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Jude Aaron Harmon

Minor Canon for Innovative Ministry


Pioneering clergy leader of the largest, most successful innovative ministry of the Episcopal Church, I specialize in leading resourced congregations to identify and pursue new areas of growth, cultivating community in a shared vision of contemporary mission, rooted in the knowledge that God desires to draw all people together through the reconciling love of Jesus Christ

Work experience

Minor Canon for Innovative Ministry

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco 
  • Oversee the operational, pastoral and spiritual growth of Grace Cathedral's innovative ministries, especially Yoga on the Labyrinth (YoL) and Candlelight Labyrinth Walk ministries (CLW). Numbering thousands of constituents at their base, this is the largest ministry portfolio at the Cathedral - larger even than the congregation. With Average Tuesday Attendance hovering around 600, YoL is the largest, most successful innovative ministry in the Episcopal Church. It has grown 300% under my steady guidance.
  • 2012 - 2014, Primary pastor for the 6 p.m. Sunday Eucharist on the Labyrinth, growing that congregation by 30%, and leading the community through several major liturgical and leadership transitions. 
  • Working closely with Bishop, Board and Dean, lead the Cathedral in a strategic visioning process, exploring and establishing new frontiers in mission and evangelism for the Bay Area. 
  • Participate in the regular round of pastoral and liturgical responsibilities of all cathedral clergy.
  • 2012, acted as Canon for Congregational Life, co-chairing the stewardship campaign and leading ministry development.

Lay Pastoral Associate

St. Mark's Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. 
  • Led Family and Young Adult Ministry .
  • Preached and compose original liturgical texts.
  • Received mentoring from the Rev. Paul Roberts Abernathy.
  • Learned Functional Education model for lay ministry.

Diocesan Intern

Diocese of Massachusetts, Boston MA
  • Preached and fundraised for post-earthquake Haiti in 5 parishes.
  • Summer Chaplain to Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center. 
  • Evaluated diocesan parish websites for overall improvement.

Faculty of Theology 

Seminaire theologique de l'eglise episcopale d'haiti, Port-Au-Prince 
  • Raised $10,000 for Young Adult Service Corps mission fund from my sending parish, Christ Church Cambridge in Harvard Square.
  • With then Dean Ogé Beauvoir, planned and taught courses on Christian Theology and World Religions in French to Haitian Seminarians.
  • Maintained a blog to tell my story for Young Adult Service Corps.


Pastoral, Liturgical And Teaching 
  • Primary pastor to our 6 p.m. Sunday congregation 2012 - 2014, with average attendance around 80, and as many as 400 on Easter evening. 
  • Nurture the spiritual lives of a highly diverse yoga community 600+ every Tuesday night through reflections weaving insight from a variety of religious traditions, and by developing post-yoga programs to engage in deepening service, personal formation, and social opportunities.
  • Partnered with the San Francisco Opera to create a lectures series "Discovering Mary Magdalene" ahead of the world premiere of an opera about her; Created an original learning series combining interactive lectures and immersive experiences around the city as part of the Year of Sustainability: "In the Garden of God — A Once and Future History of Paradise, from Royal Garden to Sustainable Urbanism." 
  • Regularly collaborate with Artists in Residence to engage our innovative ministry communities with rich, experiential content related to spiritual practice.
  • Contributed to the 'Arts and Empathy Lectures' in 2014
  • Conducted premarital and officiated 30+ weddings; planned and officiated 5 funerals and committals
  • Create original liturgical content for special services
  • Led Forum Series and book studies on a variety of topics related to contemporary theology, ecology, technology, and emerging models of Church.
Leadership, Management & Vision
  • Supervise House Manager for our Yoga on the Labyrinth Program - includes weekly checkins, mentoring, planning, etc.; Supervised Music Director for the 6 p.m. service 2012 - 2014. 
  • Supervised and Mentored two young adult Summer Cathedral Interns in 2013.
  • Manage complex Cathedral relationships with the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, pioneer of Labyrinth Spirituality, and Darren Main, SF celebrity Yoga Instructor.
  • Manage contract workers and volunteers who support Innovative Ministry, including a roster of about 20 musicians and 40 volunteer support personnel. 
  • With Board and Bishop, guided Grace Cathedral through a complete culture shift toward its innovative ministries  collaborating with and challenging nearly every department of the Cathedral to embrace my work of Innovative Ministry as central to our mission. 
  • Drafted, planned and implementing an ambitious multiphase strategy to expand and restructure Grace Cathedral's burgeoning Mind/Body ministry; worked closely with Bishop Marc and Board members to initiate this strategy during the interim period between deans.
  • In concert with key board members, working toward achieving operational and cultural targets for improving experience in our innovative ministries. 
  • Clerk of the Vestry and member of Executive Committee at Christ Church Cambridge, 2007 - 2009.
Marketing and Community ReLations 
  • Worked very closely this year with our Marketing and Communications Department to build a dynamic new website that highlights the prominence of innovative ministries at Grace. The new website launched April 2016.
  • Coordinate with our Marketing and Communications Office to engage in PR for the Cathedral, particularly with online news outlets, most recently CBS to offer commentary on the spiritual dimension of Star Wars.
  • Regularly develop and deploy marketing collateral for Yoga on the Labyrinth and Labyrinth Walks.
  • Act as public face and voice of Grace Cathedral each Tuesday to our 700+ yoga community, as well as at special events, and pivotal moments in our community's wider life  (Dean Shaw's resignation, 2012 stewardship launch, Year of Technology launch, Marriage Equality milestones).
  • In concert with our Director of Communications, I led Grace Cathedral's public advocacy for Marriage Equality 2012 - 2014 through a multi-pronged approach featuring an online media campaign, liturgical resource development for a celebratory Marriage Evensong, community organizing for public rallies, and print media canvassing operations aimed at advertising the Cathedral as a marriage destination.
Finance & Fundraising
  • Co-Chair of Grace Cathedral's Stewardship Campaign 2012. We raised about $878,000 from 477 pledging units in a difficult year of transition.
  • Co-Launched with Development Office "Yoga for Change,"a community fundraising effort to benefit Grace Cathedral's Community Preschool.  Sources of support come from yoga community 'friendraising,'  Board giving , and corporate sponsorship opportunities. Now it it's third year, thriving under Board oversight we had more than 200 participants, 13 sponsors and raised over $25,000. 
  • Cultivate donor relationships with several personal and corporate sources, including most recently glassybaby to benefit our Labyrinth Ministry.
  • Worked with Canon Director of Finance to budget for growth in our musical offerings at the Sunday 6 p.m. Eucharist and to support hospitality needs in a variety of Innovative Ministry settings.
  • Increased average donations to Yoga on the Labyrinth
  • Served on the Investment Committee at Virginia Theological Seminary in academic year 2012. 
  • Vestry Clerk at Christ Church Cambridge, 2007 - 2009. As Officer of the Corporation, I participated in Executive Committee oversight of budgeting, audit and endowment management of assets in excess of four million dollars. 



Master of Arts - Systematic Theology (Cum Laude)

Virginia Theological Seminary

Focused on developing core competencies in applied theology and ministry; Interned at St. Mark's Capitol Hill. Summative Project was an art installation of watercolor on rice paper entitled Days of Creation

Master of Divinity 

Harvard Divinity School 

Focused on New Testament and Early Christianity. Thesis, Alleluia Theotokos: The Deification of the Virgin Mary in the Akathistos Hymn and the Poetics of Status Determination in Early Byzantine Theology

Bachelor of Arts - Study of Religion (High Honors) 

Haverford College

Focused on New Testament and Early Christianity; Fine Arts; Romance Languages. Thesis, From Death to Life: Toward a Dialectical Model of Redemption in the Gospel of Thomas. Awarded the prestigious W.W. Smith Prize "for outstanding academic and leadership achievement." 

Certificat d'Etudes 

Institut Catholique De Paris 

Focused on religious traditions of West Africa, Afro-Caribbean Diaspora, India and East Asia. Classes all in French. 


French highly proficient in reading, writing, and speaking

Italian proficient in reading; semi-proficient writing and speaking

Spanish/Portugese/Romanian semi-proficient in reading and understanding; little speaking and writing

Greek/Coptic (Sahidic) some reading

Haitian Creole proficient in reading and understanding; some speaking

Links to Publications and Media


Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus

Bishop of California

[email protected] (415) 673-0606


The Rev. Cn. Stefani Schatz

Canon to the Ordinary

[email protected] (415) 869-7806


Denise Obando

Diocesan Transition Minister

[email protected] (415) 869-7804


The Rev. Canon Dr. Randal Gardner

Canon for Congregational Life, Cathedral Colleague

[email protected] (415) 749-6319


The Rev. Paul Roberts Abernathy

Former Supervisor and Rector Emeritus, St. Mark's Capitol Hill, D.C.

(202) 550-9281

Nathan Ohm

Senior Financial Analyst with Oracle Corporation

Grace Cathedral Board Liaison to Yoga on the Labyrinth

[email protected] (267) 254-8795


Mike Scheu

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Straus Family Creamery

Grace Cathedral Board Liaison to Yoga for Change

[email protected] (415) 845-8147


Stephanie Lynne Smith

Music Minister for the 6 p.m. Service till 2014

[email protected] (415) 794-7746


Darren Main 

Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur, Yoga on the Labyrinth 

[email protected] (415) 902-4716