Personality and Behaviours

Professional Interests

Managing People and Teams - Interested working with and through others on a day-to-day basis to accomplish concrete business goals. Enjoys leading teams, and prefers line management to staff roles.

Theory Development and Research - Interested in high-level abstract thinking about business issues, and the theory (as well as the practice) of business strategy. Enjoys doing in-depth research.

Quantitative Analysis - Prefers solving business issues by "running the numbers." Enjoys building computer models, doing financial and market research analysis.


Motivated by organisations that command a great deal of prestige in its field.  Positions that offer considerable autonomy and independence.  A great deal of variety in the nature of the work performed.

  • Good at working with, and through, other people. Understands people and how to motivate them. A good team member, as well as team leader. Engenders others' trust. A skillful negotiator.
  • Ability to teach - Clear and patient when explaining things.
  • Self-control - Does not act or speak impulsively; does not easily lose composure.             
  • Ability to compromise - Able to compromise when the situation calls for it.
  • Listening Skills - Listens to other people in a way that they feel understood.
  • A persuasive communicator, able to "tailor" arguments to different audiences. Skilled at building relationships, networking and motivating others. Not easily embarrassed, and willing to risk failure if necessary. Able to make difficult leadership decisions.
  • Assertiveness - Able to defend a point of view and to confront others appropriately when necessary.

  • Leadership confidence - Comfortable taking a leadership role.
  • Conflict Tolerance - Able to be effective in an environment where strong and opposing views are being expressed.
  • Skilled at identifying the essential elements involved in a business situation, as well as analysing them (both logically and quantitatively) to arrive at a decision. Able to be both objective and flexible in generating and evaluating ideas.
  • Decisiveness - Able to make decisions even in ambiguous situations and without full information.
  • Quantitative Analysis - Skillful using quantitative analysis to understand business issues.
  • Written Communication - A good writer, expresses ideas and positions clearly.
  • Critical Thinking - Able to think critically (define a problem and determine the information needed to solve it; understand unspoken assumptions; form and test hypotheses; and judge the validity of conclusions).
  • Skilled at accomplishing concrete goals at work (either independently or by delegating to others).
  • Pragmatic and practical. Able to juggle many tasks and reliably produce results.
  • Work Ethic - Has a strong work ethic, willing to make sacrifices to achieve important goals.

Financial Manager applying Systems Concepts

Mining - Oil & Gas - Natural Resources - Offshore Finance

As a Chartered Accountant who trained with one of the Big 4 accounting firms, I gained in-depth technical abilities in accounting, financial management, taxation and auditing.  My industry exposure was broad and I worked with people in the mining, oil and gas, local government, agriculture, banking and education environments.  During my post-qualification years I was able to gain global exposure while managing projects and I spent the last seven years as a financial manager in the Isle of Man improving technical skills in financial reporting, corporate governance, company secretarial administration, treasury management, offshore structures and global tax strategy.  My current role includes duties as alternate director for a major subsidiary holding company where we currently execute strategies to cope with the low gold price environment and creeping cash costs in the group.

My future role is best suited for a position where I can apply my financial expertise and management skills to understand business processes and systems, their interaction with each other and then to influence those dynamics that could prevent the systems from achieving their objectives.  During my time at the University of Cape Town I was immersed in the world of Systems Thinking and these new capabilities must be applied in my new role.

Work History

Work History
Sep 2014 - Present

Senior Financial Manager

AngloGold Ashanti Limited

Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting

Sep 2007 - Aug 2014

Finance Manager: Accounts

AngloGold Ashanti Holdings plc

During my time in the Isle of Man I was given the privilege of a global view of the company (having assets on four continents and a fair value in excess of $3 billion) while actively participating at subsidiary board level.  I took responsibility for an office operating budget of £4 million and coordinated activities between accounting, finance, treasury and company administration.  My role requires close working relationships with Corporate Finance and interaction with regional offices.  I held numerous subsidiary directorships within the group.  

Main accountabilities include:

Group Financial Reporting: To ensure that complete and accurate information is provided for group reporting purposes in conformity with the quality and time standards set by the Chief Accounting Officer.

Statutory Financial Reporting:  To ensure that statutory financial reporting is done in line with legal requirements and within legal time limits and the requirements of the business.

Budget preparation: To ensure that complete and accurate information is provided for group budgeting purposes in conformity with the quality and time standards set by the Senior Financial Manager: Business Planning; to prepare an annual office budget and to ensure that budget allocations are not exceeded; where budget allocations are exceeded, approval from the Managing Director or board of directors are obtained.

Internal Control Environment: To ensure that high ethical standards are entrenched throughout the business unit; to implement and monitor compliance to internal controls (including compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements) in cooperation with internal and external audit.

Tax compliance: To ensure full compliance with tax requirements in the various jurisdictions the business unit operates; to procure the advice from the Vice President: Taxation for any transactions with a potential tax implication for the group; to remain alert for any changes in the global tax environment (with specific focus on offshore tax jurisdictions) that may impact on the tax strategy of the group; to coordinate any tax planning strategies with the Vice President: Taxation.

Information Technology: To ensure a stable and efficient IT environment through services provided by the IT Service Delivery Manager and external service provider; to ensure the IT environment is managed in compliance with policies set out by the IT Service Delivery Manager.

Disaster Recovery:  To ensure a response plan is documented and tested in the event of damage to the business infrastructure (including the IT environment).

Treasury:  To oversee controls over all treasury functions and prescribe any corrective action that may need to be taken; to oversee the processes over the safeguarding of cash funds and borrowing facilities; to seek continuous improvement and potential redesign of treasury functions through coordination with the Finance Manager: Treasury and Corporate Treasury Manager.

Company Administration: To ensure that all decisions taken by the company are in conformity with delegated powers and authorities; to put processes in place to ensure the management of the company are done in accordance with legal and regulatory frameworks and in support of the group values.

Office Management:  To ensure, through coordination with the Managing Director, that all employees have a safe working environment and that those employees have access to the necessary resources in fulfilling their duties.

Risk Management: To maintain the formal risk management requirements in line with the guidelines set out by the Vice President: Risk Management; to ensure risks are identified and monitored and mitigating controls put in place to minimise those risks; to report to the audit committee and board on the risk management activities.

Defined benefit pension scheme:  To serve as a trustee of the Ashanti Goldfields (UK) Pension Scheme; to ensure that the pension scheme is managed with the highest ethical values and to the best benefit of the pensioners; to remain alert for changes in the pension fund environment and advise the trustees of the possible impact of changes and to procure further advice where required.

Intergroup Funding:  To oversee the treasury process for managing funding to operations (both operating and exploration entities).

Board involvement: To actively participate in board and subcommittee discussions; to facilitate accurate and transparent information to support the board in their deliberations; to coordinate the execution of all board decisions.

May 2006 - Aug 2007

Senior Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Manager

AngloGold Ashanti Limited

Responsible for the teams implementing SOX 404 requirements at South African divisions (including Rand Refinery Limited), Ghana, Mali and Brazil.

Sep 2003 - Apr 2006

Senior Audit Manager

Sep 2002 - Aug 2003

Senior Accountant

Sasol Mining (Pty) Ltd

Implemented US GAAP at two Sasol divisions and sustained the quarterly reporting.

Jan 2002 - Aug 2002

Audit Manager

Jan 1999 - Dec 2001

Trainee Accountant



Jan 2011 - Jun 2013

Executive MBA

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is one of the most innovative programmes of its kind in the world and the only MBA programme in South Africa targeted at senior and executive managers and leaders. The programme enables students to be effective within increasingly complex organisational and social structures by stimulating their ability to think analytically and holistically, and enhancing their capacity to seek novel solutions.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2000

Postgraduate Diploma in Auditing

University of Pretoria
Jan 1998 - Dec 1998

Certificate in the Theory of Accounting Sciences (CTA)

University of Pretoria

In order to be admitted to Part 1 of the Qualifying Examination of The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), a candidate must obtain a CTA at an accredited university.

Jan 1998 - Dec 1998

Baccalaureus Commercii Honores

University of Pretoria

This full-time degree is the specialised honours degree for candidates who are preparing for the relevant qualifying examinations of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors.

Jan 1995 - Dec 1997

Baccalaureus Commercii

University of Pretoria

The BCom in Accounting Sciences is an accredited programme that forms part of the requirements for training as a chartered accountant (CA(SA)) both in and outside public practice, as well as for a registered accountant and auditor (RAA) for accountants and auditors in public practice. The CA(SA) and RAA qualifications are the highest professional qualifications in accounting in South Africa and enjoy international recognition.