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Sherriff Malcom Kagiso Shakoane

Curriculum Vitae 


I am looking to work for a company in order to develop my skills and attributes to a higher standard, and also learn about the different aspects of work that is associated in work life. A company that can provide me with part- time work, due to school restrictions.

Personal Profile

 I am a responsible person who is keen to begin work experience/ part time work. During my days in Education I have learnt and achieve very successful grades in biology chemistry and maths, nonetheless physics. I have learnt about the medical workplace and how it became as it is today .

I have learnt how to work with others in group projects and how important it is to allow people to be able to talk and have their say. I work in an organized manner and always like to get my work done in plenty of time and not leave anything to the last minute.

I am keen to continue learning and would be happy learning new skills at the same time as gaining practical experience.

Work experience


Landscape Architechture 

Sandwell Councile

Designing parks and land uses in the sandwell area.



Ormiston Forge Academy

Helping out and stamping books.

Previous duties

I have been a house captain. This mean i have had to lead my house to winning the house cup which in 5 years we have won 3 times.

I have been student council (and currently are). This means that any matters the student feel should be address about the school, i have to discuss them with the principal.

I have been head of year group, 2 years running (currently are). This was done in a student election.

School football team captain and co-manager.

I help kids who struggle reading, to read.

i have helped kids from primary school do sports activities.

I have been an active member of a school athletics club.

I have completed a 5 sponsored walks.

been an sales person and a financial accountant of a small school business.

Am part of a small band and choir.



I can work independently on difficult tasks that i am given and face them by myself without assistance

Heavy lifting

I am able to do heavy lifting if it is required so. 

I read alot

I read approximately 3 books per month and love reading and love learning.

free spirit

I have a very bubbly spirit that raises the moods of many people and provides them with a smile and brightens up their day. I enjoy making peoples days so i can do this constantly.


Whatever i am given, i always show content towards it. Whether it may be a duty of cleaning wards or sweeping outside i will always try and learn form it.

Hard worker

I am an extremely hard working youth that goes out of his own way to provide for others. I often stay after school to do extra work and leave late into the evening.

Never give up

I have the ability to tackle problems that may be difficult and face them until i have defeated them. I flourish in this as i am a very hard worker.


I always show an immense amount of care and consideration into whatever i may be doing, whether it be cleaning and sweeping or even presenting.

Managing people/ Leadership skills

I am currently a house representative for my school along side 5 others and we manage and co-lead house events and have won the house trophy 3 time in the past 5 years.

Time Management

I am able to keep time and be on time in most (if not all) situations. Have only been late to school 2-3 times in the space of 4 years running.


I am currently part of a Student council at my school for two years running. I have had to work with the other members to put forward ideas that the students of my school had, to the principal.



English GCSE Predicted A - A*

Ormiston Forge Academy

I am predicted this due to my high performance in mock exams and ability to learn outside of school and show passion for my duties.


Biology GCSE Predicted A - A*

Ormiston Forge Academy

Chemistry GCSE Predicted A - A*

Ormiston Forge Academy

Physics GCSE Predicted A

Ormiston Forge Academy

Maths GCSE Predicted A

Ormiston Forge Academy

Graphical design GCSE Predicted A

Ormiston Forge Academy

Business studies GCSE Predicted A - A*

Ormiston Forge Academy

Geography GCSE Predicted A

Ormiston Forge Academy

Finance GCSE - Unit 1&2 - A*(complete)

Ormiston Forge Academy

Religious studies and social sciences GCSE Predicted A*

Ormiston Forge Academy

Modern Foreign Language - Spanish - GCSE Predicted A

Ormiston Forge Academy