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15 years in business with 11 years B2B product & Services sale in SMB, VAR and private business Account Executive, Value proposition, Discovery, Strategic positioning, Manage Sales Cycle (resources) 


Learning and advancing education interests

Networking with SMB  (B2B and B2C)

Consulting Strategic Business Solutions - Voice, Data in 48 states, VoIP, MRAS Global networkingApplication Services, "The Cloud", Enterprise portal solutions like MYSAP (EIP)

Blogs and Blogging my interests in health or technology advanced Social Media Resources (Advertising on Social Media for sales)

Web Resources For SMB 

New Business Development (Hunter - Open doors)Key Account Management

B2B Sales (Atlanta, AL, NC, FL and Southeast, US)

Events (Social Networking)

Charities around Atlanta

Health Sciences Research - Medical techie stuff like Microcurrent and other skincare modalities. 

Advances in Computer technologies in Science and Technology

Anti-aging (technology/products) in Corporate America

Charities for Children like Save a Smile Foundation

Love people and travel 

Staying up to date on US and International news


Objective  Networking  l  Entrepreneur l  Esthetic Sales Representative l  Consultative Sales l                        Social Media l  Technical l  (IT  Contracts for individuals hourly or projects).  Business Solutions                       Advisor in Data & IP  to SMB l  Health Sciences l Health & Wellness  l                           l  Events l  Charities donations l  Promotions l   Voice Over


Top Tier ERP

se Technologies

Light Emitting Diodes

Med Spa Distributors



Shamu Passport for Success


Microcurrent Certificate

Equipment Distributor

Consultative Selling

ITC Norway

Alliance Channel Data and IP Certification

Jan 2008Jan 2009

Microcurrent ISSN

Instructing Dr. at ISSN