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Juan Miguel Garcia Lopez

Software Development Manager/Senior Developer


I am a Development Manager & Senior Software Developer living in Sydney.

I have extensive experience with startups and remote teams. I was the first technical employee hired by an Australian startup called MyHealth1st so I have the experience of being part of a startup from the very beginning of their journey.


I am looking for a Team leader, Development Manager or Senior Developer position. I will consider both permanent and contract positions. I have extensive experience as a Java/J2EE/Grails developer and architect and I have participated in the high level design of multiple applications. I also have experience with .NET applications, Node and React.

I can manage a development team, both local and remote. I can also manage a production environment, I can liaise with customers, both internal and externals, and participate in the design of applications from the beginning to the end. I know how to architect and design web applications and APIs, and how to manage them with AWS technologies like API Gateway, Lambda, etc.

I am very comfortable writing code and I am able to work as a pure developer while at the same time I handle all my duties as a team leader/manager/architect.

Work experience



Technical Director/Software Developer

I briefly joined Bappo as a technical director. I focused initially on learning how to develop React/Javascript applications with the Bappo platform. After that I was supposed to manage the Bappo platform development team but the technical founder changed his mind and decided to keep managing the team himself, so my role was made redundant.



Microservices Developer (Contract)

I designed and developed an Email Microservice for MyHealth1st. I used Java, Groovy and AWS Lambda. I wrote the code, tested it and integrated it with the MyHealth1st core systems.



Development Manager

I managed a remote team (Manila and Sydney) of 4 developers. We developed and supported applications for Carevision, and Australian Aged Care sector startup.

Technologies that we used: AWS Beanstalk, RDS, Lambda, PHP (CakePHP), Typescript, Node.js, Android and iOS Native applications and .net Core desktop applications. 


Development Manager

I managed a distributed (Australia, India and China) team of 10 developers and testers, in charge of developing and supporting multiple products for MyHealth1st, an Australian Healthcare startup. 

My responsibilities included discussing priorities and requirements with the product manager and others, managing the technical side of the project and making sure that the released versions provide the requested functionality with the expected quality. I was also in charge of managing our production environment.

I reported directly to the CTO.

We followed an agile approach with 2 week sprints.

We run a Grails based website and iOS and Android apps. I also wrote a .NET (C#) synchronisation tool, a Windows desktop application which synchronises booking data between our systems and the practice systems. This tool is being used by hundreds of practices and integrates with dozens of different practice management systems.

All the systems are hosted in AWS, and we use products like EC2, RDS (MySQL), ElastiCache (Redis), Elastic Beanstalk, S3, API Gateway and Lambda. We migrated our existing applications to AWS in 2015.

Feb 2010Feb 2012

Java Team Leader

I worked as a Java Team Leader at Buongiorno/iTouch/Lumata Australia. I managed a team of 3 developers and we worked on several projects in the Messaging area. We used an scrum/agile approach (I was the Scrum Master).

Some technologies we used: Java, J2EE, ActiveMQ, Spring, Spring Integration, MySQL and Hibernate. We also used processes, tools and techniques like Maven, Jenkins, Unit testing, Automatic testing with Concordion, etc..

Feb 2005Jan 2010

Senior Software Developer

I was a Senior Software Developer at Buongiorno. I was a member of the UK & International development team and we were in charge of the technical side of all the projects for countries such as the UK, South Africa, Germany and Russia.

As a Senior Developer, I had an active role in all phases of a project, from the discussion of the requirements to production releases. I participated in the analysis, design and development phases. I worked closely with the Project Manager and other Senior Developers to define project plans, prioritise requirements, assign resources, schedule tasks and participate in periodical follow up meetings.

Besides having an active role in the design of the project, quite often I was also involved in coding activities that requiresignificant expertise on Java programming.

In Buongiorno we developed web and wap applications, subscription services, applications for third parties like mobile operators, etc. 

I was also part of the second level support team, which means we were available 24x7 should there be any problems in live applications, in which case we were contacted by a monitoring team based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jun 2004Jan 2005

Senior Software Developer

I was part of a large team in charge of developing a J2EE application for Telefonica, Spain's largest telecom company. This was a critical application used to sell all the products offered by Telefonica. 

Price Waterhouse

Nov 2003Feb 2004


I was the IT expert helping a business development team write a project proposal. There was no development involved. The target platform was J2EE and they needed my expertise in that area.

Jul 2002Aug 2003

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Developer for an international project which involved traveling to a few countries and cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok and Stockholm, in order to deploy a messaging application into the client systems. My role included installing the system, configuring it, integrating it with the customer systems and fully testing it. I also had to develop a few J2EE applications which needed to be integrated with Buongiorno's system and the customer systems.


Nov 2001Feb 2002


I was an Analyst in a team of four. We worked in the analysis phase of a Lotus Notes project for a Spanish insurance company. We used UML extensively. I did not do any programming in this project.

Jul 2000Jul 2001

Senior Software Developer

I was a Senior Software Developer in a team of around 10 people, who were in charge of developing J2EE applications for the Bank's Intranet. The platform used was IBM Websphere. We mainly used IBM Visual Age as the IDE.There were several projects being developed at the same time and my role was to analyse the requirements and to produce a detailed technical design. I was also involved in coding and testing the application.

Aug 1999Jun 2000

Senior Software Developer

I was in charge of developing some components for a Java web project for Telefonica. 


Dec 1998Aug 1999


Java developer for Bull Solutions and Projects. I was involved in a Java project for a Spanish public institution. We used Visual Cafe to develop an applet.

I was part of a team of 5 developers.


Software Development Manager

In my role as Development Manager, I am focused on the management side of the job, but I also work on analysis, design and coding. I feel that the team leader/architect position provides the best of both worlds as it allows me to manage people while at the same time I deal with technical tasks and issues.

I have 9 years of experience as a Development Manager/Team Leader in Australia.

Software Architect

I have been responsible for the high level design of several applications. This is a role I feel very comfortable in as I have always taken an interest in high level design, good design principles, scalability, reliability, redundancy and performance. I have a deep knowledge of the Java and AWS platforms and I am able to apply these principles to the design of enterprise applications.  

I also have extensive experience integrating with third party applications through the use of web services, APIs or messaging systems like ActiveMQ.


I have been using multiple AWS services for the last few years, including EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, CloudWatch, ElastiCache, Beanstalk, API Gateway, IAM, etc... This included a migration from a hosted application to AWS.


My whole career has been very focused on Java development and I feel very comfortable with Java code. Over the last few years I have moved a bit into alternative JVM languages like Groovy and (recently) Kotlin.

.NET / C#

For MyHealth1st, we developed a Windows .NET application, written in C#, which communicates with third party Practice Management Systems. These systems manage healthcare data, including practitioners availability, which we use in MyHealth1st in order to synchronise booking data between our platform and the PMS.

I feel quite comfortable with C# and .NET

JavaScript and React

I have significant experience with JavaScript, both in the browser and with Node.js. I also have experience with React applications.


We have used Node.js to write some Lambda functions for MyHealth1st, and also used it  to develop local scripts in TypeScript and JavaScript


Currently learning both Kubernetes and Docker. 


I have worked in several J2EE projects in the past, using both Weblogic and Websphere as application servers. 

Machine Learning

While I haven't had the chance yet to work commercially on machine learning projects, I have been learning on my own and I have acquired a basic knowledge of both machine learning and big data technologies, including languages like Python and R


The MyHealth1st website was developed in Grails. I have a very good knowledge of both Grails and Groovy.

Ruby on Rails

I have basic knowledge of both Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


MyHealth1st has been working on an agile environment from the very beginning. We did  short sprints (releasing every 2 weeks), we had  daily stand ups, sprint retrospectives, etc.

Web Services/REST API

Several of the applications I have worked with provide a web services layer. I designed APIs for our platform and also integrated with third party APIs. 

Web Technologies

I have experience with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We use Angular.JS in MyHealth1st and Carevision. I also have some experience with Vue.js

iPhone Programming

MyHealth1st has both an Android and iPhone application. The application is basically a wrapper around our website, implemented using WebViews. 

I have some knowledge of both Objective-C and Swift.

IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, Eclipse, Xcode , Android Studio and Visual Studio Code

I have experience with both Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition and Eclipse . I have also used Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio Code (for JS and TypeScript code essentially)


I have been working with MySQL for years. In MyHealth1st we used initially hosted vanilla MySQL and then we migrated to AWS RDS.

I can design a database, optimise it and build non trivial and efficient queries.


Functional knowledge of Git, including Git Flow.

Android Programming

I have first hand experience with Android applications development. 


High level of English. I have been living in Australia for 10 years. I am now an Australian Citizen.

I also have a lot of experience traveling and working abroad (Italy, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand and Sweden)

Native speaker of Spanish.