfers, cashiers checks, money orders, financial statements, ATMs and Visa.Integrated new processes and procedures which maximized workflow and efficiencies.
  • Implemented an in-house cashiers’ check program from start to finish including procedures for 20 branches instructing each on end of day balancing, resulting in a smooth and efficient next-day balancing for the designated accountant.
  • Developed a cross training methodology which ensured maximum efficiency and productivity of the department. Created procedures for each of the 12 job functions in the department which would allow another staff to fill that position in the event the position was vacated unexpectedly.
  • Decreased turnover by 75% due to a unique recognition and reward program which also resulted in previous accounting staff asking to be reinstated in the department should a position become available.
  • Recreated the Visa Department by integrating it into the Accounting department, redesigned workflow to ensure continuity and customer satisfaction, which resulted in 0% downtime and less than 1% customer complaints.


Coral Community Federal Credit Union

Controller functions for a $20 million financial institution which included all aspects in regards to financial reporting.Scope was all-encompassing and allowed for creativity in redesigning all the functions related to accounting and reporting.Converted from a manual accounting system to an automated one which was recognized by the external auditors as an outstanding achievement as reported in their findings in the following year. Championed a charter change from employee-based to community-based with the National Credit Union Administration, created a new name, fashioned a new logo and tag line, and designed a marketing campaign to roll out to the membership and community.

Challenges:Created an automated accounting system without interruption to customer service along with staff needs.Created, designed and implemented a charter change for the financial institution upon approval from the Board and NCUA.

  • Charged with all aspects of converting from a manual to automated accounting system as mandated by external auditors.Completed project 9 months ahead of schedule.
  • Created all policies and procedures for the updated accounting area which diminished administrative time of accounting area by 20%.
  • Determined that the credit union needed to undergo a charter change to continue thriving as a financial institution, analyzed the needs for the change, and after receiving approval from the board of directors, in 18 months’ time was approved by the regulating agency to continue as a community based financial institution.
  • Created a new name for the credit union, along with a new tag line and logo, and rolled out the new branding to the membership which increased membership by 10% in the first 30 days.




Almeda University