Juan José Fernández De Latorre

Juan José Fernández De Latorre

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - 2008

Sound Design


Intro movie for Quantum (small production company).

Learned many things about self respect and defending your ground when dealing with non-pros.

2008 - 2008

Videobook editor

Carolina Bona (actress)

First experience in videobook making. Taught myself about the whole concept and style in this kind of products.

2008 - 2008

Sound and Lightning Technician

El Viejo Actor: "Patrés"

Sound and Lightning Technician with an interacting role with actors and audience.

A beautiful experience.

2008 - 2008

Sound and Lightning Technician

El Viejo Actor: "Sobre un escenario"

Sound and Lightning Technician with an interacting role with actors and audience.

Again a beautiful experience.

2007 - 2007

Sound Designer, Video Editor

"Tras Lucy"

Christmas greeting short film made for Colegio Balder (a private school in Madrid).

Similar experience and concept of work to "La Bicha". Almost same work team.

Total freedom of movement in order to provide the film with the best sound and rythm.

Fun all the way, again.

2006 - 2006

Sound Designer, Video Editor and Postproduction

"La Bicha"

Animation trailer for a 1968 unexisting spanish movie.Nominated for Jury Award for Best Animation Short Film at '06 Edition of "Notodofilmfest, Festival Jameson de Cine Destilado".

Insane rythm of work but fascinating all the way. Learned a lot about vintage sound simulation, among many other things. A fulfilling project.

2002 - 2005

2D animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Romera Diseño e Infografía

Worked for a wide variety of clients and in a even wider range of areas.

Illustration, Photo Retouching, Texture Design for 3d works, Illustration and design for virtual spaces on TV and recreation of historical scenarios. Also worked on 3d architectural presentations, 2d Animation and Corporative Design.

Gained a lot of experience especially on the video postproduction side.

1998 - 1998

TV producer (practice)

TVerbo (local TV channel)

In my pratice period after CES, the school chose just a couple of students to take the role of TV Producer. I was one of those. It was an encouraging and special experience to be given the responsability of making a live daily program. I learned countless things about the whole scheme of a TV program, specially the responsability of being the coordinator of that human-like body a TV show is. And of course, team work.

1998 - 1998

Tic Tac Toon and 3dMax operator (practice)

MSL Software (now MSL Group)

Really intereseting and hard working period. Worked on a pilot episode for a new animated series, using the the revolutionary cartoon software called Tic Tac Toon, developed for the Silicon Graphics platform.

Also worked on several 3d works for public TV.

I was offered to stay after the practice period, but I was about to enter the Fine Arts Faculty.


1998 - 2005

Licenciado en Bellas Artes (Degree in Fine Arts)

Facultad de Bellas Artes (Universidad Complutense de Madrid UCM)

Specialization in Design.

  • First professional project, for the Projects subject: the first five chapters of my own animated series "Histerias que", developing both video and audio. First class with distinction.
  • I discover and define my personal visual language. One I finally feel my own.
  • After that comes my first exhibition, at the Caja Madrid Art Gallery in Aranjuez (Madrid), and also the first chance to show "Histerias que" to the public. An amazing response from the visitors and an encouraging experience for me.
  • A second collective exhibition takes place while in college: "15X". This time I contribute with part of the unused artwork for the Comes with the fall album "Beyond the last light". Telemadrid (Madrid public TV channel) covers the event.
  • First involvement in a musical project. Most of us classmates from Fine Arts. The band, called "No Easy Room" delivers a dark and heavy sound with melodic, epic vocals.
Oct 1996 - Jun 1998

Técnico Superior en Realización de Audiovisuales y Espectáculos (TV Production Degree)

C.P.F.P.E. CES Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido

Fertile two years that gave me my first true experiences in teamwork.

First real live TV Producing works. In-class practice as TV/Film Sound Technician and Camera Operator, among others.

A practice period of approx. 400 hours on a TV channel and a Production Company.

1995 - 1996

COU and Selectividad (High School)

Colegio San Pablo CEU
Took part in an exchange program, called "Objetivo Europa", with a school in the UK.

My first job experience took place there, in the National Institute of Biological Standards & Control, mainly sample scanning and data searching.

First 3d Studio lessons.



Animation Software

Toon Boom Studio, 3d Studio Max, Aura ...

Graphic Design Software

Photoshop, Freehand, Corel Draw, Quark Xpress Passport, Autocad ...

Video Software

Avid Xpress DV Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects ...

Audio Software

Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Cubase, FL Studio ...

Mac OS X


Fluent English