I have been shooting photos since I lived in Jonesboro in 1991. 

While working as a store manager at a local music store, I had two days off a week.  My Wednesday off day ritual was to fill up my truck, grab my K1000, go to Wal-Mart, pick up three rolls of film, drop off three rolls of film and pick up three rolls of prints.  Through the summer, autumn and winter of '91, I learned through experience from the manual K1000.

Since that time I have upgraded to Digital and taken several courses through the University, local Art School, and a workshop with Tim Ernst.  These classes and courses have taught me the fundementals of photography that I use everyday.  And from time to time I break those rules that I learned to see what is there.  Digital also offers the freedom to take as many pictures in the field as needed and then sort through them to find the one that conveys the message.

I have been doing Freelance photography for ad agencies off and on for over a year. 

I prefer working on assignments. Being assigned a task with concept of what the client is looking for and what the photographs will be used for, I am able to deliver quality photos, with a wide variation of possible solutions to the assignment.  This gives the Art department plenty to work from to get the right message/concept out.