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Work experience

May 2010Apr 2011

Food Runner

Movie Tavern

At this job I had the responsibilities of interacting with the customer. I would take the food to them, and sometimes I would take their order if needed. I was also responsible for verbally promoting new items on the menu.   

About Me

I am looking to work for a PR firm. The type of job I am looking for would be a job in the world of sports public relations.


Aug 2013May 2015

Mass Communications: Public Relations

Idaho State University

I will have my Bachelors Degree in Communications, Media, and Persuasion: Public Relations 

Contact information

Address: 2645 S. Flanders Ct. Aurora, CO 80013 Phone Number: (720)-427-0579 Email: [email protected]


Jeffrey Solarin will be graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations in the spring of 2015. He will be looking for a job in the PR field soon. Solarin has used basketball to get him to where he is today. He has gotten a full-ride scholarship all four year of school. He said, “If it was not for basketball then he would not know how he could do school if it was not for basketball.” He is a hardworking and dedicated individual. He has used these attributes not only on the court, but in school as well. He knows that these skills will translate well into the work place. The decision to pursue Public Relations was not an easy one. At first he wanted to be in the area of television and radio. He did not declare public relations as his major until late in his junior year.

My Work

A piece that I did for a class.

Video Clip