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Strategic PlanningRelationship ManagementMulti Million Dollar Negotiations

Dynamic, results-driven sales strategist with a 15+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in highly competitive field.Solid track record securing key clients and increasing product distribution to grow market share.Tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with both new and established business partners.Exceptional mentor and coach; combined business acumen with innate leadership abilities to recruit, build and retain top sales teams.

Key Strengths and Competencies

•High Impact Sales Presentations

•Multiplatform Internet Sales

•Key Account Management 

•Multimillion Dollar Negotiations                 

•New Business Development

•Recruitment and Training

•Budget Growth Management

•Staff Development Programs

•Team Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring

•Budget Administration/ Forecasting


Brian Yost

“As my sales manager at National Cable Communications, Jeff was instrumental in my growth as a salesperson. Jeff isn't just a manager, he is a coach who clearly communicates the goals of the organization while instilling loyalty among his staff. He creates an environment of mutual trust and respect, and has the flexibility to manage a wide range of temperaments, thereby maximizing the collective strengths of the team. Jeff's steady and confident demeanor facilitated an environment where I wanted to succeed for the organization and him as much as for myself.”

Carolyn Petersen

“. Jeff functioned very effectively in both the sales and management arena. He grew national sales in a tough economy as well as managing his direct reports to success. If you have the opportunity to hire Jeff you will be getting a loyal, strategic and hard working individual that will bring tremendous value to your organization.”

Jamie Shapiro

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeff Casali was my manager for most of my tenure at NCC Los Angeles.  During the two plus years we worked together I found him to be an extremely responsive and intuitive leader.  At the time the Southwest team was a mixed bag of personalities, experience and ability.  Jeff was able to guide us all in a way that met our individual needs as well as those of the company.  To be really honest I’m kind of a handful.  I’ve been in the business about a hundred years, on both sides of the desk, and I’m definitely not the easiest person to manage (although I didn’t mention that when I interviewed).  Once I proved that I could get results Jeff embraced and even encouraged my somewhat unconventional style which made me a happy, much more productive camper.   On the other side of the coin, we had a fairly junior account executive on the team and Jeff immediately recognized that without a lot mentoring and a much more structured work environment this person wasn’t going to make it.  Over the course of the two years Jeff tutored him daily on the skills of good salesmanship and really worked with him to develop the tools he needed to succeed in this business.  In a nutshell Jeff understands when to step forward and when to step back and that’s a great quality for a manager to have. 

Work experience

Account Executive

ABC Spot Sales (ABC Television / Walt Disney)

•Increased office revenue from $9.7Million to $14.9 Million within a two year time frame

•Continually generated 75% of total office billing


National Sales Manager

Providing leadership, education, sales training and developmentto 15 sales offices while maintaining a staff of four direct reports. Responsibilities include: pricing, inventory management, forecasting, developing business plans / strategies, internet sales, identifying sales targets, training, recruiting and motivating Account Executives. Lead both National and National Direct sales efforts from a satellite office in Los Angeles.

•Successfully overcame a -60% annualized churn rate by developing customized promotions, sponsorships, internet campaigns and by developing Customer Care presentations that demonstrated results after the sale

•Created an “Out of the Box” Wal-Mart toy promotion in third quarter (Off Season) that generated over $1.7 Million in new business over the course of two years

•Lead and implemented a sports vendor co-op promotion for State Farm Insurance Agents that produced $1 Million in new revenue over two years by going directly to the client

•Managed communications, set sales objectives, provided sales training and leadership for 15 different sales offices across the country while developing marketing strategies and analyzing performance.

•Hit Revenue goals by selling value, optimizing rates and managing inventory for 52 networks including: ESPN, USA, TBS, TNT, Discovery, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, CNN, Fox News

•Created custom promotional opportunities that implemented guerilla marketing techniques to grow my share of businessfrom several under performing accounts: BMW +603%, SAAB 307%, Safeway +121%, Coldstone Creamery +100%, James Hardy Siding +100%, Esurance +100%

•Sold Comcast.neta top ten website delivering more impressions than You Tube

•Only Manager in the division to hit my corporate 2008 budget during a difficult year delivering a +6% increase to budget (+128% over 2007 actual)


National Southwest Team Manager

National Cable Communications

Responsible for managing the National Southwest sales team, the largest revenue generating sales team in the country for the Southwest Division (Texas, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico) Responsible for; strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, recruitment, training and team building. Supervisory roll included managing a dedicated team of 7 people while cross managing 50+ people who worked under my point manger responsibilities. Point Manager to 58 key Advertising Agencies

•Hired to rebuild sales team, teach sales techniques and improve overall market image

•Overcame multiple barriers in educating, training and mentoring an unconventional sales team

•Accepted Point Manger Responsibilities to 58 key agencies, more than twice the responsibility than any other manager, including: GM Planworks, Initiative Adverting; Starcom, Deutsch Advertising, GSD&M, Colby Advertising, Coca Cola plus multiple others

• Additional responsibilities included managing the Phoenix territory – First year generated +$1Million in new business from; Kragen Auto, Law Tigers, Arizona Board of Tourism

•In 2006 National Southwest Los Angeles team increased sales by +52% over 2005 actual and we finished +22% over budget on a $8 Million annualized budget



KABC-TV (ABC Television / Walt Disney)

Responsible for managing relationships and providing share growth to top accounts including; McCann Erickson, GSD&M, Grey Adv, Arnold, Coca Cola , Best Buy, Sony Pictures, MBA Media, The Gary Group and Palisades Media.

•Created a multiplatform promotion (broadcast, internet and print) for Sylvan Learning Centers that increased my billing from $200,000 to $800,000 in one year +400%

•Developed quarterly customer loyalty programs / event marketing promotions that guaranteeing the largest share of revenue and generated repeat sales from; Pacific Bell / AT&T, Lucky / Albertsons Supermarkets, Coca Cola, Sylvan Learning Centers and Nestles

•Ability to overcome stations most difficult relationships where negotiations were broken down or non existent: Coca Cola +500%, Volkswagen +23%, Wickes Furniture +100%

•In the last 5 months of employment of 2003 I developed $1.5 Million in new business sales while maintaining a senior list of top ten clients



Major : Visual Communications

California State University Chico


Talent Focused Management

CSS Sales Strategy

Creating Winners / Hiring Smart / Leader - Manager

Noll & Associates

Yellow Pages Advertising Sales Conversion Strategies

Yellow Pages Sales Conversion Analyst

Video On Demand Certification


.Net Sales Certification Program