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J S Rama Krishna

Senior Leader & Strategist | Business Turnaround Expert


Team Management

Handling teams across functions & ethnicities, driving towards the common goal of profitable growth.

Handled teams across Finance, HR, Sales, and Marketing across various assignments with teams of different ethnicities ranging from Indian, Mozambican, Kenyan, Portuguese nationalities

Distribution Management

Building volumes consistently  through Relationship management with Key clients & focus on the two key metrics – Distribution Reach & Counter share. Offering more value added services – Lower Inventory Holdings, in-shop promotions, targeted local BTL activities.

Business strategy

Building & Successfully executing Strategies for profitable growth of business founded on Insights from Strong Date crunching abilities & on-ground realities.

Developed successfully the ‘Frost free’ segment in TN, Volume growth in the fiercely competitive, low growth commodity Industry in Mozambique

Turning around Business

Focusing on Systems, Processes & deep understanding of the value eroders to help turn around business.

Turned around the Oil Refining facility (in capacity of CEO), Successfully turned around the Grain business through revenue increase & optimising costs, Reduced Loss Ratio in the insurance business.

New Product Development

Developing new offerings through strong understanding of consumer behavior & behavioral trends.

Launched the Front loading Washing machine segment in Whirlpool, Premium branded Rice in Mozambique, Introduced smaller SKU sizes to cater to specific requirements, Lower priced Flour brand to cater to the informal market.

Work experience


Regional Manager

Royal Canin India Pvt Ltd

Heading the business of South India, spread across 5 states. 

Key Roles :

  • Handling a team of 7 Sales Associates, 11 Logistics Associates, 18 D S R
  • Initiated new strategies for Business growth -  Focus on new growth vectors, Mix improvement strategies
  • Spearheading all Sales, Marketing & Logistics related activities
    • Heading New customer activation programme to target new owners
    • Increasing product acceptance in Key Opinion Leaders through programmes like EBC, RC Start
    • Participate in Road shows, Veterinary forums, Dog shows for better communication with Key stakeholders
    • Demand forecasting for all Distribution Centres to ensure optimal fill rate of all orders

Key Achievements:

  • Business growth of 29% YoY
  • Mix improvement by 10%
  • Market penetration increased by 19%, highest by any region in India
  • Forecast accuracy at 72% across 182 SKU, 3 Supply locations.
  • Maintaining a high employee engagement (Gallup score of 98 percentile) while driving results

Chief Executive Officer

Faberol S.A., Mozambique

Chief Executive Officer of the US $20 Million company handling the Turnaround of the Business.

Key Roles :

  • Identifying & plugging the value eroders in the business through process optimisation, SOP creation & establishing Control processes across functions
  • Improving efficiencies in production, reduce downtime through better demand forecasting
  • Sales growth to ensure high capacity utilisation, expand Distribution presence across the country
  • Discussions with Prospective Investors, negotiating credit lines with suppliers & Banks.
  • Handling a team of 8 Expatriates & 182 Local employees

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully negotiated credit lines with two new Crude Oil suppliers to reduce WC requirement
  • 1st company to introduce the concept of private labelling in Mozambique increasing throughput of the Refinery. Increase of throughput to 65% by November 2015.
  • Tie-up with leading National players leading to higher capacity utilisation
  • Reduced market Outstandings from 40 days to 23 days
  • Re-negotiated terms with all suppliers to streamline payment processes.

National Sales Manager

Bakhresa Grain Milling, Mozambique
  • Key Responsibilities included Market Forecasting, Pricing Management, Distribution Management, Brand Management, Credit Risk Management.
  • Increased product offering to existing Distribution channel resulting in additional monthly volumes of 800 Metric Tons & a bottom line of US $ 50,000 monthly.
  • Handling a team of 5 Expatriates & 15 Local employees

Key Achievements:

  • Increased volume by 84% in the Flour business from 3,800 MT and a Market Share of 35% to over 7,000 MT with a MS of 80%
  • New product launch to preserve Market share & fight lower priced competition. Captured a market share of 30% in the first 6 months itself

Profit Centre Head

Olam International
  • Responsible for the Profit & Loss Management of Imports business in Mozambique & Zimbabwe
  • Key Responsibilities –Currency management, Credit Risk management, Position taking, Distribution management, Brand Management apart from the complete operations of Warehousing, Shipping & Sales.
  • Handling a team of 10 Expatriates & 100 Local Employees.

Key Achievements:

  • Growth of Revenue from US $ 83 Million in 2011/12 to US $ 100 Million in 2012/13
  • Became the largest Rice importer in the country with a MS of 28.7% overall
  • Reduction of Inventory holding from 75 days to about 60 days.
  • Flagship brand awarded “Melhor Marcas de Mozambique” (Best Brands of Mozambique) in 2012

Regional Manager - South & Central Mozambique

  • Handled the South, Central Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Zambia markets with added responsibility to handle the PNL for entire Mozambican Imports for Olam
  • Key Responsibilities - Spotting Market trends, BTL Planning & Execution, Taking positions, Distributor Management, Supplier Management                                   

Key Achievements:

  • Sales growth of 95% vs 2010/11 from 28,000 MT in 2010/11 to 54,500 MT in 2011/12
  • Market Share improvement from 15% to 26% in Southern market through a combination of Distribution Reach expansion & Targetted Marketing Activities.

Branch Manager - North & Central Mozambique

  • Overseeing the Operations of the Shipping, Warehousing & Sales teams with Direct Responsibility for Profitability of the business
  • Building International Trade flows into Zimbabwe & Zambia

Key Achievements:

  • Sales growth of 38% to 36K MT volume in a mature, Commodity market
  • Increased Gross Margin by 3% in a highly competitive, Commodity space.
  • Strong Market Share of 55% in Northern Territory (basis RK Swamy BBDO’s Survey)
  • Awarded ‘Best Branch Manager’ in South East Africa Region for 2010-11.

Cluster Head, Southern AP

ICICI Lombard General Insurance
  • Building business relations with new Channels in a highly competitive market.
  • Best Branch for Two Consecutive Months – Jul & Aug 2009.
  • Built business three fold from Rs. 18 L p.m. to Rs. 54 L p.m. in the cluster with a loss ratio reduction from 108% to 93%.

Sales Head - 160by2

SMSCountry Networks Private Limited
  • Sales Head for a startup in the Mobile Advertising space. 
  • Development of the Mobile Advertising Algorithm through Pattern identification.

Whirlpool of India Limited

Branch Sales Manager – Kerala

  • Grew the branch sales from Rs. 8 Cr. Per month to over Rs. 11 Cr. per month.
  • Awarded the 2nd Best branch award for the Highest ever Sales in 2007.

Product Manager – Front Loading Washing Machines & Dryers

  • Re-launched the Front Loading Washing machines & 100% Clothes dryer

Deputy Manager – Sales Strategy

  • Strategy Development to combat the entrenched market players in Specific segments.
  • Co-created the “Frost Control” strategy to combat LG’s leadership in Frost Free Refrigerators.

Management Trainee, Chennai

  • Best Management Trainee for the year 2005-06




Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University