Jeffrey Taber

Jeffrey Taber

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2006 - Present


Fed Ex Ground

I started with Fed Ex in 2006 as a package handler and quickly moved on to a driving position.  Since 2007, I have been delivering for Fed Ex while attending night school.  I enjoy the work, despite it being very physically laborious at times, but yearn to move to my true passion which is working in information technology.

Jul 2002 - Feb 2006

Part Time Jobs

Braums, Albertons, Nokia, Mercedes

As a student, I have had several part time jobs to help with tuition, books and other supplies along the way.  These jobs range from cashier to warehouse work to data entry.


2008 - 2010

Computer Information Systems

DeVry University

Computer information systems specialists and management professionals design, build, and implement software solutions that are the driving force in every business, not-for-profit, and government agency. They're also relied upon to analyze existing systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance.  Through DeVry I have learned a myriad of different skills related to information systems.  I look forward to graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in the fourth quarter of 2010.

2004 - 2007

Associates of Arts

Tarrant County College

This curriculum was intended to prepare me for transfer to a four-year university.  The degree allowed me to delve into many different fields of study before finally finding an area I truly enjoyed - information technology.


Although I lack work related experience in computer fields, I feel that I am confident in my abilities in both software design and technical support.  I have become a talented programmer through both my education and personal hobbyist projects.  In relevance to technical support - I have been building my own machines, installing my own software and troubleshooting my own network and security problems for many years now.  I help friends and family as well and strongly believe I possess the experience to enter the workforce as an IT technician.





Operating Systems: Mac OS / Linux

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7




C#/ASP.NET/Visual Studio


Feb 2010 - Feb 2013

Comp TIA A+ Essentials 220-701

Feb 2010 - Feb 2013

Comp TIA A+ Practical Application 220-702

Comp TIA