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Work experience

Private Investigator

International Counterintelligence Services

Perform undercover operations, obtain and compile evidence for cases. Conduct background investigations on individuals and corporations in regard to character, financial status or personal history. Apprehend suspects and release to law enforcement authorities.

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Missing persons
  • Criminal and Civil Cases
  • Child Custody / Infidelity Investigations

Undercover Loss Prevention Officer

Protect company assets and minimize the financial losses of retail organizations, relating to theft, vandalism, accident and injury.

Jun 2004Present


Kase Consulting

Results-driven, accomplished professional with a demonstrated record of bottom line improvement, during sound and depressed markets and proven success in providing 'Change Agent' leadership. Financial accomplishments include eradicating 28% of previously contracted costs, increasing ROI 33%, minimizing cycle times 23%, generating multi-million dollar contracts and capturing profit margin improvements of over $7M ....all within minimal timeframes. Areas of expertise include Strategic Sourcing, Negotiations, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Leadership, Process Improvement and Business Development combined with continuing education in Business, Finance, Human Resources and Management. Short and Long-term consulting assignments in Business Development and Management effectively introducing sound purchasing, supply chain, operation and inventory management strategies through comprehensive project planning, inter-departmental communication and supplier relations. Establish policies, systems and processes to improve financial performance by creating reliable purchasing, contracting, budget and vendor relation practices.

  • Reduction in costs 40% and increase productivity/delivery time 30% with implementation of consistent, comprehensible bid process and contract document review and rewrite.
  • Develop master item lists, demand based fabricating processes and implement comprehensible MRP systems reducing inventory surplus 25%.
  • Provide analysis, training and restructure of procedures and concise communication interdepartmental practices; resulting in a 25% change reduction and a $50K variance cost budget decrease.

via Kase Consulting

As the acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for start-ups, such as SBI, DSG & Aris Manufacturing, Ms. Kase was responsible for administrative management of the corporation, primarily in charge of planning, directing, and overseeing policies related to the staff and services of the organization to ensure they are well organized and conducive to the development and progress of the organization.

Counseled clients with a focus on global technology integration and manufacturing of next generation energy‐efficient building technologies that enhance performance and reduce construction time while improving build quality. Assisted clients in their goals of producing innovative “green” products for the construction industry that are unique from the standpoint of energy efficiency and strength as well as from a “green” building, enviro‐friendly, socially responsible and sustainable standpoint including:

  • Direct, plan, develop, and establish policies and objectives of the overall direction of the company, as well as analyze operations to evaluate performance of the company or its staff in meeting objectives or to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change.
  • Establish departmental responsibilities and coordinate functions among departments and sites, along with directing, planning, or implementing policies, objectives, or activities of organizations or businesses to ensure continuing operations, to maximize returns on investments and to increase productivity.
  • Negotiate internal operations contracts and provide support and assistance to other functions and operating units of the organization.
  • Interpret company policy to employees and enforces company policy and practices and develop human resource management policy and programs that contribute to the acquisition, retention, motivation and development of employees capable of meeting organizational needs and objectives.

VP Purchasing/Strategic Sourcing

Various National Builders

Positions of VP/Director/Manager within the Purchasing, Strategic Sourcing and Finance areas with companies such as Meritage, Centex, Lennar, KB, ORCO, Eagle and RWC, Inc.

Endeavors and Achievements include creating processes among Operations, Purchasing, Marketing and outside suppliers to execute an integrated plan/bid/product selection system. Negotiate vendor/supplier agreements and redevelop national rebate program producing an immediate 4% revenue increase. Introduce policies and procedures for Purchasing, Design and Marketing departments and implement strategy to increase sales 9% and decrease costs 12%. Establish highly effective vendor forums to identify alternative products, job cost reduction or elimination and cycle time improvement areas.

Successful leadership in directing all purchasing, budget, trade qualification and contracting, while managing design development and value engineering functions for all new products. Initiate and maintain national contract negotiations, vendor sourcing and complete material selection. Successfully manage cost negotiation, product description and specifications for all product; including national contracts, trade qualification and product selection. Develop specifications and deliver comprehensive training for entire division and vendors.

  • Achieved $3.2M cost decrease on plans; including engineering and design. Negotiated rebate policies, recovering $225K in 90 days and an add'l $800K by end of year one.
  • Negotiate agreements to control costs, providing a 35% direct decrease; resolving & improving vendor relations. Review contract documents; rewrite where necessary.
  • Accomplished a 4 month $300K project; 20 days under schedule and 32% below budget, including design review/approval, procurement, trade qualification and project management. Reduced cycle time 45% as a result of implementing an efficient system.
  • Achieved a $4M profit increase and 37% sales growth through development of standard specifications and modification of all design product selections. Launched a comprehensive plan to identify engineering, design and product concerns, resulting in a 14% cost decrease 35% VPO reduction.
  • Delivered a $2.4M cost savings providing comprehensive cost analysis of option revenue and reporting structure for the Western Region.


Monica Hamilton

"Judy was the life-line for our department ... She worked with us on resolving all of our purchasing issues, above and beyond what was required. She is detail oriented, efficient, organized, and always produces results in a timely manner or ahead of schedule. She strived to do everything she could to make sure that we had what we needed to conduct business for our clients. I would work with Judy again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her to anyone. She is an asset to any organization."

Lauren Vesely

"Judy's guidance was key to the successful completion of several high level projects. She listens and asks questions that help to guide her team to the best solutions as opposed to saying "do it this way." Her approach as a leader rather than manager, inspired the entire department to work harder and with more teamwork than I've seen at any company before."

Keith Morrison

"Judy is a very hard worker and very dedicated to the industry... she has always portrayed the role of a leader and has built a great respect amongst her peers and clients. For the highest level of service and professionalism, I recommend Judy Kase"



MS Applications

PeopleSoft E1


JD Edwards


Mark Systems


Pro Est

Key Accomplishments

Strategic Sourcing: Developed a round table to collaborate with national suppliers, engineers and local contractors to determine top products and lowest cost through utilization of shared data analysis achieving a $1.8M cost decrease, 37% sales growth and profit margin increase of 22%.

Financial Analysis: Created budgets, Proformas and 5 year forecast reports at a 98% precision rate increasing sales and revenue report accuracy from 62% to 93%.

Contract Law/Audit Compliance: Established departmental audit system to ensure compliance with internal and external auditing procedures, increasing compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act from 80% to 100%.

Project Management: Created and executed standardized cost budget processing systems achieving a $175K annual cost reduction, 20% productivity increase and improved subcontractor relations with minimal contract change.

Leadership: Successfully built and directed multi-tiered purchasing, architecture, design and financial teams of 30+ with a change agent leadership style of hiring, benchmarking, training, review and support; decreasing turn-over rate by 70%. Initiated and finalized complex negotiations with 3 National Suppliers achieving a $450K liability reduction; successfully re-establishing trusting, long-term partnerships.

Process Improvement: Increased reporting accuracy and operational efficiency by 20% and a 25% profit margin increase on a regional basis providing Purchasing and Construction Service policies, improved inter-departmental communication, specification review and implementation of and option restructure and cost standardization program.


Business Development and Management professional facilitating revenue development and expanding client relations in Manufacturing and Construction. Expert in Budgets and Proformas, Negotiations and Project Management in US and International Markets.


Southwest Academy

A.A.S - Business

Business Law


Weber State

Business Management



Supply Chain Management

Procurement/Purchasing Strategies

Management Development

Human Resource Policies

Customer Relations

Business Management

Executive Bio

Ms. Kase has over 20 years of experience in the building industry and is an accomplished professional with an advancing record of success in purchasing, strategic development and ‘Change Agent’ Leadership with companies such as KB Home, Centex and Meritage. Judy founded Kase Consulting in 2004 and with a strong commitment to lowering costs, Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Value Engineering... she has provided expertise guidance to companies such as Lennar, ORCO and NexFrame, a subsidiary of Nucor Corporation.

Judy has helped create teams of driven and dedicated professionals focused on innovative products for the construction industry in the fields of commercial and residential, civilian and military. Working with global designers, builders, developers and manufacturers of next-generation, sustainable products and technologies that are unique, simple to use, reduce construction time and improve building quality.

Ms. Kase has continued to provide expert counseling to several start-ups and large corporations in the overall strategy, planning, coordination and management of business affairs of the organization with a great understanding of the mission and policies and how each is best executed.

Her diverse background in security, private investigation and design has given her tools to assist in several aspects of the given objective, while providing business growth guidance, strategic planning, organizational direction and comprehensive application in administration, procedures and compliance. 

Add'l Information

Negotiating and Managing

Strategic Agreements

Continual Revenue Development Analysis

Supplier/Vendor Qualification

 and Product Selection


Lean Purchasing

Six Sigma

Change Agent Leadership