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I am currently looking for a new opportunity in human resources. I have 22 years of broad HR experience in particular remuneration, job evaluation, organizational design and performance management. I further have extensive experience in recruitment, payroll, HRIS, benefits, emplyee relations, coordination, facilitation, leadership and management.

I am motivated, hard working, goal orientated and enjoy taking on a new challenge. I also enjoy traveling.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


My main interest in HR is remuneration, but  I also enjoy job evaluation, organizational design and pefformance management. I enjoy doing research and reading up more on HR matters of interest.

In my private capacity I enjoy keeping abreast with all news activities of the day.  I enjoy watching sport on TV. I also run fo keep fit, in shape and healthy. I, further, browse regularly on the internet.


I have 22 years experience in HR and have an excellent understanding of the HR profession in general and what it is all about.


Neil Ulrich


I have 22 years of broad HR experience, paticularly in remuneration, job evaluation, organizational design and performance management. However, I am also conversant in recruitment (including international recruitment), HRIS, employee relations, incentive design, talent management, payroll, coordination, facilitation, leadership and management.

I am currently reviewing pay and benefit structures for Public Office Bearers. I have developed a new pay structure for health professionals worth more than $500m. I job evaluated 30 different health professional job categories and reviewed their organizational structures accordingly.

I engage, consult and network well and on a regular basis. I have developed many HR related strategies and policies and implemented them.

I have worked with large budgets, did cost calcutions and managed various teams. My excel, word and powerpoint skills are advanced.

I am seeking an HR position in which I can grow, develop and advance my career further.

Remuneration Specialist

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Remuneration Specialist

The Presidency

I am currently reviewing the remuneration strcutures for Public Office Bearers.  This includes developing job profiles, job evaluation and benchmarking. Understanding their structures is part of the role. I am also busy with the reviewimg of their benefits through an extensive consultation process with all stake holders involved. Costing of these exercises plays an important part in the process.

Engaging stakeholders on a regulary basis is an important part of my function. Developing strategic proposals is part of my role as Remuneration Specialist.

I enjoy networking, traveling and accepting greater responsibilites and challenges.

Jul 1990Jan 2008

Deputy Director: Human Resources

Department of Health

I developed a pay structure for health professionals worth more than $500m and signed the agreement with the trade unions and did the implementation successfully. I job evaluated all the health professional positions and reviewed their organizational structures. I purchased, analyzed, interpreted and presented the results of the remuneration survey to top management. I also develoiped a performance management system for health professionals.

I was also exposed to the entire recruitment function for many years, this included international recruitment.  I did the payroll for the department and all HR administration, coordination, facilitation.

I developed HR related policies and strategies and implemented them. I was exposed to incentive design, career pathing, planning, benefits, leadership and management. I also managed the budget for my department.


Mar 2008Nov 2008

Global Remuneration Professional


The one year certificate course was presented by the South African Reward.

Jan 1981Dec 1986

B Com

University of Port Elizabeth


I have consulted on a consistant basis throughout my career from the lowest to the highest levels in an organization.
Organizational Design
I am currently reviewing the structures of Public Office Bearers and reviewed the structures of health professionals from 2006 to 2008.
Job Evaluation
I am in the process of job evaluating the positions of Public Office Bearers. I job evaluated the positions of health professionals from 2004 to 2008.
I am currently reviewing the pay structures for Public Office Bearers. I developed new pay structures for health professionals from 2005 to 2008.


Dec 2008Present

Global Remuneration Professional