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Biomedical Engineer with experience in Hardware - Software interface. Experience in Labview, MATLAB programming.Also worked with C++ programming for Embedded system.

Master's Thesis

Creating New Visualization and Human Interface Devices for Therapeutic Video Games

  • Designed a compensation algorithm for drift of IDG-300 gyroscope
  • Modified SIMROBOT toolbox in MATLAB to control VRML world for 3-D game visualization
  • Created a dll file to access Wii using MATLAB Interfaced Flock of Birds and IMU 6 DOF with MATLAB


Touch Screen Based Patient Monitor System July 2009 - Present

Working on a patient monitor system which will display ECG (any of the 12 leads), plethysmograph and respiration waveform along with body temperature on OLED touch screen

Arduino based Temperature Monitor Feb 2010

Designed a temperature monitor based on Atmega328 (Arduino) capable of displaying current temperature on a LCD screen and storing a history of past readings

Low Cost Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor Jan 2006 - May 2006

Designed an accurate, simple and low cost patient monitor for home use which measured and displayed vital parameters like: heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2 and temperature using Atmel 89C52 and 16X2 LCD


  • Member of Tau beta pi
  • Member of Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honors Society
  • Provost Fellowship for excellent academic record - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Biomedical Engineer

Veterans Administration
  • Design, construction and maintenance of custom equipment for research projects
  • Writing Labview programs for real time data collection, viewing and data storage
  • Worked with pneumotachometer, thermocouple, respiration band, solenoid, accelerometer, ECG, EMG, PPG signals
  • Designed wireless pulse-oximeter(Bluetooth, XBee, Wi-Fi)
  • Data processing using MATLAB
Jan 2010May 2010


New Jersey Institute of Technology

Taught Embedded System in Biomedical Engineering Course. The course was based on the highly popular Arduino (ATMEGA 328) development board.

Jan 2007Dec 2007

Research Assistant

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Developed a generic gaming system which can be interfaced to a number of Human interface devices and has a capability of accepting six degrees of freedom input and drive 3-D graphics



C++, C
Serial communication, TCP/IP, DAQmx, traditional driver, analog and digital I/O
 GUI development, C-MEX programming, serial communication, simulink, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Virtual Reality, Simrobot, Robotics