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Juanita Greyling

PR and Communication Practitioner


"Without communication there is no relationship, no reputation and no success" (Johansoozi, 2002:7).

I am a dedicated, professional PR and Communication Practitioner highly skilled in internal and external communication management, organisational- and stakeholder and reputation management as well as event planning. I believe that PR and Communication is the key for any organisation to achieve maximum organisational performance which will lead to success. I have a passion for building and maintaining stakeholder relationships and ensuring a positive organisational reputation. I have the ability to think outside the box and I enjoy creating and designing new ideas, content and strategies that meets the overall goal of the organisation. I also find marketing and marketing communication very interesting as I believe that marketing is all about persuasion, which is also one of my specialities. What I mostly love about PR and Communication is the wide range of opportunities it offers and one sector I am very interested in is planning and managing events. It offers me the potential to use all my expertise and to show what I am capable of by meeting the expectations of clients. I am a career driven woman with a lot of ambision, perseverance, leadership-skills and loyalty. I know that you only get one chance to show off your abilities and to be an asset to an organisation and that's why my motto is to be the best PR and Communication practitioner where the sky is my limit and where there will always be place for learning and improvement.


Jan 2012Dec 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

North-West University

With distinction and honorary colours

2014 Member of Golden Key International Honour Society

Jan 2015Dec 2015

Hons. PR and Communication Management

North-West University

2014 Member of Golden Key International Honour Society

Jan 2012Dec 2012



Masters in the craft of acting

Apr 2015May 2015


Hemel op Aarde

With distinction














24 Wilgen street, Potchefstroom, 2520




South African

Fluent in both Afrikaans and English




Code 8


Secondary Education


Highest Grade:


Leadership Performance



Arts and Culture

Tertiary Education


Study Course:



Volkskool, Potchefstroom

Grade 12: University exemption

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Student Council

First-team Netbal Captain

Inter-high Athletic Captain

2007-2011 Top Ten Academic 

Consumer studies Oplymiad


2007-2011 Provincial

2010-2011 First-team


2007-2011 Provincial

Best Performance certificate

2007-2011 Sustained sport performance achieved

2007-2010 Inter-schools Orating and Public Speaking

2007-2009 Inter-Shools Orating and Public Speaking Winner

2009-2011 Musical

2010-2011 Drama: Chris Steyn Academy for Performing Arts

North-West University, Potchefstroom

Bachelor of Arts in Communication


First-year Athletics

2012-2015 Dinki Netball

2012 Dinki- Social Committee

2014-2015 Golden Key International Society

Work experience

Jan 2015Dec 2015

PR Consultant

Feisty Communications and Marketing Consultants

Karina Nortje: 072 206 3266

I established Feisty Communications and Marketing Consultants. There I have done various tasks for different types of organisasions like GoBigMedia, Essops, Rhino Skaars, NWWT, Swarico Afslaers, Ben Greyling Vervoer en Staal, El Asar Akandemiese Sentrum, Sanyati Guesthouse and [email protected]/Nuus that includes the following:

  • Traditional and digital advertising and marketing
  • Reputation and brand research and management
  • Strategic stakeholder management and communication
  • Create communication strategies
  • Crisis communication and issues management
  • Market research
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Corporate social responsibility management
  • Social media management
  • Organisational media management
  • Media liaison
  • Writing of social media policies
  • Layout  & Design
  • Web design
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Create a corporate identity
  • Brand development & -management
Jun 2014Dec 2014

Journalist and freelance journalism

Herald Potchefstroom

Hennie Stander: 083 450 6201

I had the great opportunity to work with the amazing personnel as well as Hennie Stander, the editor of the Herald. I have worked there on various vacations and have done some freelance writing work for them during my studies. My tasks included the following:

  • Media Liaison with co-newspapers like the Cazette
  • Writing articles
  • Managing internal- and external stakeholder relationships
  • Layout and design
  • Interviews that includes an important interview with Future Leader, Werner Esterhuizen, on SABC 1
Jun 2011Dec 2014

Marketing practitioner and Journalist

Jeanette Kleynhans: 082 451 6543

Writing is for sure also one of my passions and therefore I tried to work within this sector. I had the great opportunity to freelance for [email protected]/Nuus where I gained a lot of experience in writing, designing and advertising. I had various tasks allocated to me within the four years which included the following:

  • Writing newsworthy articles
  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships
  • Recruiting and placing of advertisements
  • Photography
  • Layout and design
  • Marketing of the newspaper
  • Managing their reputation
Jun 2012Dec 2014

Part-time PR and Communication practitioner

Sanyati Guesthouse

Annette Smit: 082 382 2144

The more experience, the better! I was given the great opportunity to work on various vacations at Sanyati Guesthouse. There I gained a lot of experience in working with people, building and maintaining stakeholder relationships, managing events and adapting to fast, changing environments.  Whitin the tree years I conduncted the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Managing the functioning of Sanyati Guesthouse
  • Managing internal- and external stakeholder relationships
  • Handeling all bookings and reservations
  • Media Liaison
  • Building Sanyati Guesthous' website
  • Managing their Social Media
  • Planning and managing events for clients as well as within the organisation
  • Managing their corporate identity as well as their reputation
Jan 2012Oct 2014

Part-time PR and Communication Manager

Rhino Skaar/Ben Greyling Vervoer en Staal

Ben Greyling: 083 265 4524

Rhino Skaar is a metal manufacturing company which is very concerned about it's reputation. I had the opportunity  to nourish and manage their reputation as well as other tasks that includes the following:

  • Communication strategies
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing strategies that included planning and implementing them
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Media Liaison
  • Stakeholder Management that included building and maintaing internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • Managing a CSR-project in collaboration with K.L.O.P Ventersdorp
  • Corporate Event Management
Oct 2014Oct 2014

PR and Communications

Anglo American: Kumba Iron Ore

Tanya Aucamp: 053 739 2911

I assisted the Communication-team in conducting interviews with employees and department managers for the Line of Site. I participated in building and maintaining internal stakeholder relationships and assisted in planning and managing events within Kumba Iron Ore. The following was some of my key tasks:

  • Media Liaison 
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Taking photos
  • Designing for the Line of Site
  • Writing for the Line of Site as well as for the Communication Blitz
  • Reporting research and information to the Communication Manager
  • Sitting in on important meetings with Department Managers
  • Assisted in planning and managing corporate events within Kumba Iron Ore


Excellent PR and Communication

In business today, communication is seen as a crucial piece of the business puzzle, and that is why I envision myself to be the perfect fit for any organisation in need of a PR and Communication Practitioner. I am an outspoken woman highly skilled in personal-, interpersonal-, intrapersonal-, verbal and nonverbal communication. I am a very good public speaker and I have excellent listening skills. I have the ability to manage and resolve any  form of conflict in order to develop a mutual understanding between the parties involved. My expertise in corporate communication spreads from the technical- to the strategist role. I am also excellent in presenting and communicating complex ideas, strategies and plans clearly. The following is some of my key skills in PR and Communication:

  • To align communication goals with organisational goals
  • Crisis and issue management
  • Internal- and external stakeholder management
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Conducting research and analyses 
  • Event planning
  • Reputation management
  • Planning and implementing strategic communication strategies and policies
  • Spokesperson and Public speaking
  • Media Liaison
  • Managing CSR-projects
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating projects and campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Writing annual reports
  • Copyright
Marketing and advertising

I believe that marketing and communication should be integrated through marketing communication where organisational goals can strategically be achieved. For me successful marketing is all about including the marketing mix (place, product, price, people, process and promotion) as well as market research in your marketing plan in order to sell a specific product or service to a specific target market. I specialise in traditional, online and digital marketing and advertising, brand managing and -reinforcement, building and maintaining a corporate identity and planning, implementing and evaluating integrated marketing campaigns. 

Event Planning

I specialise in planning, implementing and hosting corporate events. I am very creative, and I always aim to meet the clients' expectations. I have excellent planning and organising skills, and I always  plan within the clients' budget. I can work under any pressure and workload and still deliver an excellent service within tight deadlines.

Organisational Management

I am highly skilled in creating and managing an organisation through social- and online media. I specialise in social media management that includes managing the organisation through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogs, websites, bulkSMS and electronic newsletters.

Computer Literacy

I am excellent equipped in working with a computer and all its programs. I specialise in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook) and OS X (Imovie, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesighn, Pages, Outlook, and Numbers). I can work on online databases as well as mailchimp for online newsletter and I have conducted a course in Canva for designing purposes. 

Layout and design

I am a very creative and innovative person. I love trying new things and experimenting with ideas. I am skilled in designing websites, advertisements, logo's and building new corporate identities. I am fully equipped to work on Photoshop, Indesighn, video editing programs, Canva and illustrator. I love bringing new ideas to the table, and to meet the clients' expectations.

Innovative Problem-solver

I have the ability to generate realistic, workable solutions and resolve any conflict or complaints.

Patient and adaptable

I am patient in working with co-workers and or other people. I am very adaptable to changing environments and motivate others to  establish a positive working environment. 


I am resourceful about the PR and Communication industry which includes the marketing and marketing communication as well as the event planning industry. I am also motivated and willing to learn to expand my knowledge


I believe that the organisation I work for and its employees will be a reflection of myself and that is why honesty is the best policy for me. I always make honesty and ethical behaviour a key value in order to motivate co-workers to do the same. I enforce trust in the working environment and I can delegate tasks to appropriate departments within the organisation. I am confident and committed in and any working environment and have the ability to inspire and to motivate my co-workers. I always work with passion and a positive attitude and I am a self-starter, detail-orientated and proactive person where I can work independently as well as in a team.


I have the ability to work very hard under any circumstances. I am a go-getter and can work under pressure to enhance an the overall organisational performance. I also have an innovative entrepreneurial spirit where I provide vision and direction to employees and co-workers.

Self-motivated, goal-driven professional

I am a motivated profesional PR and Communication practitioner and have all the expertise to be an asset to any organisations' marketing and communication department. I have the ability to act in an extremely professional manner with high standards and the ability to produce work of a superior quality. I am a goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilises and trains employees to meet high performance standards.


I have successfully undertaken various team projects within academic and non-academic environments. I motivate others to form part of the organisational culture where trust, commitment, satisfaction and communal relationships are formed and build. I have the ability to function effectively in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

Why I will be an asset

I will always: 

  • Have a problem-solving and go-getter attitude and will focus on lifelong learning
  • View the public relations function as strategic, and ensure that I have strategic knowledge and skills to act proactively
  • Be open-minded, sensitive and act ethical and politically correct
  • Be emotionally mature
  • Build a network of knowledgeable people, peers and influencers
  • Try to obtain credibility through my behaviour and personality which will reinforce one another
  • Identify opportunities for communication in the organisation and use the opportunities to contribute to organisational performance
  • Investigate the need to act as a cultural interpreter and motivate a organisational culture
  • Try to create shared expectations with management, co-workers and stakeholders
  • Act as a mentor
  • Actively increase my skills and knowledge in this industry to add more value to the organisation
  • Try to understand, be informed about and adapt to challenges of the organisational environment 
  • Be ethical in my conduct with employees, top management and all stakeholders
  • Provide visible leadership in my profession
  • Plan and implement strategies and policies that meets the overall goal of the organisation
  • Deliver a service with pride and trustworthiness
  • Be timely, accurate, positive and motivated
  • Express the organisation to stakeholders  through strategic communication (window function)
  • Educate organisational leaders on their communication responsibilities
  • Manage activities, workloads and budgets of public relations support function, including demands for communication support
  • Try to identify strategic stakeholders and issues in order to manage external intelligence and feeding this information into the strategic decisions on stakeholders to management
  • Actively build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and develop high level communication programmes to deal with strategic issues and stakeholders
  • Liaison with the media
  • Manage the reputation of the organisation and maintain reputation risk management
  • Market and advertise the organisations' brand through innovation and creativity
  • Act in an extremely professional manner with high standards and  produce work of a superior quality
  • Contribute to better organisational performance in order to achieve optimal success 


  • Cover Letter
  • ID
  • Metric Certificate
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Certificate
  • Academic Council of Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • Golden Key International Honours Society Certificates
  • Playhouse Drama Certificate
  • Hemel op Aarde Drama Certificate