Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Present

Graduate Research Assistant

Texas A&M University

Graduating Aug 2010


• Identified and modeled a solution for problem occurring in a commercially produced Anemometer by NRG systems. • The Anemometer had post calibration errors, problem being identified as precessional rubbing at contact surfaces (bearings). The idea was used to investigate similar phenomena in real sized Turbomachinery bearings. • Modeled mathematical model for such a case and analyzed it for its vibrations signatures. • Whipping and whirling frequencies (Reason for anemometer error) were analyzed and validated using a nonlinear time transient analysis for the same model Project -Precessional Whip and Whirl Characteristics for a model with contact at 2 rub locations for rigid rotor supported on a elastically supported rigid stator.

Nov 2008 - Jan 2009

Student Technician

Texas A&M University

  • Turbine maintainance
  • Turbine Disassembly
May 2007 - Jul 2007



• Organizing a feasibility report, variable included payback period, discounted cash flow etc. • On site exposure to Uran oil field.

May 2006 - Jul 2006


Larsen & Toubro Limited

• Pressure vessel thickness calculations using Finite Element and ASME codes. • Interpreting the piping and instrumentation diagrams. • Training in industrial equipment manufacturing where a brief practical exposure was obtained in production of these enormous structures. (Hazira, India)


2008 - Present


Texas A&M University
  • Master's Thesis- " Precessional Whip and Whirl Characteristics for a model with contact at 2 rub locations for rigid rotor supported on a elastically supported rigid stator."
  • Course work-
      • Engineering Dynamics
      • Mechanical Vibrations
      • Non Linear Vibration
      • Robotic Manipulators
      • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
      • Advanced Product Design
      • Scientific instrument fabrication
  • Academic project-
  1. Designing a Kiosk using advance product design techniques.
  2. Designing a GEOSUN (geothermal, solar hybrid) system for college station TX
Publication-• Kumar, D, Childs, D, Backward Whip and Whirl of a two point contact model for a Rigid Rotor on an elastically supported stator. IGTI Canada (2011), abstract submitted manuscript in process.
2004 - 2008


National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra

GPA: 3.8/4.0

  • Voluntary project- Designed reaper for small scale farming helping farmers to get low cost and space effective reapers 
  • Design Contest-Designed contest winning self propelled cars, miniature motor boats, water rockets and robots.
  • Organizing and managing technical symposium and events,




Modelling and Finite element analysis




Dynamic Modelling results, Fast Fourier transforms, intergrator functions, cell array, string array's and other important mathematical functions


Designed and developed CAD models for GEOSUN (hybrid geothermal+solar) air conditioner, Homemade CNC, Kiosk and Part/Assembly models using SolidWorks.


Mechanical Graduate with a proclivity towards innovative ideas and interests in design and machinery. • Developed a model for rubbing at bearing contacts to study precessional rub phenomenon exhibited by anemometers and extended this study to real size Turbomachines. • Designed a reaping tool which replaced conventional rotary mechanism with a reciprocatory one (increased efficiency). • Designed pressure vessels as an intern at Larsen and Toubro (oil and gas special project division). • Expertise in using automated mathematical solutions, to simulate motion/stresses for various projects.


Seeking a challenging position in the field of Mechanical Engineering that will enable me grow and nurture my potential, provide a practical, industrial perspective to my academia, and facilitate me to make a momentous contribution to the accomplishment of corporate goals.


Rotordynamics, Design, Finite Element Analysis, Turbomachinery, Vibrations, CAD, CAE