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Work experience



Yes We All Can

Community Relations and Leadership

¨Established the community group to support job seekers in having a successful, fun job search

¨Built the community, set-up operating guidelines and recruited twenty members in two weeks

¨Collaborated with job search experts to answer pressing questions and publish tips weekly

¨Conducted weekly workshops to share lessons learned, feature career search topics and spotlight upcoming trends

¨Helped members with devising their job search strategies and plans


Senior Marketing Strategist

Leading Online Travel Company

Marketing Effectiveness and Performance Management

¨Created and executed online marketing strategies, campaigns and promotions based on knowledge from marketing analytics and competitive assessments, and achieved 145% increase in annual margins

¨Built an analytical framework to identify best/ worst performing products, measure program effectiveness and enforce marketing optimization

¨Set up the Travel Deal program’s management system to establish baseline, resolve performance gaps and improve operational efficiency

¨Designed and rolled out multi-variant testing to determine the impact of business drivers (i.e. Timeframe, creative, travel deals, landing page, etc.) on customer acquisition and overall program performance

¨Collaborated with IT, Product, Marketing and Graphics teams to ensure successful, timely creative development, campaign launch, reporting set-up, and issue resolution

Customer Experience, Reporting and Analytics

¨Evaluated the online shopping experience. Conceptualized and led initiatives to address customer needs, resulting in 70% increase in customer conversion

¨Built business cases and financial studies to qualify program opportunities, and explore the feasibility of proposed marketing initiatives

¨Created and presented customer insights, project highlights and business cases to executives and teammates

¨Developed an original model to decipher industry trends, monitor competitive performance and forecast travel markets for email/ affiliate marketing campaigns (Accounted for 45% of travel deal margins)

¨Produced web analytics reports to analyze campaign results, understand consumer behavior, identify unmet customer needs, and compile key insights for future applications


Strategy & Operations Consultant

Key Clients: Electronic Arts Inc., InVision Technologies, J.C.Penney & Co., Kaiser Permanente, Levi Strauss & Co., Nationwide, Otsuka America Inc., Visa, Inc., Zantaz, and Zimmer, Inc.

Customer Experience and Marketing Assessment

¨Analyzed customer experience from external (Customer) and internal (Operations) perspectives, and defined opportunities to improve customer loyalty for multiple clients

¨Developed criteria by customer segment for testing a retailer’s online shopping experience

¨Researched and examined potential sales and marketing channels (Department store kiosks and university stores) to help an apparel marketer increase reach and revenue

¨Developed and presented channel and market strategy recommendations that were incorporated into the company’s Go to Market Strategy, resulting in $50MM revenue increase

¨Examined data to determine a program’s efficiency and effectiveness, and identified $1MM of cost savings

¨Created traditional and new customer personas to guide the company’s marketing strategies, and designed future customer experience scenarios based on customer insights as well as competitive analyses

¨Assessed consumer behaviors and usage patterns to effectively lift sales for an entertainment company

¨Benchmarked competitive performance for multiple clients by studying industry trends, analyzing published data, and interviewing Subject Matter Experts and representative customers

Project Management and Leadership

¨Led an implementation across six countries in two months post acquisition without business interruptions

¨Created and presented management reporting recommendations to the VP of Finance and senior managers

¨Facilitated client work shops to help devise global rollout plans for multiple clients and their subsidiaries

¨Developed procedural manuals, and offered training on new processes, tools and reports to clients

¨Published weekly management status reports to assist executives with making critical, informed decisions

¨Collaborated with sixteen internal and external team members to produce this comprehensive snapshot

Dec 1999Sep 2000

Customer Operations Consultant

Cisco Systems

¨Provided analytical support for uncovering the root cause behind the unusually high customer returns

¨Offered customer data and technical assistance, and helped to resolve key product failures for 60+ customers

¨Created a user-friendly web portal that streamlined communication between Sales and Customer Support teams, and offered instant access to performance reports

Jun 1999Aug 1999

Operations Improvement and Research Analyst

Applied Biosystems

¨Researched and interviewed resources to determine the finance community’s online publishing capabilities

¨Discovered the underlying issue behind the invalid business records, and saved the firm $3MM through cost reclassification. Created and presented process recommendations during departmental meetings

¨Designed an online finance community based on the Director’s vision and user requirements



Bachelor of Science

University of California, Berkeley - Walter A. Haas School of Business


¨Marketing Campaign and Strategy: Assessment, Development and Implementation

¨Customer Experience: Review, Consumer  Need Identification, Business Driver Definition

¨Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Analysis: Business Case, Benchmarking, Competitive Evaluation, Website Analytics, Forecasts, Impact Study

¨Operational Improvement: Procedural Mapping, Gap Analysis, Process Design, Roles & Responsibilities

Awards and Honors

¨Deloitte Consulting LLP, $2MM Sales Credit Applause Award, 2005

¨Deloitte Consulting LLP, Overall Performance Award, 2004


¨Expert with 9 years of Strategy and Operations experience; spent 5 years at Deloitte Consulting LLP helping 30+Fortune 500 executives tackle their marketing and process challenges with ease

¨Significant experience with Consumer Business, Finance, Healthcare, and Technology industries

¨Translated Marketing and Operational Analysis insights into strategies and tactics that generated $1.8MM increase in annual financial returns

¨Recognized for leveraging innovative research and analysis skills to support data-driven decision-making, saving 66% in quarterly production time


¨“Persona Methodology” (Discussed how to incorporate customer focus into companies), Deloitte, 2005

¨“Relationship Marketing Best Practices” (Detailed how to maximize customer lifetime value), Deloitte, 2005

¨“Charles Schwab and the Internet Revolution” (Outlined the transformation of customer engagements), Haas School of Business, 2000