If I end up at a job that revolves around technology with a bunch of other nerds then how can I consider that a job? That's what I call getting paid for enjoying myself. I would very much like a career where the atmosphere is more like a geek convention than what you would consider your typical job!


Computer technology, gaming, anime, home entertainment, anything with circuit boards and wires!

Last but not least.

Call me crazy, but I really want to get that keeper of a job for my first employment opportunity. Nobody wants to get stuck with something they don't want to do, myself included. I want to love the first one I get into, and stay with it for years.



Computer tech

Anything to do with taking apart, putting together, upgrading computer hardware, I am very knowledgeable about it. This also includes: adding and removing of software , operating system upgrading/fresh installs, networking (wired, wireless router setup) hardware driver installation (Mainly Windows, but also have a little bit of Linux experience.) and virus removal.


Configuring the Android system, installing and removing apps, troubleshooting. (I'm still learning!)

Electronics setup

Know-how of setting up and connecting devices to a TV. Gaming consoles Media players Audio systems DVR and cable boxes


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