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Attended TLG Course on C#, coding under the tutalage of experts since May, 2010. Database Repositories, Unit Tests, WinForms, Visual Studio 2010.
Code, regardless of the computer language, is a set of instructions from the developer to the computer.    As such, it is essential that it be readable and understandable and modifiable by subsequent developers.  Yes, code must make efficient usage of computer resources, but, considering the relative cost of developers vs. computers, the human reader must be considered the primary user.   Striking this balance is an art, one over which I have laboured for many years.  One which I have seen sadly misused many times.
mentor and teacher
I have taught developers classes in SQL, wrote a book on COBOL, and have helped several junior developers mature into intermediate developers.
System architect, system analyst, developer, team leader
I have participated in many application development projects, ranging is size from 60 man-years to 3 man-months.  I have performed all of the tasks in the SDLC many times: project initiation, requirements gathering, design & approval, detailed design, development, unit and integration testing, user testing support, maintenance and sunsetting.   Please look here for more details of my work as a systems analyst.
Object Oriented Design
I have used OOD in many of my systems, including a C# application, and an application to generate EDI 810 Invoice transactions.    The complex transactions were modeled directly as VB 4.0 objects.  Since VB.Net became available, I have used its methods and syntax in several VBA applications.
System Interfaces, Data conversion, ETL
I have specialized in moving data between disparate systems using custom interface programs, DTS and SSIS. I have created two major interface applications: DocX for the King County Sheriff’s Office and the CABS Interface Server for Imigis Technologies.
ASP.Net, VB.Net
18 months of private web development
VB (v4, 5, 6, VB.Net)
I hold 3 Microsoft Certifications (now retired) in Visual Basic.
Jet (MS Access - dev & DBA)
I hold the (now retired) Microsoft Certification "Microsoft® Access for Windows® 95 and the Microsoft® Access Developer’s Toolkit", and have created over two dozen MS Access applications over 14 years.    Distributed data entry, reading and writing of highly formatted Excel workbooks, advanced forms, automatic connection to Dev, Test or Production servers, advanced reports, asynchronous (batch) processing, importing data from diverse sources using ODBC, use of Scripting.FileSystemObject, interfacing with SSIS, navigation of DAO metadata, navigation of MS Access Objects, interfacing with COM DLLs for facial recognition and sawmill optimization, object-oriented design and development (using VBA), automatic maintenance of remote user's code files.     Please look here for more details of my work with MS Access.
SSRS and report writing
Wrote several complex SSRS reports for Microsoft.  Have a long history of report writing using MS Access, Excel, and other tools.
Rewrote a major DTS package for Boeing, wrote several complex SSIS packages for Microsoft.
SQL Server
Specialized in SQL Server development since 1996.    Automatic generation in T-SQL of CRUD SProcs and updatable Views for use by C#-based 3-tier application.   Designed and implemented SQL Server databases for Visa International, King County Sheriff's Office, Boeing and Legal Firm.  Developed ETL solutions for Boeing and Microsoft.  Developed data access database objects for 3-tier C# project.    Databases, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, T-SQL, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, etc.   SQL v7.5, 2000, 2005, 2008.   Please look here for more details of my work with SQL Server.


I am an organizer, technical innovator, teacher, mentor, team leader, and team player; expert at extracting and codifying user requirements, creating system designs to meet those requirements, identifying data relationships and process flows; a master coder; effective at documenting user requirements and systems design and presenting those requirements and designs to others; adaptable and personable.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Summary of Qualifications<o:p></o:p>

·                                System architect, system analyst, developer, team leader, mentor and teacher<o:p></o:p>

·                                Customer-oriented (Received three service awards from Boeing and one from Microsoft)<o:p></o:p>

·                                User requirements gathering, system architecture, analysis and design, presentations, detailed design, development, testing and maintenance, system rescue<o:p></o:p>

·                                Relational databases (as a developer and DBA for many years), SQL Server (as a developer and DBA since 1996), Jet db (MS Access as a developer and DBA since 1994), Oracle (as a developer), and Teradata (as a developer).Logical & physical database design, implementation, performance tuning, server design, data warehouse development & security, ETL, Inter-system interfaces, batch processing.<o:p></o:p>

Major Accomplishments<o:p></o:p>

·                                Data Architect – designed and implemented database for high-performance SMS messaging system.  Data modeling tool selection.<o:p></o:p>

·                                System Rescue - maintained and upgraded a complex, mission-critical Chordiant-based subscriber list generation system for call center operations.<o:p></o:p>

·                                3-Tier Application DB Objects - automatic generation in T-SQL of CRUD SProcs and updatable Views for use by C#-based 3-tier application. Database repositories within the application<o:p></o:p>

·                                Complex Full-Text Searches - for Microsoft: provided full text searching of 10's of millions of comment fields. This allowed users to research the results of various initiatives without making requests to IT.<o:p></o:p>

·                                System Rescue - FTS for RCO: maintained and upgraded a complex, mission-critical MS Access application with 420+ users. <o:p></o:p>

·                                System Rescue - VFI for Boeing: re-engineered a failed MS Access system to gather cost forecasts from around the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region><st1:place>USA</st1:place></st1:country-region>. This allowed mission-critical information to be gathered in a timely manner.<o:p></o:p>

·                                New Development - BIPRS for Boeing: a new system built from scratch to gather cost forecasts from international Boeing offices. This automated the laborious generation of thousands of XLS files. <o:p></o:p>

·                                System Rescue - Childbase for Imigis Technologies: re-engineered a failed system to identify and prosecute perpetrators of child pornography and to rescue victims, using facial recognition. <o:p></o:p>

·                                Complex, Custom ETL - DocX for King County Sheriff's Office: replaced dozens of servers and 3 full-time operators with 3 servers and 10-min/day operation effort.<o:p></o:p>

·                                New Development - TESS for King County Sheriff's Office: automated Property Management Unit, helped reduce evidence inventory from 230,000 items to 130,000.<o:p></o:p>

·                                New Development - EIP for Visa International: developed a prototype of one of the first electronic consumer invoice payment systems.<o:p></o:p>


To turn undefined user requirements into valued systems.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Systems Analyst

Legal Firm in Bellevue

SQL Server database design and implementation,

Developed a system in T-SQL to automatically generate CRUD SProc and updatable Views to support a C# 3-tier application.  Database repositories in C#. 

Support and enhancement of a large-scale business-critical MS Access application with 420+ users.

Technologies:SQL Server v2005, Visual Studio 2010, C#, MS Access

May 2008Apr 2009

SQL Server Developer

Siemens IT Services @ Microsoft (a-)



Technologies:SQL Server v2005, v2008, T-SQL, SSMS, SSIS & SSRS, Performance Monitor, Execution Plans


*Designed, wrote and monitored complex SSIS and T-SQL ETL packages and SSRS reports, recommended server configuration upgrades


*Wrotehundredsofadhocdataextractions to XSL files.


*ComplexETL–loadedapivotalsummarytablefrom8basetables. Thisgreatlysimplifiedthegenerationofreports,extractedtablesandcubes.


May 2005Apr 2008

Systems Analyst, MS Access Developer, SQL Server Developer

Excell Data @ Boeing

Boeing International Planning & Performance Reporting System (BIPRS)

Gather and manage financial forecasting data from Boeing offices around the world. This automated the laborious generation of thousands of XLS files.

Technologies: MS Access, SQL Server, Office Automation, Excel, Macroscope project documentation system & ClearQuest project management system

Roles: Systems Analysis, MS Access developer, SQL Server developer and DBA, Excel Worksheet automation, layout and design

Actions: Analyzed requirements, initiated project using Macroscope methodologies (, RAD design with iterative prototyping, created logical schema in MS Access, implemented physical schema in SQL Server, transported data to and from Excel spreadsheets and SQL Server tables. ClearQuest project management software (

 Project size: 19 man-months, one developer, db: ~500,000 records. Users: 3.

Volume Forecast Interface (VFI)

Receiving and manipulating accounting forecasts from Boeing offices around the USA. This system rescue allowed mission-critical information to be gathered in a timely manner.

Technologies: MS Access, SQL Server and DBA, Macroscope & ClearQuest

Roles: System Support, MS Access developer

Award: 2 Pride @ Boeing Achievement Awards

Actions: system rescue, reading data from SQL Server data warehouse, transporting data from Excel spreadsheets to SQL Server tables

Project size: 6 man-months, two developers, db: ~500,000 records. Users: 125

Data Warehouse Security (DWSec)

Manage SQL Server accounts on Data Warehouse as per SOx requirements. This assisted in allowing a major corporate data warehouse to gain SOx accreditation.

Technologies: MS Access, SQL Server, Query Analyzer, complex DTS packages, server security & permissions, linked servers, Macroscope project documentation system & ClearQuest project management system

Roles: Systems Analysis, MS Access developer, SQL Server developer and DBA

Award: Pride @ Boeing Achievement Award

Actions: system enhancements, cross-server account management with changing server topologies

Project size: 6 man-months, one developer, db: 1 to 2 terabytes. Users: 300

Oct 2003Jan 2005

Web Developer, VB.Net, ASP.Net

Private web business

Private web business, put on hold for lack of funds, as most are.Technologies: ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server, C# (4 weeks learning)Project size:19 man-months, one developer.

Nov 2004Dec 2004

System Analyst, MS Access Developer & SQL Server DBA

Maverick Consulting @ Microsoft (v-)

Requirements Management for Partners Program

Technologies: SQL Server, MS Access, Microsoft’s internal high-security network

Actions: Installed SQL Server, developed schema from data model, loaded data from MDB files, data scrubbing, triggers, DTS packages, maintenance plans, maintain users & roles via stored procedures, connectivity over difficult LAN connection.

MS Access: connectivity to SQL Server, forms and report design.

Project size: 3 man-months, two developers, db: ~10k records. Users: ~12.

Jun 2002Apr 2003

MS Access & VB Developer, Interface Specialist

Imigis Technologies, Inc, Victoria, BC


Anti-Child Porn software using facial recognition for UK law enforcement.

Captured picture libraries and videos were scanned by the software, and recognizable faces were captured, stored, and cross-referenced, for both perpetrators and victims.

Imigis received a thank-you letter from a 16 year old boy in England who had been rescued because ChildBase helped prosecute his captors.

System Analyst, Developer, System Rescue, MS Access, Oracle 8i, Toad, some PL/SQL. Interface with Imigis’ proprietary facial recognition server. Display of images.

MS Access maintenance and development, system rescue, changes to table schema, queries

18 man-months, three developers, db: ~5m records, users: ~3.

CABS Interface Server

Customizable data transfer software for CABS for RCMP, Orange County (CA) Probation, US & international law enforcement

This was a general-purpose and programmable system to transfer data either way between CABS and ANY client’s system.

Analyst, Developer, OO Design, Batch Processing, MS Access, VB v5.0, SQL Server, Oracle 8i, Toad


*VB v5.0: Two asynchronous VB v5.0 programs running against two Oracle 8i

databases plus remote operator’s console.

*MS Access: Custom MDBs for interfaces that could not be done via ODBC.

*Object Oriented Design: VB design made heavy use of VB classes.

*System Ops: Design included operator’s console

*Oracle 8i: data model, schema, triggers, queries, Toad. Data access via ADO.

*TCP/IP: Operator’s console talked to server programs via direct TCP/IP calls.

5 man-months, one developer, db: ~100k records, users: ~3.

CABS Interfaces

Custom interface routines between CABS and clients systems for RCMP, Orange County (CA) Probation, US & int’l law enforcement

This was a complex mapping function between our well known database and the clients’ relatively unknown ones.

Analyst, MS Access developer, SQL Server & Oracle 8i

Sep 1998May 2002

System Analyst, MS Access Developer, Interface Specialist, DBA

Ajilon Consulting @ King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO)

The Evidence Support System (TESS)

Initial automation project for the King County Sheriff’s Office Property Management Unit.

Roles: System Analyst, MS Access Developer, SQL Server (DBA), Forms/Report Design, barcode printing and reading (130,000+ items)


*Systems Architecture - I was given the task to “automate PMU operations”. I did it all from there including gathering requirements, creating system design, proof-of-concept, presenting the design to management and getting approval

*        Hardware Design - specified server, barcode readers, printers, fixed & portable scanners, upgrades to user’s workstations Hardware Design

*MS Access - Development including iterative releases, object-oriented design, including extensive use of VBA Classes

*SQL Server - All DBA work, including server-to-server interfaces

 *WAN- The King County WAN provided a significant challenge to maintaining connectivity. 

Project size: 14 man-months, one developer, db: ~250k records, users: ~20

Incident Reporting and Investigation System - Document Exchange (IRIS - DocX)

Lead developer for a system that extracted daily update package from a 500+ mB MDB database file on laptops in each of 300+ patrol cars, posted update package to central SQL Server database, and transferred updates back to each car.

 This replaced an MS Access Replication system that used dozens of servers in several clusters and took two full-time analysts to maintain with a system that used 3 servers and took 10 minutes/day to maintain.

Actions: Lead design and development team, specified hardware, installed software.

Technologies: MS Access, SQL Server, asynchronous mode (batch) application servers with a remote monitoring workstation application.

XML and web services would be the way to do this project now. Unfortunately, those tools were not available then.

Project size: 12 man-months, 2 developers, db: thousands transactions/day, users: ~300

May 1996Nov 1997

System Architect

PSW3, Inc @ Visa International Inc

Electronic Invoice Presentment (EIP)

Generating high-definition images (PDF Files) of consumer bills. This was a prototype of today’s on-line bill paying systems.

Data from billers (power companies, etc) is used to generate PDF files via MS Access reports. These PDF files are to be presented to customers for electronic payment.

For example, if a Texan had a cottage on a lake in British Columbia, then BC Hydro's electrical bill would be transmitted to his Wells Fargo branch in Dallas where the PDF file would be generated. Most of the other BC Hydro bills would be generated at various banks in BC.

*Requirements Gathering: flew across the USA gathering requirements from billers and high-volume printers.

*Proof-of-Concept: tested Exchange Server/MAPI under load

*Design Approval: took part in presentation of my design to 35 Visa International managers. It was approved.

*Hardware Design: wrote server specifications for each node, got competitive quotations.Each node consisted of 5 or mores servers: a domain controller, SQL Server, Exchange Server and 2 or more application servers.Nodes could be expanded with more application servers or more SQL servers.Automatic, asynchronous load balancing between application servers.Nodes were to be installed at banks’ and billers’ sites.Communication was via Visa’s private, high-security intranet.Each 5-server node was rated at 500,000 pdf files/month, so with expanded nodes, complete billing runs could be made for even large utilities.Unlimited number of nodes.

*Lead Developer: took part in hiring developers and fired one, did detail design of all modules, oversaw development & testing.

*DBA: created data model, installed server software, implemented schema in SQL Server.

*Visual Basic: System was designed as separate, asynchronous programs that took their input from a “work queue” table. Programs were self-replicating and load-balancing across servers. This allowed for high scalability.

*Object-orientated design: the design was modular and used VB classes to implement OOD. This was especially true of the EDI Invoice module.

*MS Access Reports: VB called MS Access for reporting using COM to exactly duplicate complex consumer bills, such as nested Pacific Bell/ATT/MCI bills.

*Installation: installed system on Visa International server farm.

Project size: ~100 man-months, 7 developers, db: designed for 500,000 PDF files/month/node. Unlimited number of nodes.

System Analyste Experience


IBM's DPSS Group

Participated in 60 man-year development project with IBM's DPSS Group - a programming apprenticeship with top professionals.



Microsoft Certifications