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Work experience

Sep 2004Mar 2009

International Customer Service/Project Manager


Leviton’s Lighting Management Systems business unit provides performance lighting control and fixtures for entertainment venues, plus dimming, relay, occupancy sensor and related control systems for energy management in architectural and commercial applications.   

Please note: Additional information on Notable Projects can be found on the Leviton website,, as featured Case Studies.

Position Description       

Logistics coordinator of product for four major product lines, order processing, coordination with internal departments, completion of customs compliance documentation, negotiation with sales developers, agents and distribution network in all foreign markets.

Notable project: National Printing Bureau, Quebec, Canada

  • Coordination and proactive effort to deploy needed equipment to jobsite in under 60 days, less than 50% of standard lead time.
  • Broad use of graphic user interface (GUI) control of 3 floors and basement in a large application requiring over 2000 relays in more than 80 cabinets.  By comparison, most projects would have less than 100 relays in 3-5 cabinets.

Other accomplishments

  • Improved staff efficiency by more than 25% by producing 4 separate ISO 9001 Work Instructions for position, standardizing procedureboth internally and externally.
  • Over a 3-month period, created and then maintained ISO 9001 controlled document templates, improving staff efficiency by an additional 25%.
  • Coordinated establishment of a new sales office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), including demonstration equipment, sales literature and product training materials.
  • Reduced customer complaints by 60% and product returns by over 30% by creating step-by-step description of process for Latin American distributors.
  • Created and maintained centralized archiving, simplifying follow up research by customer service and technical support teams.
  • Developed and implemented training program with three co-workers, still in use.
  • Worked with Director of International Business Development and Vice President of International Sales to develop a consistent international sales program.
May 1998Sep 2004

Project Manager

NSI Corporation

(Leviton Mfg purchased NSI Corp in 1999)                                                                     

Position Description

Coordination of all logistics for equipment provided to construction projects.  This included communication with those in the field; applications design; approval by design professionals; standard and custom equipment fabrication and staging; outsourced purchasing; shipping schedules and final system power-up and acceptance by end user. 

Notable project: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

  • Coordination of disparate internal and external entities to bring system, still under development, into successful completion.
  • First major use of a new architectural control system, requiring tight control and proactive resolution of problems to meet delivery and installation schedule.

Notable project: Grand Rapids Convention Center, Phases II and III, Grand Rapids, MI

  • Coordination of local contractor, company agent and technical specialists within the company to quickly and smoothly build, deliver, install and activate systems.
  • First application of a new graphic user interface (GUI) control system.

Other accomplishments

  • Increasing staff productivity by 70% by streamlining processes and documentation,
  • Conceived, built, and directed standardization of project files, improving staff efficiency by more than 70%.
  • Developed and implemented training program with three new hires or transfers; the system was eventually used to train at least eight people and is still in use.
May 1988Feb 1998

General Sales Representative

rimarily a stage and television rigging contractor, Stagecraft also was a dealer and distributor of performance lighting control systems

Position Description

Sales of lighting systems, rigging and drapes throughout US but primarily focused in Oregon and Washington.  Also developed and managed promotional materials and opportunities.

Notable project:  Woodmar Theatre Renovation, George Fox University, Newberg, OR

  • Provided turn-key oversight of full renovation, including rigging upgrade, lighting modification and creation of front-of-house (over audience) lighting positions.
  • Assisted school stakeholders in conceptual development.
  • Assisted design professional in development of ceiling lighting ports.

Other accomplishments

  • Consistently exceeded quotas in total sales for both volume and value.
  • Spearheaded successful and profitable expansion into the e-commerce market.
  • Created distinctive print advertising and business development plan, resulting in penetration into the new market and increasing sales therein fourfold over 4 years.
  • Oversight and management of exhibit and convention promotion.
  • Development of materials for successful new market strategy.




Multnomah University


Familiar with international documentation and processes
Pro Forma Invoice Commercial invoice Standard Letter of Information (SLI) Forwarder Pre-alert Incoterms Letter of Credit (L/C) Wire Transfer (T/T) Freight forwarder negotiation/coordination Broker negotiation/coordination AES filing Bureau of Industry and Safety (BIS) Denied Persons list
Skilled and regular user of Windows Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Some familiarity with HTML
Microsoft Office 97, 2000 and 2007
Produced training materials with PowerPoint and Publisher Development of database systems
Microsoft Office 97, 2000 and 2007
Developed templates for customs documentation Created and maintained spreadsheets Tracking and coordinating tasks and appointments
Working with diverse cultures
Coordination with customers in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Canada and Mexico Coordination with suppliers in Asia and Mexico Negotiation with contractors and design professionals all over United States
Customer Service
Order analysis and compliance Order entry, fabrication, shipping and tracking Communications and negotiations with customers
Team leadership
Devised and directed successful fundraising, motivational and educational events. Recruit, motivate, manage and organize volunteer teams of 5 to 50 people. Created training programs still in use  


Need help to improve your bottom line by streamlining and organizing your procedural path - in a word, solving your process problems? As an international specialist for a major manufacturer I was the traffic cop at a crossroads connecting customers and distributors, the firm's production and engineering staff and outside vendors. Within just three months, staff efficiency improved by 25% and customer complaints dropped 60%, all through standardization and better communication. Check out details of my experience in the sections below or the attached resume. The skill set should be of use in most industries - including yours!


In no particular order, bussed tables; washed dishes; managed a stock room; delivered video supplies; served in a restaurant; fabricated computer chips; sold milk and ice cream; ran a printing press; worked in a mail room; managed an office; been a custodian/janitor and portrayed a train robber at Knott’s Berry Farm.