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Based in Bogota, Columbia, business owner Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo serves as President of Global Media TV. Global Media TV provides a fiber-optic cable network and programming that meets a variety of niche needs throughout the Spanish-speaking world. In his role, Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo developed the Cable Noticias channel. Maintaining integrity and a dedication to proper research and story development, Cable Noticias provides comprehensive Spanish-language news coverage to 16 nations and more than 5 million viewers 24 hours a day. Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo developed the foundations for his career as a programmer and cable operator at various companies. Prior to his role with Global Media TV, Mr. Restrepo spent 15 years developing a career in the television industry. During this time, he served in executive positions with Cable Pacifico, Telmex, and TV Agro. During his tenure at Cable Pacifico, he helped construct a fiber-optic cable network in the northeastern region of Columbia. Mr. Restrepo recently expanded his responsibilities at Global Media TV by taking a more hands-on approach as a programmer to help his company ensure the highest-quality information output. During his youth, Mr. Restrepo earned an MBA in European Business at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin. In addition to studying engineering, he pursued athletics and sought out adventure through skiing. To this day, he enjoys scuba diving, as well as exploring the various nations of the world and playing video games. He also participates in the Asociación Colombiana de Criadores de Búfalos.

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