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epic experience
Scheduling appointments, patient records, prior authorization and pending medications.

Work experience

Jul 2007Mar 2014

medical assistant


Duties:  Coordinate Artificial Insemination, rooming patient, H&P, cultures, Assist MD with Colposcopy, Endometrial Biopsy, Sonohysterogram, trial transfer, scheduling appointment, obtaining prior authorization for medication treatment.

Jul 2007Mar 2011

Medical Assistant


Duties: H&P, cultures, Assist MD with LEE procedure, Colposcopy, Bartholin cyst,Endometrial Biopsy and culture biopsy.

Jan 2007Apr 2007

medical assistant

Stanford REF clinic

Duties:  Rooming patients, H&P, cultures, Assist MD with transacting oocyte aspiration, Hysterics opt procedures, D & and cyst aspiration. 

Aug 2000Jul 2006

medical assistant

Reproductive Science Center

Duties: H&P, blood draws, Assist MD with trial transfer, embryo transfer, speed washing for artificial insemination, cultures, filing, registration, verifying insurance benefits. 


May 1994May 1995

medical assisting program

Western career college


Anthony dobson

Catherine Cortez


Registered Medical Assistant